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:''You are attempting to craft a trap component that you do not meet the points requirement for.''
:''You are attempting to craft a trap component that you do not meet the points requirement for.''
:''You require 17,000,000 points to craft this component.''
:''You require 17,000,000 points to craft this component.''
== Effectiveness ==
As a [[Forgotten]] type weapon, the Ancient Box Trap is only of normal [[effectiveness]] against one of the [[Arcane]] mice — namely the [[Acolyte Mouse|Acolyte]] — which it is designed to capture. The Ancient Box Trap has also been found to be very effective against the mice of [[Balack's Cove]], including Arcane mouse [[Balack the Banished Mouse|Balack the Banished]]. It is of normal effectiveness against Forgotten and [[Shadow]] mice in [[Bristle Woods]], but it is less effective against all other types of mice including the other Arcane mouse — the [[Dragon Mouse|Dragon]].
== History and Trivia ==
== History and Trivia ==

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Ancient Box Trap
Power Type: Forgotten
Weapon Statistics Weapon Info
Power: 4,300 Title Required: ??
Power Bonus: 10% Cost: ≥158,175
Attraction Bonus: 0% Limited Edition: ??
Luck: 4 Crafted: ??
Cheese Effect: No Effect Smashable: ??
Larry's Loot Lexicon: ?? Image: External Link
A trap design that has long withstood the test of time. The parts of this trap emit a powerful glow capable of mesmerizing power-hungry, greedy mice. The heavy stone box teeters precariously upon the Ancient Relic Staff awaiting a mouse to pull the Ethereal Rope and cause the box to slam shut and magically fuse with the base. It is only this simple, long-forgotten trap that is capable of defeating the powerful Acolyte mouse.

The Ancient Box Trap is currently the only Forgotten type weapon and is used in the Acolyte Realm to catch the Acolyte Mouse. Additionally, the Ancient Box Trap has proven to be very effective against the mice of Balack's Cove.

Purchasing Info

The Ancient Box Trap is not sold by any Trapsmith and is therefore non-refundable. It can only be crafted using the proper components.


Formula: Ancient Box Trap
Description Qty Cost
Ancient Box Trap Blueprints 1 158,175/Crafting
Engraved Solid Stone Slab 1 Loot
Ethereal Rope 1 Loot
Ancient Relic Staff 1 Loot
Timeless Mystic Gem 1 Loot
Encrusted Metal of Time 1 Loot
Hinge of Eternity 1 Loot
Total 158,175+

The total cost of crafting only includes direct vendor costs. Variable costs in acquiring the ingredients are not included, such as the cost of acquiring the Blueprint pieces held by the tribal chiefs and the 6 loot items from the Jungle of Dread.

If you attempt to craft this weapon with fewer than 17,000,000 points, the following message is displayed:

Unable to craft item.
You are attempting to craft a trap component that you do not meet the points requirement for.
You require 17,000,000 points to craft this component.

History and Trivia

Before 2 September 2009, a minimum of 19,000,000 points was required to craft this weapon. The point requirement was lowered in the interest of making the Ancient Box Trap accessible to most hunters with the title of Knight.

Combined Trap Statistics

Shown in the table below are the statistics when combined with the respective Bases. Click on the sorting box beside a particular attribute to do a quick comparison.

Base Power Power Bonus Attraction Bonus Luck Cheese Effect
Aqua Base 4,983 10% 0% 12 48No Effect
Bamboozler Base 5,400 20% 5% 4 54Very Fresh
Birthday Cake Base 5,415 21% 5% 4 48No Effect
Candy Cane Base 5,060 10% 0% 12 51Fresh
Chocolate Birthday Cake Base 5,281 18% 5% 5 48No Effect
Dehydration Base 4,978 10% 5% 8 60Insanely Fresh
Explosive Base 5,290 15% 5% 4 45Stale
Firecracker Base 5,290 15% 5% 8 45Stale
Gingerbread Base 5,340 18% 0% 8 60Insanely Fresh
Magma Base 5,428 18% 5% 14 36Insanely Stale
Monolith Base 5,612 22% 0% 4 48No Effect
Polar Base 5,400 20% 0% 8 60Insanely Fresh
Stone Base 5,340 20% 0% 4 51Fresh
Tribal Base 5,728 28% 2% 4 51Fresh
Wooden Base 4,769 10% 0% 4 54Very Fresh
Wooden Base with Target 4,813 10% 20% 4 48No Effect