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Deep below the cursed soil of the Mousoleum are underground caverns that stretch to the west where long-forgotten mice roam. These powerful mice are highly resistant to most types of damage and apparently have a weakness for Radioactive Blue cheese. The creatures of the Catacombs seem strangely organized, as if they are preparing for something. Who knows what sinister secrets a hunter may uncover here...?

Description and requirements

The Catacombs is a location in the Bristle Woods region requiring a minimum rank of Legendary and the Mousoleum Restoration Patch to enter. Since the area is connected to the Mousoleum it contains the higher-level Shadow type mice and the newly-introduced Forgotten type mice only found in the Bristle Woods region.


Catacombs Mice

Mouse Max Points Min Gold Power Type Loot
Bat 3,375 3,001 Physical
Black Widow 480 11 Physical SUPER|brie+ cheese
Radioactive Blue cheese
Ghost 3,590 3,591 Shadow
Golem 7,920 4,501 Forgotten
Keeper 4,000 3,901 Forgotten Ancient Cheese Curd Potion
Front Cover of Plankrun's Journal
Corrupted Radioactive Blue Potion
Keeper's Candle
Keeper's Assistant 3,170 1,921 Forgotten Ancient Cheese Curd Potion
Lycan 9,250 5,501 Shadow
Monster 9,100 9,101 Physical Cheddar cheese
Marble cheese
Swiss cheese
Brie cheese
Lab Research (1,000 points)
Mummy 4,725 3,751 Shadow
Ooze 5,500 5,401 Forgotten Radioactive Blue cheese
Ravenous Zombie 5,400 5,401 Shadow
Scavenger 3,375 5,201 Forgotten Ancient Cheese Curd Potion
Corrupted Radioactive Blue Potion
Scrap Metal
Stale Cheese
Skeleton 2,392 961 Forgotten
Spider 5,200 3,376 Forgotten Radioactive Blue cheese
Vampire 2,700 901 Shadow
Zombie 2,700 2,701 Physical
  • Highlighted mice are those rarely encountered in the location.

Hunting Strategy

Hunters have several Trap Setup Options for the Catacombs. Purchasing the Obelisk of Slumber can help significantly in catching Forgotten type mice. It is recommended to bait Radioactive Blue cheese when hunting here since using the more expensive Ancient cheese does not guarantee a higher catch rate.

Hunters who wish to craft the Obelisk of Incineration should think twice before they do so. Although it has more power than the Obelisk of Slumber, it has a lower attraction rate, hence it doesn't guarantee a higher catch rate. Luckily, the Obelisk of Incineration can be smashed and by using the yielding Obelisk Parts and a Bead of Slumber the Obelisk of Slumber can be crafted again.

The other option, if a hunter has crafted the Obelisk of Incineration, is to purchase the Explosive Base so they have a Stale Cheese generator. By using Cheddar cheese on Obelisk of Incineration with Explosive Base, Stale Cheese may be produced, and later can be used to craft Ancient cheese.

Hunting tips by Larry

Zounds! And I thought the Mousoleum was creepy!

The mice that wander these catacombs are older than Gnawnia itself, so old they have been long forgotten! Hunting forgotten mice is incredibly challenging since they have few known weaknesses. You will need Radioactive Blue cheese to attract the mice of the Catacombs.

Forgotten mice can be caught using a Shadow trap but you will find that an Arcane trap works even better. Visit the Trapsmith here to purchase the Obelisk of Slumber -- an Arcane trap with a minty fresh scent! You may also want to browse the General Store, which stocks a couple of very interesting blueprints detailing how to build even more powerful Arcane traps.

Located deep within the Catacombs is a hallway too dark to navigate. Hunters often speak of Keeper mice wandering down the corridor using a magical candle to light the path. Acquiring this candle will no doubt allow you to do the same!

The Catacombs is one of the most dangerous places to hunt. You'll want to upgrade to more powerful Arcane traps as soon as possible!

History and Trivia

The Catacombs were originally located in the Burroughs region under the Mousoleum before it was moved to the Bristle Woods region.


Trap Setup Options for the Catacombs

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