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An Aura is a trap bonus that is earned by completing certain tasks within the game. Auras are represented by an image in the upper left of the trap image on the Hunter's Camp and Profile pages.

Auras can provide improved trap stats and special loot drops, but have a limited duration.

Available Auras

Aura Table

The duration time of the Aura's stacks and the aura's time will be extended each time the aura is awarded until its maximum time, if any, is reached.
The event auras will have a defined end date.
The non-event auras do not have an end date.

Aura Type
Aura can be
extended until

Power Bonus
Other Image
A-MAZE-ing Aura Mini Event See latest Labyrinth Puzzle Box Event.

The last Puzzle Box event was 5 to 19 June 2018.
19 June 2018 5
& Zokor only)
Anniversary Aura Event See latest MouseHunt Birthday event.

The last Birthday event was 3 to 25 March 2020.
8 March 2021
  • Mice throughout the Kingdom have a chance of dropping a piece of SUPER|brie+
Chrome Aura Map Opening a Chrome Treasure Chest or Chrome Slayer Treasure Chest. No end date 5 Image
Lightning Aura Map Opening a Lightning Treasure Chest. No end date 25% Image
Slayer Aura Map Opening a Slayer Treasure Chest or Chrome Slayer Treasure Chest. No end date 5 Image
Spooky Aura Event See latest Halloween event.

The last Halloween event was 22 October to 6 November 2019
Maximum awarded was 4 weeks with a hard end date of 1 December 2019. 30% Image
Sugar Rush Aura Retired See Halloween 2016 event. No end date 10%
  • Boosts the effects of the Candy Charm.
Winter Aura Event See latest Great Winter Hunt event.

The last Great Winter Hunt event was 10 December 2019 to 8 January 2020
20 March 2020 5
  • Mice throughout the Kingdom will begin dropping festive loot, including: Festive Ultimate Luck Charm, Festive Ultimate Power Charm, Snowball Charm, SUPER|brie+, Winter Hunt Gift Box