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The Burroughs region are outlying areas to the north of Gnawnia. The region is still under control of the King and comprises five areas:

The original purpose of the Laboratory was to research the minor mouse problem Gnawnia was having. A few less than ethical experiments soon gave rise to new breeds of mice altogether. Now overrun with the very mice it spawned, few hunters dare to step foot on its grounds.
  • A Laboratory Map Piece (dropped by an Abominable Snow in the Mountain) is required to go to the first location of the Burroughs.
  • The map piece was available for 20,000 gold at the Festive Gift Shoppe.
  • The map piece was a loot drop from the Ninja mouse until the hunting mechanics were changed in the Mountain on 7 November 2017.
  • The map piece could also be obtained by the 6 original breeds of Jungle of Dread until 29 July 2015.
A sudden burst of pollution from the Laboratory has resulted in this hideous Toxic Spill! The Hunter's Title required to enter is dependant on the current contamination level. As hunters clean the area and lower the contamination, less experienced hunters will be permitted to enter. Hunters are not allowed in the area when there is no pollution to clean up.
There is no special map requirement beyond the Laboratory Map Piece as for Laboratory above.
When the mice of the Burroughs overran the laboratory, the resourceful scientists created a fortified subterranean city. Unfortunately their creations proved to be just as resourceful and soon infiltrated the city.
In order to enter Digby the key must be collected from a Mutated Mole in the Laboratory.
The scientists of the nearby Laboratory would often come to the Mousoleum to harvest 'spare parts' for their various creations. This grim hunting location is now haunted by spirits of slain mice. The mice of this location seem almost unable to resist radioactive cheese.
A hunter must own the Tattered Mousoleum Map (from a Monster in the Laboratory) to hunt here.
The organizers of the Bazaar used to travel abroad with a merchant companion named Ronza. During their visit to the Burroughs region these quirky folk felt right at home, so much so that they decided to stay! Their newly constructed shops are now known across the Kingdom for their strange inventory.
To gain access to the Bazaar a hunter needs the ticket which is dropped in the Training Grounds.

Another area, Ronza's Traveling Shoppe, has been known to appear occasionally.

To move to a new area within the game, click on the TRAVEL button. The map will show all your discovered areas, as well as any travel costs or special considerations of note in a specific area. It will also show the minimum rank required to hunt in that area.

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