Black Widow Mouse

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"When a mouse is able to swipe a single piece of SUPER|brie+ from a hunter's trap, Widows often follow the lucky mouse and lure them into a tangled trap of their own. Their lust for magical cheese seems to grow stronger with each piece they add to their stash.

Extremely sensitive to their surroundings, their ability to detect even the slightest vibration make these stealthy mice somewhat hard to find. "

The Black Widow Mouse is a breed of mice found in various locations. They are worth at least 10 Gold and no more than 480 Points.

This mouse was created from the idea of a MouseHunt user in a forum contest

Black Widow Mice are known to drop SUPER|brie+.


All Locations: Super Brie Cheese (always)

Mousoleum: Radioactive Blue Cheese (always)