Assist a Novice/Apprentice MouseHunter (AN/AM)

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If you are a Novice, Apprentice or Journeyman.... you can have your own personal mentor in the Mousehunt game.

Join the group and follow the links to the "I want to be adopted" section for your Mousehunt level. You will be paired up with an experienced mousehunter to help you through.

These adopters may show Random acts of kindness (give you gifts) however, they don't like to be constantly asked for gold or Superbrie.

Their task is to help you earn your own gold and level u in the game as they have done before you.

Why bother joining the group and not just take random help from these message boards?

1. We try not to be douche bags, but we really are(not the mean type of "douche bag"aka rickys a douche bag for ditchin me for that fine ass last night, no no, the hey look at this douche bag group we made, and the only one douche baggier then us are of course anyone that signs up for our service!!)

2. You get paired up most often to location and also what you are wanting in an adopter. (We try very hard to do this)

3. If for some reason it doesn't work out, you can go to the admins and bitch bitch bitch, But hell if you think you can leave...we WILL hunt you down, and harvest your flesh to bait or traps with.

4. We allow you to suckle on our "power teet".

5. We have the best interests of both the adoptee and adopter in mind at all times.(because there is nothin more left in the game for us to achieve, and if you just msg us for SuperBrie all the time, all of us would be more then willing to give it to you, the more you all ask, the more you all get!!)

If you have any questions, the admin are always happy to help.