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Using Ancient Cheese Curd Potion convert either Brie or SUPER|brie+ into Ancient cheese, which is commonly used in the Forbidden Grove.

Conversion Charts

The hunter's title, the particular potion, and the type of cheese used in the conversion all determine the amount of Ancient cheese generated and the gold required (if any) per piece as listed in the tables below. Using an Ancient Cheese Curd Potion for example, a Hero will be able to convert 6 SUPER|brie+ into 6 Ancient cheese for 800 per piece. Alternatively, he can convert 3 Brie at 1900 gold each into 3 Ancient cheese for a total cost of 5,700.

Ancient Cheese Curd Potion

Using SUPER|brie+ Using Brie
Hunter's Title Gold (ea) #
Gold (ea) #
Legendary ? ? ? ?
Hero 800 6 1900 3
Knight ? ? ? ?
Lord/Lady ? ? ? ?

Ancient Cheese Curd Potions are dropped by these mice in the Catacombs:
   – by Scavenger mice.