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  | align="left" | [[Zombie]]

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Region: Burroughs
Minimum Rank: Grandmaster
Travel Requirement: Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar
Number of Mice: 13
Shops: Cartographer
Cheese Shoppe
General Store
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 26 November 2008
The organizers of the Bazaar used to travel abroad with a merchant companion named Ronza. During their visit to the Burroughs region, these quirky folk felt right at home, so much so that they decided to stay! Their newly constructed shops are now known across the Kingdom for their strange inventory.


The Bazaar is a location in the Burroughs region requiring a minimum rank of Grandmaster and the Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar to enter.
Mice in the Bazaar may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.

Bazaar Mice

The mice found in the Bazaar are all members of the Indigenous Mice group and are weak to all Power Types. The only exception to this is the Master Burglar Mouse which has no weakness to Rift weapons.

Cheese Preference and Loot

SUPER|brie+ will attract all mice in the Bazaar, but is required to attract the Black Widow and Nibbler mice.
Gilded Cheese or SUPER|brie+ is required to attract the Master Burglar Mouse.
Standard Cheeses will attract all other mice in the Bazaar.



Bionic 300 550 X X X
Black Widow
Extremely rare
480 10 X Ancient Relic
Only attracted to Brie Cheese and Empowered Brie Cheese out of the Standard Cheeses
1,420 1,250 X X X Brie Cheese
Flawless Orb
Gilded Cheese
Plankrun's Journal Back Cover
Crown Collector
Extremely rare
1,000 1,000 X X X
Dwarf 225 450 X X X
Granite 285 525 X X X
Master Burglar 4,260 2,500 X X Brie Cheese
Crown Jewel
Flawless Orb
Satchel of Gold (1,000)
Mutated Brown 700 700 X X X
Mutated Grey 500 500 X X X
Mutated White 450 475 X X X
Extremely rare
1,100 900 X Ancient Relic
Steel 270 500 X X X Scrap Metal - Digby DrillBot and
Chrome DrillBot (LE) only
Zombie 2,000 1,900 X X X

Mice with Special Requirements

Hunting Strategy

Mice in the Bazaar are weak to all Power Types, except the Master Burglar Mouse, which has no weakness to Rift weapons.

Standard Cheese will attract all mice accept the Black Widow, Master Burglar, and Nibbler mice. The Black Widow and Nibbler mice are attracted only to SUPER|brie+. The Master Burglar Mouse is attracted to SUPER|brie+ and Gilded Cheese.

The Burglar Mouse will drop the Back Cover of Plankrun's Journal, but the drop rate is very low.

Adventure Book

Hunters can complete steps to Capture the Master of the Dojo by repairing the Shredded Furoma Map Piece at the Bazaar Cartographer to get the Stitched Furoma Map Piece.

Hunters can complete steps to Capture the Acolyte Mouse by repairing the Tattered Mousoleum Map at the Bazaar Cartographer to get the Repaired Mousoleum Map Piece.

Hunters can complete steps to Capture the Eclipse Mouse by catching a Master Burglar Mouse in the Bazaar to obtain a Crown Jewel which can be exchanged for the King's Gauntlet Floorplan at the Bazaar Cartographer.

Library Assignments


Bazaar mice are worth points during some Tournaments.

Treasure Maps

Many mice in the Bazaar are often found on Relic Hunter Treasure Maps.

Hunting tips by Larry

The Bazaar is a noisy place full of merchants selling all sorts of whacky wares!

If you've come from the Furoma region, be sure to visit the Cartographer here. Cartographers are experts in repairing damaged maps which will in turn open new hunting grounds!

The Bazaar General Store is stocked with some of the strangest items found from around the world. You may just find these items useful if you plan on heading back to Furoma.

Beware of the Burglar mice. They run rampant here at the Bazaar and never hesitate to steal your gold!


These are the shops that can be found in the Bazaar:


(Items are spent)
King's Gauntlet Floorplan 50,000 N/A Crown Jewel
Stitched Furoma Map Piece 90,000 N/A Shredded Furoma Map Piece
Repaired Mousoleum Map Piece 160,000 N/A Tattered Mousoleum Map Piece

Cheese Shoppe

Per Piece
Per Piece
Cheddar 10 10
Marble 50 50
Swiss 100 100
Brie 200 200

General Store

Per Piece
Per Piece
Cheesy Fluffs 80 10
Curds and Whey 12 3
Droid Parts 7,750 7,750
Invisi-glu 50 5
Ionized Salt 450 150
Paint-brand Paint 120 30
Salt 6 2

History and Trivia


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