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Years ago in Bristle Woods, a MouseHunter by the name of Plankrun opened a passageway to another realm. The passage was intended to act as an elaborate one-way trap for Acolyte mice. However, recently, the Acolyte mice have had success in reversing the portal's direction and are attempting to re-enter the Gnawnia Kingdom.

Description and Requirements

The Acolyte Realm is a location in the Bristle Woods region requiring a minimum rank of Legendary and the Keeper's Candle to enter.

Hunters cannot travel to the Acolyte Realm in the standard manner. The only way to enter the Realm is through the Forbidden Grove. Hunters capturing a Realm Ripper Mouse in the Forbidden Grove when its gates are closed will automatically be sent to the Acolyte Realm. They can then stay and hunt, or travel (using the map) to any other location in the Kingdom. However, if they choose to leave, they will not be able to return until the gate to the Forbidden Grove once again opens.

Upon capturing a Realm Ripper, the trees were engulfed in a thick, black fog and the ground began to fade. I awoke in a strange realm...

Mice in this location may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.


There are no shops available in the Acolyte Realm. Shops for the Bristle Woods region can be found in the Catacombs.

Acolyte Realm Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Acolyte 31,850 36,309 The Forgotten Mice Ancient Relic
Mysterious Box
Black Widow 480 10 Indigenous Mice Ancient Relic
SUPER|brie+ cheese
Chrono 19,750 12,250 The Forgotten Mice Ancient Potion
Ancient Relic
Runic Potion
Satchel of Gold (50,000)
Gate Guardian 2,800 1,400 The Forgotten Mice
Golem 7,920 4,500 The Forgotten Mice
Gorgon 1,400 2,800 The Forgotten Mice
Lich 12,200 8,700 The Forgotten Mice
Mutated Grey 275 500 Indigenous Mice
Mutated White 250 475 Indigenous Mice
Sorcerer 6,200 350 The Forgotten Mice Rune
Spectre 5,600 5,600 The Forgotten Mice
Wight 8,750 900 The Forgotten Mice
  • Highlighted mice are less than 1% of the population and are infrequently encountered in this location.

Hunting Strategy

Hunters in the Acolyte Realm should have been prepared when they entered the Forbidden Grove. If so, they should simply persevere. Much like the Dojo and Catacombs, it is an area of good long-term rewards, but very mixed results in the short term.

Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery is recommended to catch most of the mice in the Acolyte Realm. If the hunter is trying to specifically catch the Acolyte mouse, the hunter should use the Ancient Box Trap trap. Before the Ancient Box Trap was introduced players were encouraged to use the luckiest trap setup available, but it produced many misses on The Forgotten Mice.

Cheese Usage

Mouse Cheese
Ancient Runic
Mutated Grey X
Mutated White X
Black Widow X
Gate Guardian X X X
Golem X X X
Gorgon X X
Sorcerer X X
Spectre X X
Acolyte X
Chrono X
Lich X
Wight X

The recommended cheese in this location is Runic or Ancient.

Radioactive Blue cheese may be used, but will only attract Golem, Gate Guardian, Mutated White, Mutated Grey. The latter two breeds cannot be encountered in this location with a different cheese. Black Widow mice can also very rarely be attracted with Radioactive Blue cheese.

Refer to the table to the left to help choose the right cheese for the right mouse.

Due to the bait preference on this location, it is the right place to make a stale SUPER|brie+. Pick the most stale effect on both trap and base.

It has been suggested that users who wish to stay in the Acolyte Realm for a long period of time, should bring plenty of Ionized Salt and Cheddar or White Cheddar, as well as a stale trap setup. Using the stale trap the poor attraction rate of cheddar/white cheddar means that the user is able to generate Stale Cheese within the Acolyte Realm and hence can craft either Ancient or Runic cheese without the need to travel outside Bristle Woods. Alternatively, the hunters may choose to stock up on Runic or Ancient Potions and bring extra Brie/Gouda or SUPER|brie+ for imbuing the cheese.

Hunting tips by Larry

We aren't in Gnawnia anymore!

Look sharp, brave MouseHunter, for in this tower in the mist dwells an evil mouse known as the Acolyte. Only Runic cheese, made from runes collected in the Forbidden Grove, can attract the Acolyte, but be warned: few traps are capable of doing any significant damage to it once it is caught.

But. . . there may be hope yet. Legend tells of an island located far off the eastern coast of Gnawnia where a trap capable of defeating an Acolyte was once constructed. The General Store in the Catacombs sells blueprints that show how to build a seaworthy ship, should you wish to seek out the builders.


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