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Cheese can be obtained in different ways throughout the game and is essential for arming your trap. The simpler baits can be purchased at the Cheese Shoppe. The "special" cheese SUPER|brie+ is obtained through either donations to the MouseHunt developers or from other players. Certain varieties of cheese are created by imbuing other cheeses with potions and an increasing number of baits need to be crafted.

Different types of cheese have different odds of attracting a variety of mice to your trap. In general, a more expensive cheese will be better in attracting mice than less expensive varieties. Some mice will only go for cheese made with potions or crafted.

As you travel and move your trap to new locations, you may notice some cheese attracts specific breeds of mice more often than others. Although this will not always be obvious, observant hunters will benefit from studying the cheese preferences of different mice in different locations.

Cheese (Standard)

Other than SUPER|brie+, standard cheeses can be bought with gold at the various Cheese Shoppes, and are typically used in many locations, as compared to special cheeses which are used in a limited number of locations. They with exception of Gouda can also be occasionally found as loot from mice. Swiss, Brie and Gouda can also be obtained from Unstable Curds.

Cheese In-game Description Available in
Cheddar is rather poor at attracting most mice, however hunters may find success with this cheese when hunting the more frail breeds. Meadow
Town of Digby
Town of Gnawnia
Marble offers a decent chance of attracting a variety of mice. Great Gnarled Tree
Town of Gnawnia
Training Grounds
Swiss offers a good chance of attracting a variety of mice. Great Gnarled Tree
Town of Gnawnia
Training Grounds<br\>Seasonal Garden
Brie offers a very good chance of attracting a variety of mice. Bazaar
Town of Gnawnia
Cape Clawed<br\>Seasonal Garden
Gouda arrives in crates that float into the Harbour, seemingly from areas off the eastern coast of Gnawnia. It has a very good chance of attracting a variety of mice, and its sharp flavour is a special favourite of the mice who inhabit the islands from where it is assumed to originate.
  • The Developers reported that Gouda attracts in the Tribal Isles like Brie did on the mainland and that it has a special mainland use.
  • Gouda has been discovered to raise the encounter rates for Shelder and Mermaid mice in S.S. Huntington II. However, it is unknown if S.S. Huntington II classifies as part of the "mainland" which the Developers referred to, or as part of the Tribal Isles.
Cape Clawed<br\>Seasonal Garden
SUPER|brie+ This special, extra fragrant brie is only available as a gift to the supporters of MouseHunt. Due to the magical properties of SUPER|brie+, crafty mice are unable to steal multiple pieces of this precious cheese from hunters who hunt in dangerous environments. This cheese offers a 99% attraction rate for many of the mice in the game! Donations


Cheddar Marble Swiss Brie Gouda SUPER|brie+

Cheese (Special)

Special cheese are usually obtained through the use of potions and crafting, or occasionally found as loot or obtained from Mysterious Boxes or Unstable Curds. They are typically used in very specific locations, such as Radioactive Blue cheese in the Mousoleum or Catacombs. Others are even more specialized, and are used to attract only a certain breed of mice, such as Combat cheese being used in the Meditation Room to attract Master of the Cheese Fang mice.

The cheese are organized based on the regions in which they are typically found and used in. For more information on how to acquire a particular type of cheese, follow the links under the 'Source' column. While some cheese are directly available as loot from mice, it is neither consistent nor in useful amounts, hence their exclusion here.


Cheese Source In-game Description Used In
Loot Sticky-fingered mice can’t keep their paws off this expensive, incredibly heavy cheese, due to its outer coating of purest gold. Eating Gilded Cheese is a bit of a challenge, but Master Burglars don’t care much for the taste-- it’s the shine they’re after.

NOTE: Gilded is only available as loot from Burglar mice in Bazaar, Harbour and Laboratory, and is used to attract Master Burglars.

Town of Gnawnia
White Cheddar
Crafting This cheese is rather poor at attracting mice. However, it seems that its unique scent drives away the white, grey and brown breeds of mice. Meadow
Town of Gnawnia


Cheese Source In-game Description Used In
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 2
Potions The thieving mice on the second floor of the King’s Gauntlet can’t keep their hands off this tasty treat. If the little pickpockets get away with too much of your cheese, don’t be afraid to get physical with them. King's Gauntlet
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 3
Potions When you equip this scrumptious cheese, you can expect the sword fighting mice on the third floor of the King’s Gauntlet to slash their way through just about anything to try and get it. To counteract their amazing swordsmanship, make sure to use a tactical trap. King's Gauntlet
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 4
Potions The music-making mice on the fourth tier of the King’s Gauntlet rely on this cheese blend to make their taste buds sing. Bards can be quite wily, so using the right tactic when choosing a trap will help the aspiring hunter stay on-key. King's Gauntlet
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 5
Potions Only a truly magical blend of flavors could possibly attract the Mage mice on the fifth floor of the King’s Gauntlet, but this wedge possesses just the right mix. In order to take the mages by surprise, be sure to keep your trap in the shadows. King's Gauntlet
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 6
Potions This cheese meets the exacting standards of the Holy Warriors on the sixth floor of the King’s Gauntlet. If you want to protect your traps from their righteous wrath, try confusing their sense of judgement by using an arcane trap. King's Gauntlet
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 7
Potions It takes a seriously special piece of cheese to attract the attention of a mouse that’s already dead, but this little wedge fits the bill. Aged for centuries, with just a touch of grave dust mixed in for good measure, This re-animated cheese tends to be a little dry, using a little bit of water might make it go down easier. King's Gauntlet
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 8
Potions There is only one type of mouse who can handle the sheer radiance that emanates from this cheese, which is the product of almost fourteen thousand different varieties, blended perfectly into one. The Eclipse Mouse dines only on this epic bait, when it deigns to visit this earthly plane at all. As for what type of trap to use against the Eclipse. . . that knowledge has been forgotten in the folds of time. King's Gauntlet

Whisker Woods

Cheese Source In-game Description Used In
Potions This soft, sweet cheese is quite a sought-after dessert item in Whisker Woods, both for its extreme rarity and its delightful, fruity flavor. Cherry Mice collect it because it reminds them of their favourite fruit, all year round. Calm Clearing
Unstable Curd
This cheese is the result of a magical petrification process and is a favourite amongst some of the mice in Whisker Woods. It has a crisp scent and gritty taste that yew can't beat! Lagoon
Wicked Gnarly
Unstable Curd
Formed by a gnarly magical process which transforms it from a relatively normal lump of dairy products into a dried-up ball of roots, this cheese is so twisted and covered with strange wood-grain patterns that it's hard to tell that it's cheese at all. Wicked Gnarly Cheese has got a much sharper scent than its counterpart, Gnarled Cheese, and a flavor that combines the zing of sandalwood and the sweetness of maple, which makes it like candy to some denizens of the Lagoon. Lagoon


Cheese Source In-game Description Used In
Unstable Curd
When rare Living Shards are combined with Radioactive Sludge and a dash of Curds and Whey, they form this cheese, which boasts a mineral flavor with a hint of lime. The shards vibrate within the curd, making high-pitched noises difficult for the human ear to hear. This subtle vibration sends tremors through the ground, which attract the mice living under the soil in Digby. Town of Digby
Unstable Curd
One of the inventions the scientists of Digby are most interested in is space probe technology capable of fragmenting a small portion of the moon's surface to harvest small quantities of lunar cheese. Unfortunately the cost of launching the probes paired with their ability to only harvest a small quantity at a time means collecting this cheese is extremely expensive. Researching this cheese has proved quite dangerous during experiments in the Mousoleum as scientists seem to frequently become victims of Lycan attacks. Mousoleum
Radioactive Blue
Unstable Curd
An accidental by-product of an experimental drug, this cheese was created during a chemical spill of a volatile potion. Native to the Laboratory, the experimental mice have found this new type of cheese extremely appealing. Eating it may or may not give you super powers. Use at your own risk. Mousoleum


Cheese Source In-game Description Used In
Unstable Curd
This cheese is specially prepared Swiss mounted on combat dummies and adorned with a target. Masters of the Cheese Fang often use this apparatus to teach students combat techniques as well as help decrease their mental weakness to cheese. Be warned! Should a Master of the Cheese Fang see a hunter using a chunk of this as bait it will surely cause them to challenge the hunter to defend the honor of the school. Meditation Room
Unstable Curd
This cheese is the result of the careful art of fusing a seemingly infinite quantity of flavours into a single cube of cheese. This decadent bait seems to be the only cheese capable of breaking the will power of the Masters of the Cheese Belt. Meditation Room
Furoma Student mice love the smell of Maki cheese while most other mice find its scent unappealing. Its pungent odour travels farther than that of other cheese varieties making it capable of attracting more students to a hunter's trap. Dojo
Onyx Gorgonzola
Unstable Curd
Crafted from Onyx Stones found only on the Master of the Dojo, Onyx Cheese is made from an odd combination of gorgonzola and Onyx stone. Although most mice wouldn't normally care for a slice of gorgonzola intercut with onyx veins, Onyx Cheese is crafted especially to appeal to a very specific set of tastes. But who could desire this strange flavor combo? Someone as old as the rocks themselves, of course, a master of concealment. . . the Dojo Sensei. Pinnacle Chamber
Mysterious Box
Unstable Curd
Little is known about the origins of Rumble cheese. Many hunters suspect it is an invention of the Furoma forces designed to somehow destroy Gnawnia. This cheese appears to be incredibly unstable and radiate a mysterious power outwards from its center. The power of Rumble cheese intimidates all mice, scaring them away yet some hunters believe it is the key to attracting powerful, malicious mice. Should you choose to use this bait think long and hard if you are strategically prepared for the adversary it may summon. Pinnacle Chamber
Unstable Curd
Considered somewhat of an acquired taste, Susheese is the traditional meal of the school of the Cheese Claw. The combination of delicious brie and fish fresh out of the Burroughs River seems to be the only bait that will attract the Masters of the Cheese Claw. Meditation Room

Bristle Woods

Cheese Source In-game Description Used In
Unstable Curd
These tender morsels spark with electric energy that bind together dust-like particles of stale cheese. Ancient cheese expels a strong stale scent and is extremely volatile. Catacombs
Forbidden Grove
Unstable Curd
Runic cheese’s dark magical qualities are derived from deep within the shadows of the Catacombs. Its color fades in and out, as if it doesn’t quite exist on the mortal plane. Even the most skeptical and well-educated of rodents will be drawn in by the otherworldly smell that surrounds it. Acolyte Realm


Cheese Source In-game Description Used In
Crafting This cheese is the only food which can entice the Chess Master, for its delicate aroma carries the scent... of victory! The Kings of both teams long for a morsel of this cheese, believing it will bring them mastery over the game, but if you can defeat them, the Chess Master himself will challenge you for a piece. Don't leave this cheese out too long, though, or you may find yourself with a stale, mate. Zugzwang's Tower

Tribal Isles

Cheese Source In-game Description Used In
Creamy Havarti
Crafting Made from Creamy Orange Peppers, this incredibly smooth tasting Havarti is the perfect bait for hunting the mighty Jurassic Mouse. Jungle of Dread
Crafting Made with delicious stones found in the dunes of Tribal Isle, this cheese looks irresistibly tasty. Who needs teeth anyway? Cape Clawed
Derr Dunes
Crunchy Havarti
Crafting Filled with chunks of Crunchy Green Peppers, this cheese is a favourite of the Fetid Swamp mouse. Jungle of Dread
Crafting Almost too soft too keep its shape, this gooey, savoury cheese is a favourite of the Nerg tribe. Cape Clawed
Nerg Plains
Inferno Havarti
Crafting Made especially to catch dragon mice, the inferno havarti is painstakingly cured using fire salt, a special mineral which emits intense heat all the time. Marbled with veins of delicious molten cheese, inferno havarti tempts the dragon mouse with a fiery jolt of flavor and glowing aftertaste. Dracano
Magical Havarti
Crafting Made from Magical Blue Peppers, the Stonework Warrior mouse harnesses the magic of this Havarti to remain alive. Jungle of Dread
Pungent Havarti
Crafting Dripping with the foul smelling juices of a Pungent Purple Pepper, the Chitinous mouse finds this putrid smelling bait irresistible. Jungle of Dread
Crafting A favourite amongst members of the Elub tribe this cheese may leave you wondering if Shelder sell seashells for shell cheese down by the sea shore. Cape Clawed
Elub Shore
Spicy Havarti
Crafting Made from flakes of Spicy Red Peppers, this Havarti is constantly at risk of spontaneous combustion. Its scent resembles that of fresh magma and seems to attract the Magma Carrier mouse. Jungle of Dread
Sweet Havarti
Crafting Made from the Sweet Yellow Peppers, this Havarti has an intense sweet flavour that Primal mice love. Jungle of Dread
Vanilla Stilton
Crafting Ghostly mice just love the taste of a good, mould-veined Stilton, but it's the vanilla that compels the spirits of Balack's Cove to leave their eternal strife. Aged to perfection in the cool, damp vaults of a sea cave, this cheese contains vanilla bean harvested at great peril from the Jungle of Dread. The ghosts of Balack's Cave are not the only mice that love this cheese, however. If you happen to get washed up on a jungle shore, hide your Stilton stock in your knapsack. Balack's Cove
Vengeful Vanilla Stilton
Crafting Vengeful Vanilla is a cheese best served cold. With a strong, tangy flavor, extreme vanilla sweetness, and just a hint of bitter mold, it tastes horrible-- and the cheese knows it! The main attractive feature of Vengeful Vanilla is its smell. So strong and delicious that it bypasses the natural wariness of even a hardened character like Balack, it draws its victims in... and then the taste does the rest. Balack's Cove
Cheese Source In-game Description Used In

Cheese (Special Event)

These cheese are only available during certain events. Note that while a cheese might no longer be available after an event, any remaining cheese remains in the inventory, and can still be used.

Cheese Source In-game Description Used In
Plank of Gingerbread A soft ball of a sweet cheese that has been liberally infused with the spicy, wholesome flavor of fresh gingerbread. Garnished with a little gingerbread man, who appears to be screaming as he sinks into the sweet treat.

NOTE: Gingerbread is obtained by smashing a Plank of Gingerbread with the Hunter's Hammer, yielding 15 pieces of Gingerbread per plank smashed.
Festive Comet
Loot This electric mellow classic will make any mouse want to gorge themselves on its roque (fort) 'n roll goodness. Since it's crafted with all the hard-core awesomeness of a ten-minute drum solo, the flavor beats of up to eleven different kinds of cheese will strum a power chord on the taste buds of even the most reserved mice.
  • Rockforth is the only cheese known to attract the Rockstar Mouse, though it also attracts other breeds as well.
  • You can have a maximum of 999 pieces of Rockforth cheese in your inventory.


  • Rockforth cheese is a play on Roquefort cheese, a sheep milk blue cheese from the south of France.
Town of Gnawnia
Great Gnarled Tree
Town of Digby
Training Grounds
S.S. Huntington II


Ancient Cherry Combat Creamy Havarti Crunchy
Crunchy Havarti Gauntlet Cheese Tier 2 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 3 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 4 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 5
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 6 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 7 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 8 Gilded Gingerbread
Glutter Gnarled Gumbo Inferno Havarti Limelight
Magical Havarti Maki Moon Onyx Gorgonzola Pungent Havarti
Radioactive Blue Rockforth Rumble Runic Shell
Spicy Havarti Susheese Sweet Havarti Vanilla Stilton Vengeful Vanilla Stilton
Wicked Gnarly White Cheddar

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