Cherry Charm

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The Cherry Charm is part of the Riftwalker Set.

Cherry Charm
Categories: Whisker Woods Rift, Rift Power
Charm Statistics Charm Info
Power: 250 Cost: 1,125
Power Bonus: 0% Limited Edition: No
Attraction Bonus: 5% Crafted: Yes
Luck: 2 Smashable: No
Cheese Effect: No Effect Tradeable: Yes
Consumed Upon: Encounter Giveable: No
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
A delicious-looking ripe rift cherry surrounded by entangling rift roots is the single most enticing sight for a Cherry Sprite mouse.

Arming this charm gives hunters a chance to attract the Cherry Sprite Mouse and will funnel all rage from captured mice into the Crazed Clearing.

Obtained Via

The Cherry Charm cannot currently be bought at any Charm Shoppe; but it is available at the Marketplace. It can also be crafted.


Formula: Cherry Charm
Recipe can be unlocked by: Obtaining Rift Cherries as loot
Item Qty Cost (Each) Source
Simple Orb 1 N/A
Calcified Rift Mist 3 N/A
Rift Cherries 1 N/A
Charmbit 45 25
(1,125 total)
Total 1,125

Riftwalker Set

The Riftwalker Set is a three-item set. Arming multiple items of this set will give additional bonuses; with two items, the bonus is a 10% Power Bonus, with three items, the bonus also adds 5 Luck.

Set Bonuses

Required: Rift Base, Weapon, and Charm
Set Bonus (2 pieces):

Set Bonus (3 pieces):

Location-Specific Effects

Related Items

History and Trivia

  • 28 January 2015: The Cherry Charm was introduced with the release of the Whisker Woods Rift.