Balack's Cove

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This foreboding sea cave has fierce, unpredictable tides that can easily wash unsuspecting Hunters out to sea. Those who seek the spirits of this darkened grotto should arm a Shadow, Arcane or Forgotten trap, and use Vanilla Stilton as bait.

Description and Requirements

Balack's Cove is a location in the Tribal Isles region requiring a minimum rank of Knight and Balack's Lantern to enter.

Upon capturing a Riptide mouse, the hunter will be washed out to the Jungle of Dread. The hunter may immediately reenter the Balack's Cove until the next capture of a Riptide. The Cove has an 18 hour tide cycle; for 16 hours, the tide is low, and no Riptide mice are present. Then for 40 minutes, the tide rises and Riptide mice start to replace Tidal Fisher mice. During the 40 minute high tide, only Riptide can be encountered, then another 40 minutes of medium tide completes the cycle.

Mice in this location may steal points or gold (but not multiple pieces of cheese) if not captured.


There are no shops available in Balack's Cove. Shops for the Tribal Isles region can be found in Cape Clawed.

Balack's Cove Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Balack the Banished 80,000 41,000 Balack's Banished
Brimstone 11,200 2,300 Balack's Banished
Davy Jones 9,000 2,000 Balack's Banished
Derr Lich 32,112 13,508 Balack's Banished Bottled-Up Rage
Elub Lich Mouse 52,992 8,272 Balack's Banished Pinch of Annoyance
Enslaved Spirit 20,000 900 Balack's Banished
Nerg Lich 40,144 10,340 Balack's Banished Raisins of Wrath
Riptide 32,000 3,800 Balack's Banished
Tidal Fisher 9,800 3,800 Balack's Banished
Twisted Fiend 10,500 1,100 Balack's Banished

Hunting Strategy

Cheese Usage

Vanilla Stilton attracts every mouse in Balack's Cove except for Balack the Banished. Vengeful Vanilla Stilton attracts every mouse in Balack's Cove, including Balack the Banished, and attracts proportionally more of the Elub Lich, Derr Lich and Nerg Lich.

Hunting tips by Larry

I'm jolly glad to be out of Dracano, fearless MouseHunter, but this place isn't much better... I can hear whispering all around, and I don't think it's the sound of the waves.

This is the cursed resting place of Balack the Banished, and his legion of lich slaves. Shadow and Arcane traps work here, but Forgotten traps garner the best results, especially in conflict with Balack. The evil lord's followers respond only to the smell of rare vanilla bean, so keep plenty of Vanilla Stilton on hand. If you're after Balack and his Elder Liches, however, you'll need something with a little more bite-- Vengeful Vanilla Stilton, a nasty cheese made from the rage of Balack's eternal slaves.

If a legion of undead mice isn't enough to spook you, there's also the tides. The mysterious Riptide Mouse pulls the tides in and out several times a day, so unlucky Hunters caught in the waves will get washed out onto the shores of the Jungle of Dread!

The tides have three states; Low, medium and high. Low tide lasts the longest and there are no Riptide mice present. Riptide mice abundant during medium tide, and extremely abundant during high tide. Should you catch a Riptide mouse, you will be washed out into the Jungle of Dread!

This will be a difficult fight, even for an experienced MouseHunter, but I believe in you! Get in there and lift that curse!

History and Trivia

  • Balack's Cove opened on 17 May 2010.
  • The Tidal Fisher Mouse was added on 21 September 2010.


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