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Various types of blueprints can be found in MouseHunt. They are needed for crafting a variety of weapons and bases. Some are dropped by mice while others are purchased at one of the General Stores. Below is information on all such blueprints.

The Ship Blueprints are unique in being the only blueprints that are available both as loot and for purchase, therefore it refunds for significantly less than the purchase price. For all other purchased blueprints, the Seasonal Garden General Store gives refunds at about 90% of the purchase price, and all other General Stores give a full refund. In general, a hunter can own at most one of each blueprint; however, after crafting the item described by the blueprint, a hunter can then obtain a replacement blueprint to complete their collection of items.


Dehydration Base Blueprints

These blueprints are required to craft the crude, yet effective, Dehydration Base from four splintered wood and over 200 salt. Although the salty base does not have the most power, it is well suited for keeping bait fresh.


No blueprints can be found in this region.

Whisker Woods

Ship Blueprints

Sometimes discovered by hunters after defeating a Hydra mouse in the Lagoon, these rare prints show how to build a ship capable of sailing the open ocean.

The plans call for 900 splintered wood, 70 bolts of cloth, 100 coils of rope, and 18 scrap metal.

To captain the ship a hunter will need Legendary experience.


No blueprints can be found in this region.


Ambush Trap Blueprints

These blueprints are vital in knowing how to construct the Ambush tactical weapon. These prints show how to set up the eight required droids as well as how to construct a wall separator from splintered wood, rice paper and a Furoma Master's Seal.

Dropped By Found In
Assassin Mouse Dojo
Hapless Mouse Meditation Room, Pinnacle Chamber
Worker Mouse Dojo
  • The Pinnacle Chamber and Meditation Room are widely accepted as the best places to hunt for the Ambush Trap Blueprints. A sizeable number of hunters have received theirs in the two areas by using their most powerful Tactical trap and arming Brie in order to lure and catch the Hapless Mouse.

Onyx Mallet Blueprints

A very crude trap design consisting of an extremely heavy mallet made of 12 Onyx Stones. The tremendous weight is held up by platinum supports made from 10 Tiny Platinum Bars.

Bristle Woods

Mysterious Blueprints

These blueprints outline how to harness the power of the Onyx Stone into an arcane obelisk of incredible power. This unstable rod uses magic essence to bring to life a dozen scraps of metal, forming roots that attach itself to any base.

Take caution when choosing to construct this trap. Some fear that the power of the Onyx Stone is too great to be meddled with! The scientists of Digby are on a personal mission to burn these blueprints in an effort to protect humanity.

Obelisk of Incineration Blueprints

These blueprints detail how to construct a fiery trap that deals arcane damage. Obelisk parts and 2 scraps of metal form a staff that draws power from a single piece of coal. Splintered Wood set alight starts the flow of energy from the coal.


Blackstone Pass Trap Blueprints

With these blueprints, and a few extra materials, Hunters can create the ultimate trap temptation for Mystic mice. Although you suspect there may be a Mystic Crystal used in the recipe somewhere, other Hunters will think your trap is really coal. The Blackstone Pass Trap only be yielded by hunters with 58,000,000 points.

Obvious Ambush Trap Blueprints

These blueprints show you, in detail, how to construct a trap that Technic mice can't help but walk into! Naturally, droids are involved in this ambush, but to pull it off properly this time, they're going to need a little lift. The power of this droid cannot be controlled by hunters with less than 58,000,000 points.

Spellbook Base Blueprints

These blueprints describe how to turn the Chess Master's spell book into a functional base for your trap, but right now, it's got a long way to go. The Master Binding will need some more pages to fill it out before a trap will hold steady, and that aging leather might need some precious metals to protect it from the elements. The spellbook's power can only be utilized by hunters who have earned at least 67,750,000 points.

Zugzwang's First Move Blueprints

These blueprints show you how to mould the smashed remnants of Zugzwang's Last Move into a single, powerful knight, brought to life by a magic feather. The knight, and the formidable power he wields, cannot be controlled by anyone with less than 38,000,000 points.

Tribal Isles

Ancient Box Trap Blueprints

These slightly damaged blueprints diagram the steps in constructing the Ancient Box Trap, yielding Forgotten power. The heavy stone box glows with power, making the perfect distraction for a power-hungry mouse.

  • Hunters require the knowledge learned by earning 17 million points to know how to assemble this trap.
  • These blueprints can be obtained by using the following formula:
Ancient Box Trap Blueprints
Description Qty Cost
Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece 1 Loot
Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece 1 Loot
Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece 1 Loot
Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece 1 158,175
Total 158,175
Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece
Sketched onto this torn piece of blueprint is a glowing stick standing up straight on a trap base. The print is too tattered to tell what object it may be propping up.
Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece
Amongst various holes and rips is the faint drawing of a hinge. The rest of the print is too discolored and mauled to read.
Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece
An oddly slanted box is drawn in this small scrap of blueprint, as if being held up on one end. The print is torn, omitting what object this may be.
Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece
This slightly damaged scrap of paper appears to be the corner of a blueprint. Etched onto the paper appears to be plans of an ancient trap. Only occasionally found washing up on the eastern shore of Cape Clawed, these scraps of blueprint are rare and valuable. Perhaps finding the rest of the blueprint will unlock its mysteries...
  • These blueprints are sold at General Store in Cape Clawed at the cost of 158,175 gold, and are used in crafting Ancient Box Trap Blueprints.

Ancient Spear Launcher Blueprints

These blueprints detail how to properly load an ancient spear into a launcher to create a slightly mystical hydro trap.

Hunters require the wisdom gained by earning 12 million points to know how to build this trap.

Heat Bath Blueprints

The wise Dragon Mouse has designed a few changes to the Harpoon Gun that hunters sometimes use in Elub Shore. These plans require a couple of launcher parts modified with scrap metal to form fuel tanks that house a coal-based combustible fluid.

Heat Bath Blueprints may be obtained from the Dragon's Chest. They allow crafting of the Heat Bath.

RhinoBot Blueprints

These blueprints detail an elaborate method of combining a rhino horn and 24 stale SUPER|brie+ with DrillBot parts to make the mighty RhinoBot.

Hunters require the knowledge learned by earning 16 million points to know how to assemble this mammoth trap.

Thorned Mouse Trap Plans

These plans show how to carefully combine thorned vines and the husk of a Venus Mouse Trap to create a deadlier trap hungry for mice.

Hunters require the experience that comes with 8 million points to know how to grow this trap.


Gingerbread Base Blueprints

A single gingerbread plank, five festive candies and a pack of icing sugar make a base that is sure to bring festive cheer to any trap!

Gingerbread House Plans

Every successful architect needs blueprints, even those planning to use gingerbread for construction material! Building a home has never looked so easy!

Two gingerbread planks for the roof, four to make the walls and no gingerbread house would be complete without one more plank for a chimney!

All the planks are carefully glued together with five sugary packs of icing sugar and ten festive candies for decoration!

1 Only during The Great Winter Hunt '09 event.
2 Only during The Great Winter Hunt 2010 event.

Pumpkin Pummeler Blueprints

These blueprints are a diagram of a unique farming process that will grow an Evil Pumpkin Seed into a mouse pummeling sight to behold!

Tiki Base Blueprints

These blueprints describe how to assemble pieces of Tribal Timber into an ornate base capable of mesmerizing the mice of the Elub, Nerg and Derr tribes. The enchanting effect results in a +6 luck bonus when hunting the three tribes. These plans are printed by Ronza herself, and are often available when she visits. Due to her limited supply, a hunter may only own 5 copies of the blueprints.

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