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This small island was once attached to the mainland before a mighty storm washed away a massive piece of land. Members of the three tribes were then trapped where they were forced to work together to build a means of travel back to the mainland. Cape Clawed now acts as a meeting place where the elders of the tribes discuss diplomatic matters.

Description and Requirements

The Cape Clawed is a location in the Tribal Isles region requiring a minimum rank of Legendary and crafted Ocean Navigation Kit to enter. Hunters will be relieved to learn that mice are unable to steal gold, cheese, or points in the Cape Clawed.


These are the shops that can be found in the Cape Clawed:

Cape Clawed Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Aged 6,910 4,000 The Derr Tribe Rhino Horn
Stale SUPER|brie+
Alchemist 1,310 125 The Elub Tribe Seashell
Caretaker 1,100 725 The Nerg Tribe Savoury Vegetables
Chameleon 250 550 Forest Guild
Elder 11,405 645 The Elub Tribe Ancient Spear
Grandfather 8,641 720 The Nerg Tribe Thorned Vine
Healer 855 975 The Derr Tribe Delicious Stone
Narrator 900 600 The Nerg Tribe Savoury Vegetables
Nibbler 1,100 900 Indigenous Mice Ancient Relic
Pathfinder 990 660 The Nerg Tribe Savoury Vegetables
Pinchy 325 400 The Aquatic Order
Scout 1,190 110 The Elub Tribe Seashell
Shipwrecked 2,100 90 The Aquatic Order Flawless Orb
Sylvan 275 425 Forest Guild
Taleweaver 1,090 99 The Elub Tribe Seashell
Trailblazer 790 880 The Derr Tribe Delicious Stone
Wordsmith 720 800 The Derr Tribe Delicious Stone
  • Highlighted mice are less than 1% of the population and are infrequently encountered in this location.

Hunting Strategy

Hunters have several Trap Setup Options for Cape Clawed. In this location, there are mice of three different power types (Hydro, Physical, and Tactical). The hunter needs to pick the trap with the power type of the most desired mice. Alternatively, the hunter may consider using the luckiest available trap. The standard cheeses (Swiss, Brie, Gouda) all work fine in this location for most mice. However, Crunchy is necessary to attract Aged, Shell is necessary to attract Elder, and Gumbo is necessary to attract Grandfather.

Based on the points needed to build the stronger traps for each type, the following sequence is typical, first you build the tactical trap (the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap) which requires only 8,000,000 points. Once your points reach 12,000,000 and you have enough gold you can craft the Hydro trap (the Ancient Spear Gun). When your points reach 14,000,000, you may purchase the Tribal Base at Cape Clawed which has high power bonus to increase your trap power. And then after your points exceed 16,000,000 you can craft the physical trap (the RhinoBot).

Hunting tips by Larry

Congratulations on crossing the Rodentia Ocean, MouseHunter!

The Tribal Isles region is home to three tribes which have a long history of conflict. The eldest mice of each tribe now meet here in an effort to restore peace to the region.

Visit the Cheese Shoppe here in Cape Clawed and I am sure Gouda will catch your attention. Its sharp flavor has long been a favorite of the mice indigenous to the Tribal Isles, only surpassed by SUPER|brie+.

Cape Clawed also has a Trapsmith and a General Store. In addition to standard cheese-making supplies like Salt, Curds and Whey, the General Store here also carries Coconut Milk, which is a vital ingredient in some local flavors of cheese. I hope you came with a good stash of gold because the General Store here also carries some mighty expensive sets of blueprints.

Phew, that was quite a lot of information if I do say so myself... and I do! But I haven't even mentioned what hunting there is to be done here in Cape Clawed.

The majority of mice here are rather weak and offer little reward for their capture. Cape Clawed is, however, a meeting spot for the tribal elders. Each of the elder mice here are attracted to a very specific cheese made from secret ingredients. To capture the elder mice, you will have to visit their respective villages to the East and hunt down the secret ingredients to their favorite cheeses.

Well, I suppose these are all the tips I have for you, MouseHunter. There is much to do here in the Tribal Isles, so take your time, plan your moves, and try to ignore the menacing roar coming from that volcano. . .


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