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{{ Weapon
#REDIRECT [[Ambush Trap]]
| name      = Ambush
| cost      = ≥64,085
| pointsreq  = 950,000
| power      = 3000
| powertype  = Tactical
| powerbonus = 5
| attbonus  = 0
| luck      = 12
| chzeffect  = Fresh
| imglink    = http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/9386/ambushfz0.png
| desc      = This peaceful setting for tea and a light snack appears to be the perfect spot for war-hardened mice to pause for some peaceful rest and meditation. Yet behind a thin paper wall lies a robot ambush of epic proportions! The loyal droids follow the will of their controlling hunter to either capture and exile mice or use their high speed reflexes for a heavy battle that is sure to erupt into various explosions and montages.
The '''Ambush''' weapon first appeared on 2 December 2008. It cannot be purchased and must be created through [[crafting]].
8 [[Droid Parts]] + 5 [[Splintered Wood]] + 3 [[Rice Paper]] + 1 [[Master's Seal]] + 1 [[Ambush Trap Blueprints]] = 1 Ambush Trap
: ''Formula discovered by: Damien Willey''
: Total Cost: Min 64,085 (based on the assumption no more than 3 combat/susheese/glutter used)
: '''Warning: Grandmaster may lose ingredients when crafting this weapon, since it requires 5 ingredients.'''
The total cost of crafting varies depending on the source of the various items needed to craft the weapon and the hunter's success in obtaining the necessary shards to complete the [[Master's Seal]].

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