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An Aura is a trap bonus that is earned by completing certain tasks within the game. Auras are represented by an image in the upper left of the trap image on the Hunter's Camp and Profile pages.

Auras can provide improved trap stats and special loot drops, but have a limited duration.

Available Auras

A-MAZE-ing Aura

Earned during the Labyrinth Puzzle Box Event.

Anniversary Aura

Earned by opening a 2018 Birthday Treasure Chest, Time Traveler's Treasure Chest, Gilded 2018 Birthday Treasure Chest or Gilded Time Traveler's Treasure Chest

Chrome Aura

Earned by opening a Chrome Treasure Chest

Lightning Aura

Earned by opening a Lightning Treasure Chest

Slayer Aura

Earned by opening a Slayer Treasure Chest.

  • +5 Bonus Luck throughout the Kingdom
  • +1 Ancient Relic each time Hunters find one as loot from a mouse.

Spooky Aura

Earned by destroying a Ghostship during the Halloween 2017 event, Creepy Carl's Cursed Cruise.

Sugar Rush Aura

Earned by opening a Magical Pillowcase during the Halloween 2016 event, Spooky Sandcastle.

  • +10% Power Bonus to the Hunter's trap throughout the Kingdom.
  • Boosts the effects of the Candy Charm.

Winter Aura

Earned during the annual Great Winter Hunt event.

  • +5 Bonus Luck throughout the Kingdom
  • In 2015, mice throughout the Kingdom would begin dropping festive loot, including: