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  | align="left" | [[General Drheller]]
  | align="left" | [[General Drheller]]
  | align="left" | [[Iceberg]]
  | align="left" | [[Iceberg]]
| align="left" | [[Goliath Field]]
| align="left" | [[Gnawnia Rift]]
  | align="left" | [[Icewing]]
  | align="left" | [[Icewing]]

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With the dust cleaned off, this jade and gold statue is indescribably beautiful. It represents an ancient period of time in mouse culture, where master sculptors might spend entire years perfecting a single curve of a single statue, chipping out the tiniest piece of jade and polishing for hours and hours and hours.
It's no surprise that the Relic Hunter Mouse is desperate to catch even a glimpse of these artifacts - they represent an incredible wealth of cultural and artistic knowledge.

The Ancient Relic is a collectible and a requirement to have in your inventory to be able to attract the Relic Hunter Mouse. If you successfully catch the Relic Hunter Mouse, they are known to drop the Treasure Map Scroll Case as loot, as well as the Living Garden Scroll Case for hunters that are Baron/Baroness and above. Upon catching the Relic Hunter Mouse, one Ancient Relic is consumed, and removed from your inventory.

Mice that drop the Ancient Relic

The following table shows mice that can drop Ancient Relic, although they are not guaranteed to drop it on every catch.

Mouse Location
Acolyte Acolyte Realm
Aether Crystal Library
Ancient of the Deep Sunken City
Assassin Dojo
Balack the Banished Balack's Cove
Big Bad Burroughs Town of Digby
Black Widow Bristle Woods, Burroughs, and Whisker Woods
regions plus Derr Dunes, Elub Shore,
Nerg Plains, Harbour, King's Arms,
Mountain, and Training Grounds
Captain Croissant Windmill
Centaur Ranger Whisker Woods Rift
Chess Master Zugzwang's Tower
Chrono Acolyte Realm
Cook S.S. Huntington III
Crystal Behemoth Fungal Cavern
Cyclops Barbarian Whisker Woods Rift
Dark Magi Cursed City
Deep Iceberg
Diamondhide Fungal Cavern
Dojo Sensei Pinnacle Chamber
Dragon Dracano
Eclipse King's Gauntlet
Fall Familiar Seasonal Garden
Gargantuamouse Fiery Warpath
General Drheller Iceberg
Goliath Field Gnawnia Rift
Icewing Iceberg
King Scarab Sand Crypts
Leviathan S.S. Huntington III
Longtail King's Arms
Town of Gnawnia
Manaforge Smith Zokor
Monstrous Black Widow Whisker Woods Rift
Necromancer King's Gauntlet
Nibbler Bazaar, Cape Clawed, Great Gnarled Tree,
King's Arms, S.S. Huntington III,
Town of Gnawnia, Town of Digby,
Training Grounds and Tournament Hall
Nugget Town of Digby
Paladin Weapon Master Zokor
Realm Ripper Forbidden Grove
Reaper Forbidden Grove
Retired Minotaur Zokor
Shattered Carmine Twisted Garden
Shelder S.S. Huntington III
Silth Lagoon
Soul Binder Zokor
Spring Familiar Seasonal Garden
Squeaken S.S. Huntington III
Summer Mage Seasonal Garden
Tri-dra Whisker Woods Rift
Tritus Sunken City
Warmonger Fiery Warpath
Winter Mage Seasonal Garden
Zurreal the Eternal Crystal Library

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