Dinosuit Mouse

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Dinosuit Mouse
Points: 1,400
Gold: 750
Loot: Cake Polaroid
Party Charm
Satchel of Gold (5,000)
Locations: Birthday Party Celebration
Mouse Group: Event Mice (Birthday)
Weaknesses: All Types
Bait Pref:
More Info: MouseHunt Info Page
Image: External Link

Sometimes, little mice have big dreams. These little guys have bigger dreams than most. "We wanna be dinosaurs when we grow up!" they proclaim, and nobody has the heart to tell them otherwise. For their 4th birthday, the Fairy Mouse granted them this one wish for their special day, and they nearly exploded with excitement. The suit is imbued with a magical party potency, empowering these mice with Dino Might. With their sugar-driven energy, sheer excitement that it's their birthday, and this new-found strength, they have been causing quite the commotion at the Birthday Party Celebration.

The Dinosuit Mouse is a breed of mouse found in the Birthday Party Celebration. They are known to drop a Cake Polaroid, Party Charms, and a Satchel of Gold worth 5,000 gold as loot.

Hunting Strategy

The Dinosuit Mouse is only available to capture after completing the earlier stages of the birthday cake. Upon capturing Dinosuit, hunter's progress in the Birthday Party Celebration is reset, and they need to complete the whole area again if they'd like to catch the Dinosuit once more.

History and Trivia


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