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The {{PAGENAME}} is an '''Event Mouse''' found during the annual [[MouseHunt Birthday]] event.
#REDIRECT [[Cheesy Party Mouse]]
{{ Mouse
| id = 961
| maxpoints = 1,111
| mingold = 1,111
| mgroup = Event Mice
| subgroup = Birthday
| habitat = '''See current [[MouseHunt Birthday]] location'''
| loot = [[Coggy Colby Cheese]]
| traptype  = [[Power Type|All Types]]
| bait      = '''See current [[MouseHunt Birthday]] location'''
| charm =
| other =
| mhinfo = cheesy_party
| image = {{MHdomain}}/images/mice/large/8b905258b049ce13fd1d12896d305d27.jpg
| desc = No party? No supplies? No problem! This mouse adheres to strict B.Y.O.C. rules and is always ready to party! Prepared to throw the greatest celebration at the drop of a party hat, this mouse blows the roof off of any event!
B.Y.O.C.: Bring Your Own Cheese!
The Cheesy Party Mouse brings his own cheese, so he is only attracted to {{SB}}, the one cheese he cannot find on his own!
==Cheese and Charm Preference==
Information on Cheese Preference for {{PAGENAME}} can be found at the current [[MouseHunt Birthday]] location.
Information on Charm Preference for {{PAGENAME}} can be found at the current [[MouseHunt Birthday]] location.
==[[Power Type]] Weaknesses==
{| border="1" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" style="margin:0 20px; font-size:100%; text-align:center; border-collapse:collapse;" class="unsortable"
|- bgcolor="#dddddd"
! width="110px" align="center" | <br/>'''Very<br/>'''Effective''
! width="110px" align="center" | <br/>'''Effective'''<br/>
! width="110px" align="center" | <br/>'''Less'''<br/>''' Effective'''<br/>
| <!--Very Effective-->None
| <!--Effective-->[[Power Type|All]]
| <!--Less Effective-->None
{{PAGENAME}} can be found at the current [[MouseHunt Birthday]] location.
The {{PAGENAME}} drops [[Coggy Colby Cheese]]
== History and Trivia ==
*'''5 March 2019:''' The {{PAGENAME}} was introduced as part of [[MouseHunt's Tenth Birthday]] Celebration.
*[{{MHdomain}}/images/mice/large/8b905258b049ce13fd1d12896d305d27.jpg Current image]

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