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Various types of blueprints needed for crafting a variety of weapons and bases can be found in MouseHunt. Some are dropped by mice while others are purchased at one of the General Stores. Below is information on all such blueprints.

Ambush Trap Blueprints

These blueprints are vital in knowing how to construct the Ambush tactical weapon. These prints show how to set up the eight required droids as well as how to construct a wall separator from splintered wood, rice paper and a Furoma Master's Seal. Be warned, Grandmasters have been known to ruin the trap parts during assembly!

Dehydration Base Blueprints

These blueprints are required to craft the crude, yet effective, Dehydration Base from four splintered wood and over 200 salt. Although the salty base does not have the most power, it is well suited for keeping bait fresh.

Obelisk of Incineration Blueprints

These blueprints detail how to construct a fiery trap (the Obelisk of Incineration weapon) that deals arcane damage. Obelisk parts and 2 scraps of metal form a staff that draws power from a single piece of coal. Splintered wood set alight starts the flow of energy from the coal.

  • These blueprints can be purchased at the General Store in the Catacombs for 45,079 gold.

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