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Cheese can be obtained in different ways throughout the game and is essential for arming your trap. The simpler baits can be purchased at the Cheese Shoppe. The "special" cheese SUPER|brie+ is obtained through either donations to the MouseHunt developers or from other players. Radioactive Blue is created by imbuing other cheeses with potions and an increasing number of baits need to be crafted.

Different types of cheese have different odds of attracting a variety of mice to your trap. In general, a more expensive cheese will be better in attracting mice than less expensive varieties. Some mice will only go for cheese made with potions or crafted.

As you travel and move your trap to new locations, you may notice some cheese attracts specific breeds of mice more often than others. Although this will not always be obvious, observant hunters will benefit from studying the cheese preferences of different mice in different locations.

Standard cheese

These cheeses can be bought with gold at the various cheese shoppes.

Cheddar is rather poor at attracting most mice, however hunters may find success with this cheese when hunting the more frail breeds.
Marble offers a decent chance of attracting a variety of mice.
Swiss offers a good chance of attracting a variety of mice.
Brie offers a very good chance of attracting a variety of mice. It can be bought or can be obtained by imbuing other standard cheese with Brie Alchemy Potion.

Special cheese

This special, extra fragrant brie is only available as a gift to the supporters of MouseHunt. Due to the magical properties of SUPER|brie+, crafty mice are unable to steal multiple pieces of this precious cheese from hunters who hunt in dangerous environments. This cheese offers a 99% attraction rate for many of the mice in the game!
Radioactive Blue cheese cannot be bought. It can only be obtained by imbuing Brie or SUPER|brie+ with one of the various Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potions. Black Widow and Lycan mice are known to drop Radioactive Blue cheese when caught in the Mousoleum. The various Forgotten mice in the Catacombs occasionally drop a few pieces of Radioactive Blue as well.

Crafted cheese

The following cheeses can only be obtained through crafting:

Ancient cheese is used for hunting in the Forbidden Grove, Catacombs and primarily in the Acolyte Realm.
Combat cheese is attracting Masters of the Cheese Fang in the Meditation Room.
Glutter cheese is used while hunting for Masters of the Cheese Belt in the Meditation Room.
Maki cheese increases the attraction rate for Students in the Dojo.
Moon cheese draws the attention of Lycan Mice.
Rumble cheese is used when hunting in the Pinnacle Chamber for the Master of the Dojo.
Runic cheese is a good choice when hunting in the Acolyte Realm. It is currently the only cheese which will attract the Wight, Lich and Acolyte mice.
Susheese cheese is attracting Masters of the Cheese Claw in the Meditation Room.
White cheddar has a poor attraction rate but keeps away the coloured mice (White, Grey, Brown).

For more information, refer to the crafted cheese page.

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