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Item Cost Requirement Refund
Bamboozler Base 75,000 Gold None 13,500 Gold
Aqua Base 115,000 Gold None 20,700 Gold
Spellbook Base 1,296,000 Gold
1 Master Bindings
3 Torn Technic Page
3 Torn Mystic Page
None N/A
Item Power Type Cost Requirement Refund
Zugzwang's Last Move Tactical 310,000 Gold None 55,800 Gold
Zugzwang's First Move Tactical 615,000 Gold
1 Zugzwang's Last Move
1 Magic Feather
None N/A
Reaper's Perch Shadow 2,767,750 Gold
1 Reaper's Perch Blueprints
6 Onyx Stone
6 Rune
None N/A
Zurreal's Folly Tactical 1 Desert Travel Almanac
1 Encyclopedia Gnawnia
6 Luscious Lumber
1 Mesh Netting
3 Ectoplasmic Essence
3 Warp Nail
3 Runestone
1 Draconic Book
1 Lich Jewel
None N/A