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Item Cost Requirement Refund
Bamboozler Base 75,000 Gold None 13,500 Gold
Aqua Base 115,000 Gold None 20,700 Gold
Item Power Type Cost Requirement Refund
Mouse DeathBot Physical 150,000 Gold None 27,000 Gold
NVMRC Forcefield Trap Physical 180,000 Gold None 32,400 Gold
Venus Mouse Trap Tactical 220,000 Gold None 39,600 Gold
Mutated Venus Mouse Trap Tactical 20 Radioactive Sludge
1 Venus Mouse Trap
None N/A
Bottomless Grave Shadow 65,400 Gold None 11,775 Gold
Obelisk of Slumber Trap Arcane 316,350 Gold None 56,943 Gold
Forgotten Pressure Plate Trap Forgotten 400,000 Gold
6 Rune
None 72,000 Gold
Net Cannon Hydro 450,000 Gold None 81,000 Gold
Harpoon Gun Hydro 450,000 Gold None 81,000 Gold
Gorgon Trap Shadow 700,000 Gold None 126,000 Gold
Clockapult of Time Shadow 1,800,000 Gold None 324,000 Gold