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Cheese is typically purchased at the Cheese Shoppe, and is essential for arming your trap. The 'special' cheeses (Super Brie and Radioactive Blue), are obtained through either donations to the Mousehunt developers or by imbuing other cheeses with potions. Different flavours of cheese have different odds of attracting a variety of mice to your trap. In general, a more expensive flavour will be superior in attracting mice than less expensive varieties.

As you travel and move your trap to new locations, you may notice some cheese attracts specific breeds of mice more often than others. Although this will not always be obvious, observant hunters will benefit from studying the cheese preferences of different mice in different locations.

(Please Note: The following prices for cheese are only applicable to the Cheese Shoppe in the Town of Gnawnia. Cheese Shoppes in other areas may not sell all cheese types, and the cheese that is available may be sold at different prices.)

Cheddar is rather poor at attracting most mice, however hunters may find success with this cheese when hunting the more frail breeds.
Marble offers a decent chance of attracting a variety of mice.
Swiss offers a good chance of attracting a variety of mice.
  • Brie - 200 gold/piece.
Brie offers a very good chance of attracting a variety of mice.
SUPER|brie+ has a 99% attraction rate for all Gnawnia mice, regardless of their preferences for other flavours.
Radioactive Blue cheese cannot be bought. It can only be obtained by imbuing Brie or SUPER brie+ with a Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potion or Greater Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potion , which can be collected as loot in the Laboratory. Do not expect to be reimbursed this type of cheese when glitches in the game randomly cause it to disappear from your inventory without being consumed during the hunt.
Moon is a special cheese that was only available through Ronza's Traveling Shoppe during a visit to the Burroughs region.

Every Cheese Type in Inventory

Through Crafting you can also make the following cheese

White Cheddar

This cheese is rather poor at attracting mice. However it seems that its unique scent drives away the white, grey and brown breeds of mice.

The following cheese are meant to be made through Crafting but no one has been crafty enough to make them yet: