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The Hunter's Journal records the most recent activities of the hunter. A public version appears on the Hunter's Profile, showing the last 12 public events. A more detailed version that adds private events is available to just the hunter: 12 events from the complete journal are shown on the main camp page, with a link to the Detailed Journal containing 3 pages of 24 events each (72 events total). An abbreviated journal, up to three events long, appears when sounding the Hunter's Horn from any other page in the game. A Team Journal shows the four most recent catch and miss events for each member of a Hunting Team, which can be useful in tournaments to track team progress.

Logged Events

Public events

Private events



Hunting Log Summary

Periodically, the journal includes a Hunting Log Summary, appearing on the first active hunt after at least 36 hours elapse from the previous summary. Each summary includes a tally of catches, misses, failure to attract, and stale bait; a total of Gold and Points earned and pillaged for a net income; and a link to more details. The popup details provides a list of mice caught during that cycle, broken out by location; a list of bait used with attractions, stales, and stolen pieces per type of cheese; and a list of loot earned.

History and Trivia

  • The Hunting Log Summary was introduced 24 January 2013.
  • Sometime around September 2013, the Team Journal was modified to only show the four most recent mouse encounters and failure to attract, rather than showing all possible private events.
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