Assist a Novice/Apprentice MouseHunter (AN/AM)

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Feel like you love MouseHunt but need some help?

We can HELP!

The AN/AM (Assist a Novice/Apprentice Mousehunter (and others too!)) group can help you get your traps faster and membership offers other benefits as well!
Click here to go to the AN/AM Facebook group page. IMPORTANT note - please make sure to fill in the AN/AM Membership Form (link can be found in the group description) before requesting to join the group.

What Does The AN/AM Offer?

  • Assistance to purchase traps via Trap Programmes for ranks from Recruit to Lord
  • Weekly Giveaway lotteries of Gold / SUPER|brie+
  • A Graduate Gifts Programme
  • A friendly place to ask Mousehunt related questions
  • A Chat Group to chat with fellow AN/AM members, brag or whine about Mousehunt or post questions. (You must be a member of this group first).
  • Member exclusive SUPER|brie+ sales at a reduced cost (occasionally)
  • Free Comps (no buy ins, ever) *** Some events may require nominal registration fees which are refunded when participation is verified

What Are Trap Programmes?

-- Our trap programmmes are designed to help hunters with a % of the total gold needed to buy a trap. The % varies for different level traps, but is highest for Recruit-Initiate traps. Some examples are:

The AN/AM Trebuchet Trap Programme which offers up to 18,000 top up towards a trebuchet trap

The AN/AM Swiss Army Mousetrap Programme which offers 25,000 towards purchase of a Swiss Army Mousetrap

We have many more trap and other programmes for hunters at almost all Ranks.
Join the group and see a list of all our trap programmes.

How To Enter The Weekly Giveaways?

-- Each Monday, we hold the Random Gifts of Gold and the Random Gifts of SuperBrie+ Lotteries. You'll need to check our group for the doc (created new each Monday) and post according to the instructions.

Asking Questions And Reading The Walkthroughs

-- Once you're a member, if you have a question about Mousehunt, you can ask it here and we'll answer it as best we can, or give you links to resources where you can find more information.

-- If you want to meet and chat with other AN/AM members, do join our AN/AM Chat Group. You'll need to be a member of The AN/AM first.

Visit AN/AM today and let us help YOU!

Want To Help Us Help Others?

-- If you would like to "pay it forward" and help us help other Mousehunters, please consider donating to the group. Please contact one of the admins for more information. Thank you in advance - we could not do this without you!