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Traps utilizing arcane damage come from sources shrouded in mystery. The strength of arcane damage increases proportionally against forgotten mice, making the traps especially effective in the Catacombs.

The Arcane power type of weapons is very effective against Forgotten type mice found in the Bristle Woods region. It has been hinted that mice of the Arcane power type are very effectively captured by weapons of the Forgotten power type.

Types of Arcane weapons

Currently, there are three Arcane weapons available in the game:

Effectiveness of Arcane weapons

Arcane weapons are very effective against Forgotten Mice, namely:

Arcane weapons can also catch Physical and Shadow mice without any bonus or penalty, but are less effective against Tactical, and Hydro mice, as well as against Arcane mice (the only Arcane mouse to-date being the Acolyte Mouse). It seems Arcane weapons are also less effective against at least some Physical mice in the Tribal Isles.

Breeds of Arcane mice

As Arcane weapons are not effective against Arcane mice, this list must be presented separately from the section on Effectiveness. Forgotten weapons are suspected to be very effective against Arcane mice, namely:

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