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Collectibles are items that appear in the Collectibles Inventory tab. Additionally, each Hunter's Profile includes a status of how many collectibles a hunter owns, as one of the lists on the Items tab.

Most of these items have no other use in the game, although there are exceptions related to paying a Cartographer to gain access to the Valour region, and for crafting the limited edition Christmas Cracker Trap.

Items marked with LE have an in-game designation of Limited Edition, and will not be available again. Many other collectibles cannot currently be obtained, but might return during future Events.

Non-interactive Items

Item Description Usage Source
Attraction Bonus Candy
Although this chalky heart candy claims to give you an attraction bonus, the manufacturers got out of it on a loophole by saying that its sweetness (technically) attracts ants. None Heart of the Tiger Party
Bow and Arrow
This handy bow and arrow, imbued with the Cupid Mouse's magic, is the perfect way to spread the romance this Valentine's day. One hit with these magical arrows and the target falls deeply in love. . . but you weren't thinking of using this for any selfish reasons, were you? None Festive Gift Shoppe
Hey, it looks like someone sent you a tasty treat this Valentine's Day. Hopefully, your admirer is as sweet as this cherry-flavored delight. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Mystery Gift Box
Chinese Knot
This pretty little ornament is knotted by hand, using only one, long piece of red string. Hang it somewhere that you visit frequently, and it's sure to bring you good luck and prosperity in the new year. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Christmas Coal
Even when you dress it up, this is still just a piece of coal, and a useless one too. You have some good friends. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Wow, a sack of a hundred cinnahearts, all for you! These hearts are the extra-strong variety, imported straight from Dracano for those who really love their cinnamon. By the time you're done with them, your tongue might be on fire, but your breath will smell fabulous! None Festive Gift Shoppe
Crown Jewel
The Master Burglar Mouse has dropped a flawless gem. When held up to the sun, it sparkles brightly enough to temporarily blind someone. A gem of this quality could only have come from the King’s personal vault-- perhaps the King is offering some sort of reward for its return. The Crown Jewel must be obtained before a hunter is able to access the King's Gauntlet in the Valour region. It is given to the Harbour cartographer along with 50,000 gold in exchange for the King's Gauntlet Floorplan. Master Burglar Mouse
This fragile heart symbolizes the love and admiration of the person who sends it. Be careful with this treasure. . . a thoughtless person could crush it, if they wanted to. May be smashed with a Hunter's Hammer to produce Crushed. Festive Gift Shoppe
What happens when you crush a crush? The sender becomes crushed, of course. Perhaps you could have sugar coated this rejection a little bit more. . . None Hunter's Hammer
This chalky heart candy claims to lower your DHU, but it will probably only lower your appetite. None Gifting
Heart of the Tiger Party
Mystery Gift Box
This chalky heart candy claims to raise your DLU, but it only really raises your blood sugar level. None Gifting
Heart of the Tiger Party
Mystery Gift Box
Mmmm. . . these look like some good dumplings. Beef, barbeque pork, shrimp, rice. . . they're all here, and they're steamed to perfection! Let's get some chopsticks and dig in. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Eight Elf Shoes LE
On the eighth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Eight Pointy Elf Shoes!

People assume that pointy shoes aren't very comfortable, and most of the time they're right. Elf shoes, however, are the exception to the rule. Soft and cushy, these adorable little belled shoes are the perfect thing to wear on those cozy holiday nights by the fire.

Christmas Cracker Trap Festive Comet
Empty Candy Wrapper LE
This wrapper is a sweet reminder of candy long ago enjoyed. None Pumpkin Treat Basket
Mystery Gift Box
Eleven Coloured Lights LE
On the eleventh day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Eleven Lights a-twinkling!

Colored red, green and blue, these lights blink in a variety of different patterns. They add instant festivity to a Christmas tree, house, reindeer cutout, animatronic dancing santa with choral elves. . . anything, really. All they need is a little imagination, but electricity helps too.

Christmas Cracker Trap Festive Comet
Festive Diamonds
The two tickets are now diamonds! None Pair of Tickets
Festive Fuse LE
Set off some holiday cheer with your own festive fuse! I wonder what this could be for..? Explosive Toboggan Ride Great Winter Hunt 2010
Festive Restraining Order
At this festive time and season, I could finally find a reason, To send a card, and say with glee, Please stop hiding in my tree. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Five Ornaments LE
On the fifth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Five OR-NA-MENTS!

Besides comprising the very best part of this holiday song, these colourful ornaments sit nicely on a Christmas tree around the Eleven Coloured Lights. Big ones, little ones, the kind shaped like icicles-- they're all here, and ready to fill your home with holiday glee.

Christmas Cracker Trap Festive Comet
Four Festive Stockings LE
On the fourth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Four Festive Stockings! Christmas Cracker Trap Festive Comet
Gold Brick
Wow, somebody really likes you this holiday season. Still, what can you do with a solid gold brick? Well... it can sit in your inventory of a constant reminder of wealth. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Gold Tiger Statue
This stately replica of the zodiac tiger is the perfect way to commemorate Lunar New Year, 2010. Plus, he's made of gold. Who doesn't like gold? None Festive Gift Shoppe
Greeting Card
Happy Holiday Hunting! None Festive Gift Shoppe
Heart Key LE
This key may not be able to open someone's heart, but it may unlock a chest somewhere around here. For a limited time could be exchanged along with the Tiger Key to open the Tiger Heart Chest to gain the Valentine from the Devs and 30 pieces of SUPER|brie+ Heart of the Tiger Party
Heart of Ice LE
This little thing is barely bigger than a snowflake, It is however so cold that it could flash freeze a bucket of water in 7 seconds. Just a word of advice, don't touch your tongue to it. Explosive Toboggan Ride Great Winter Hunt 2010
Holiday Explosives LE
Nicely packed explosives to ring in the holidays with a bang! Explosive Toboggan Ride Great Winter Hunt 2010
Itchy Sweater
Well, it is a bit itchy, and garish, and baggy, but grandma knitted it just for you. . . just try it on and smile. It'll make everyone much happier in the long run. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Larry's Mustache Cookies
Soft and chewy, these delightful cookies prepared by our own Royal Knight Larry emit a very... strong... odor while baking. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Larry's Sandwich
Larry's favourite snack after a long day of MouseHunting! None Gifting
Mystery Gift Box
Starting out
Lump of Spoiled Egg Nog LE
Oh dear. Well, the good news is that the eggnog is open. The bad news is that it seems to have opened on its own... almost as if something clawed it's way out from the inside. None Twelve Liters of Spoiled Egg Nog
Try not to be under this at the same time as a zombie mouse... None Festive Gift Shoppe
Mouse Macaroon
These painstakingly sculpted mice are painted by hand, then filled with a tangy raspberry jam. Enjoy! None Festive Gift Shoppe
Nine Reindeer Antlers LE
On the ninth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Nine Reindeer Antlers.

You'll be the life of the party with these stylish reindeer antlers, which are attached to headbands for ease of wear. This model is personally endorsed by the fifth grade class of Gnawnia middle school, who used them to put on the most successful Christmas pageant of the past four years.

Christmas Cracker Trap Festive Comet
One Droid Action Figure LE
On the first day of hunting, the good King gave to me... One Droid Action Figure! Christmas Cracker Trap Festive Comet
Ox Mask
Oops. . . it looks like the mouse that was wearing this mask is a little bit behind the times, but keeping a little souvenir of 2009 isn’t such a bad thing. Holding the ox mask, you gain the patience to keep trying for that Acolyte mouse. None Heart of the Tiger Party
Paper Dragon Mask
Start your own Chinese New Year parade with this colorful dragon mask! This is the deluxe model: the mouth and eyes really move! None Festive Gift Shoppe
Petrified Fruitcake
It's a little disturbing, really. . . The cake in this over-ripe dessert may have gone green and the icing may have flaked off long ago, but the little pieces of pickled fruit are just as bright and cheery as they always were. How many times has this been re-gifted? None Festive Gift Shoppe
Posing Mouse Action Figure
This amazing toy features karate-chop action! The swift chopping action can shatter wooden bases! Play with at your own risk. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Mystery Gift Box
Rabbit Mask
The mouse that was wearing this mask must be stocking up for next year already. The rabbit mask makes you feel sweet and friendly when you hold it. Maybe it’s time to join a hunting party and make some new friends. . . None Heart of the Tiger Party
Reindeer Slippers
These antler-rific slippers will keep your tootsies toasty this holiday season. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Ronzaburger with Cheese LE
Ronza's favourite snack while flying the open skies! A secret family recipe from a long line of Ronzas. You know what they call a Ronza Burger with cheese in the Tribal Isles? A Rocksa with cheese. Do you know WHY they call it a Rocksa with cheese? Because of the Tribal Isles pebble-counting system, you say? Check out the big brain on you! You're one smart MouseHunter!

What use does this juicy burger have you ask? Well, it's for looking delicious in your inventory, of course!

  • Trivia: The item's description is a reference to Quentin Tarantino's 1994 blockbuster, 'Pulp Fiction'. It refers to a scene in which Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) is intimidating a so-called business associate of his boss via confusion in asking mundane questions about how they call a 'Quarter Pounder with Cheese' a 'Royale with Cheese' in France due to the metric system.
None Ronza's Satchel
Rubber Spider
Eek! A spider! None Pumpkin Treat Basket
Seven Gingerbread Mice LE
On the seventh day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Seven Ginger mice!

Nine out of ten cats agree that these little cookies are much tastier than real mice. Hand-shaped with care and topped with adorable little icing designs depicting mice in all sorts of situations, these are the perfect gift for that frustrated hunter on your list.

Christmas Cracker Trap Festive Comet
Six Snow Balls LE
On the sixth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Six Perfect Snow Balls!

They're snowballs. You go outside and throw them. In fact, why aren't you out there right now? Grandma's not going to ambush herself!

Christmas Cracker Trap Festive Comet
Sleigh Bell
Ring-ring, ring-ring! Time for a sleigh ride out in the snow. Get your hat and your coat and let's all go! None Festive Gift Shoppe
Smashed Teddy Bear LE
Awww... How could you!
  • Could be obtained by smashing the Teddy Bear for a brief period of time. Currently not available.
None Teddy Bear
Snow Globe
A decoration that is both festive and recursive! It seems as though there could be another snow globe within the preserved snow globe, and if that's the case does that mean that you're currently trapped in a snow globe? None Festive Gift Shoppe
Soggy Fireworks
Oh dear. . . it looks like someone dropped their fireworks in that weird green water that flows through the tunnel of love. Well, waste not, want not. The shopkeeper here has decided to stock them anyway. Maybe they'll still work once they dry out. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Spooky Toothbrush LE
After eating so much Halloween candy this spooky brush is sure to come in handy! None Pumpkin Treat Basket
Ten Candy Canes LE
On the tenth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Ten Canes of Candy.

Hand painted in Santa's workshop, these candy canes come in mint, cherry, sour raspberry, black licorice, and soup. Why soup, you ask? Well, Santa knows that not everybody likes candy.

Christmas Cracker Trap Festive Comet
Three Santa Hats LE
On the third day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Three Santa Hats! Christmas Cracker Trap Festive Comet
Tiger Heart Chest LE
This chest was crafted especially for the Heart of the Tiger Festival, using materials from both celebrations. It looks like it requires a key from each holiday to open. For a limited time could be exchanged along with the Heart Key and Tiger Key to gain the Valentine from the Devs and 30 pieces of SUPER|brie+ Heart of the Tiger Party
Tiger Key LE
If there were a chest hidden somewhere in this area, this key might go along way toward bringing you a prosperous new year. For a limited time could be exchanged along with the Heart Key to open the Tiger Heart Chest to gain the Valentine from the Devs and 30 pieces of SUPER|brie+ Heart of the Tiger Party
Tiger Mask
Raaaar! With this mask in your possession, you’re ready to take on 2010, with all your claws out! Looking at the tiger mask gives you the courage to go anywhere, and catch any mouse that gets in your way! Just remember to use a trap, and not your teeth. Some tiger habits are better left alone. None Heart of the Tiger Party
Twelve Liters of Spoiled Egg Nog LE
Too bad you couldn't get the lid off before it started to spoil, I wouldn't be too keen on opening it now, not that you could if you wanted to. At this point it also doesn't seem like any waste management facilities will accept it either, guess for now you'll just have to hang on to 12 liters of spoiled eggnog... None Twelve Liters of Egg Nog
Two Festive Mitts LE
On the second day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Two Festive Mitts! Christmas Cracker Trap Festive Comet
Valentine from the Devs LE
On Valentine's Day, we celebrate love,

It's mostly for couples, or so we all think,
But you guys have been there for us all the way,
Playing our game, and sharing our links.

And so, a heartfelt message from us,
The Devs, who work to make the game run,
We love you and thank you this Valentine's Day,
Because without players, the game is no fun.

PS: Happy Lunar New Year! Enjoy the SUPER|brie+

None Tiger Heart Chest
Valentine Restraining Order
I cut you out this festive card, In pretty colors, pink and blue, Because I found it much too hard To say just how much I loathe you. It took some effort, as you see, Just to say, Stay away from me. Just kidding. . . Happy Valentines! None Festive Gift Shoppe
You'll have fun decorating your house with this festive wreath, complete with ornaments and a shiny red ribbon. None Festive Gift Shoppe
Yule Log
Mmmm, this looks tasty. It's got vanilla cake, and a chocolate swirl, and even a candy cane on top. Time for a holiday sugar rush! None Festive Gift Shoppe
Zugzwang's Left Sock
An item covered in this many moons and stars could only have come from a wizard, and Zugzwang's insignia is printed on the heel... but what would that strange mouse want with this gaudy old sock? None Zugzwang's Tower


Attraction Bonus Candy Bow and Arrow Candygram Chinese Knot Christmas Coal
Cinnahearts Crown Jewel Crush Crushed DHU-
DLU+ Dumplings Eight Elf Shoes Empty Candy Wrapper Eleven Coloured Lights
Festive Diamonds Festive Restraining Order Five Ornaments Four Festive Stockings Gold Brick
Gold Tiger Statue Greeting Card Heart Key Itchy Sweater Larry's Sandwich
Lump of Spoiled Egg Nog Mistletoe Mouse Macaroon Nine Reindeer Antlers One Droid Action Figure
Ox Mask Paper Dragon Mask Petrified Fruitcake Posing Mouse Action Figure Rabbit Mask
Reindeer Slippers Ronzaburger with Cheese Rubber Spider Seven Gingerbread Mice Six Snow Balls
Sleigh Bell Smashed Teddy Bear Snow Globe Soggy Fireworks Spooky Toothbrush
Ten Candy Canes Three Santa Hats Tiger Heart Chest Tiger Key Tiger Mask
Twelve Liters of Spoiled Egg Nog Two Festive Mitts Valentine from the Devs Valentine Restraining Order Wreath
Yule Log Zugzwang's Left Sock

Interactive Items

These items allow players to perform an action by clicking on the item in their inventory. While there is no limit on the number of times an item can be clicked, it is unknown if this has any actual effect on gameplay.

Item Description Action Usage Remark Source
Lovable Bat Plushie LE
Don't let those little fangs fool you, this adorable bat only wishes to wrap it's little wings around you. If you're feeling scared this Halloween, just give this little guy a squeeze and you're sure to feel safe again. Squeeze You squeeze your Loveable Bat Plushie and it squeeks with excitement! Pumpkin Treat Basket
– (Oct '10)
Not So Secret Admirer Bunny
People tend to feel sorry for this bunny just long enough for him to get attached. He's been rejected by many different owners, perhaps because he loves to an uncomfortable level. Love You love your Not So Secret Admirer Bunny... and he loves you too! Gift Shoppe
– (Feb '10)
Plush Terrible Twos Mouse
This cute little plush toy is much less destructive than actual Terrible Twos mice. Still, you can't help but feel that every time you hug it, something in the Kingdom catches fire... Hug You hug your Terrible Twos Plushie ... and you get a hug back!
  • You may have more than 1 Plush Terrible Twos Mouse, in which case you have the option to "hug all" at once.
Birthday Mouse
– (Mar '10)
Plush Tiger
Overcoming the adversity becomes easier with a bit of confidence, and this lucky plush tiger. Hold on to his paw, and you're sure to feel more lucky, no matter what you do. Grip You grip your Plush Tiger...and he returns the gesture! Gift Shoppe
Mystery Gift Box
Santa Bear
Keep the festive feeling alive year-round by hugging this little bear! If one hug does not get you in a happy hunting mood, try another. Hug You hug your Santa Bear ... and feel slightly more festive! Slightly Smaller Gift
– (Dec '09)
– (Dec '10)
Slap Cat
When your hunting skills leave a lot to be desired, just come to him and he'll slap some sense into you. Unlike the huggable teddy-bear, Slap Cat does not love you. Slap You slap your Slap Cat but miss ... and quickly receive a slap back! Festive Gift Shoppe
Mystery Gift Box
Super Briefs
These collectible, stylish briefs not only keep you warm but also show that you know how to hunt in style! Wear them under your pants, over your pants or even on your head! No matter what your choice, you're sure to turn heads in Super Briefs! Wear You wear your Super Briefs and feel a warm sense of confidence! Prize Shoppe
Sylvan Plushie
Lumpy and cute, this little stuffed doll smells like freshly cut grass, and also the first snow fall of the year. And... is that a hint of cinnamon? Or maybe it just smells like happiness.
  • Trivia: This item was created and based on a player's suggestion.
Cautiously Squeeze Nearby windows fracture to the sounds of its highpitched shrilling purr. Festive Gift Shoppe
Teddy Bear
This cuddly little friend is the perfect cure for the red box blues. Whenever you're feeling upset, sad or lonely, take comfort that this little bear will always be in your inventory to offer a comforting hug. When the D.H.U. gets high... just hug this lil' guy!
  • A Teddy Bear was awarded by the King to Hunters who had already opened a Mysterious Box on 30 September 2009
  • For a brief period, it was possible to smash a Teddy Bear, resulting in a Smashed Teddy Bear.
Hug You hug your Teddy Bear ... and his hug squeezes you tight! White Mouse
– (Oct '09)
Toy Ronza Ship
Crafted by a master toy maker, this miniature ship contains all the same details as Ronza's traveling shop. Just don't expect it to have a trapsmith inside.
  • The Toy Ronza Ship was introduced initially as a crafting item. It was subsequently re-purposed to "Wish for Ronza".
Wish for Ronza You look to the sky and wish for Ronza... Festive Gift Shoppe
Mystery Gift Box


Lovable Bat Plushie Not So Secret Admirer Bunny Plush Terrible Twos Mouse Plush Tiger Santa Bear
Slap Cat Super Briefs Sylvan Plushie Teddy Bear Toy Ronza Ship

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