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As with virtually all other popular online games, MouseHunt has spawned a number of "communities" of players. Some are loose affiliations based on geography or hunting preferences while others are tight-knit groups with specific missions and objectives. The one thing they all have in common is a shared passion for the game. A non-exhaustive list of groups with 250 or more members may be found below.

Assist a Novice/Apprentice MouseHunter (AN/AM)

AN/AM for short, it is a group hosting gold giveouts to newbies needing guidance with trap purchases. New to Mousehunt? Let us help you! We have been helping new to mid level Mousehunters since 2008. Frustrated saving for that elusive trap? Want a friendly atmosphere to ask questions? We can help! Drop by our group to find out more!

Brotherhood of the Dragon Dominators

We are group of men who like slaying dragons! All males that caught 5 or more Dragon Mice are eligible to join.

Christian MouseHunt Coalition

This is a group of like minded individual who wish to get together with fellow believers, befriend them and share their faith.

Fiery Warpath Group

This group is made specifically for hunters going after Warmongers. Members can add friends and go on more hunts and build your hunting group in this location to ward off mice be added.

Ministry of Mice (MoM)

A group for mid to high range ranking hunters to host competitions, with fun being its member's aim.

MouseHunt Century Club (MHCC)

Because there is more to MH than points, MouseHunt Century Club offers seasoned hunters a new challenge. Catching mice by the hundreds encourages hunting throughout the kingdom, radically changing the hunters’ perspective and goals, revitalizing the horn addiction.

We started with the requirement of 100 catches in at least 50 mouse breeds. Since new mice being added to the game is an ongoing thing, we are considering ways to adjust, and yet be fair. Check out the current requirements to join here.

MouseHunt Comunidad Latina

A friendly group who helps players who don't speak English with advice, translations of events, recipes, news and hunting guides in Spanish.

MouseHunt Flea Market

This is a group established to trade, sell and buy MouseHunt supplies. It is secure in that intermediaries are used for all safe transactions. Looking for an MH item that you don’t have and would like to buy? Want to sell an item or trade it for something else? Come visit the Flea Market!

MouseHunt Gaming Gold

This group is a place where people can play in and host free games to win gold, SUPER|brie+, orbs or any other MouseHunt items.

MouseHunt Philippines

The idea of the group is to bring all Filipino hunters together to help and give tips to each other. The group has lively and fun group members who hold competitions regularly.

MouseHunt Quests

We are a group to celebrate leveling up!

MouseHunt Traders Club (MHTC)

This is a group where members can post trades and trade with other MouseHunters.Occasional comps may be held with donations contributed by the admins and the community itself.

MouseHunter Indonesia

A friendly group for Indonesian players.

MouseHunters Anonymous (MHA)

A friendly group, with the main goal to be a warm and helpful place for players from every rank or nationality.

Royal Mousehunter Force

We are group of friendly hunters and organise frequent huge or small comps. We also offer friendly advice, event celebration and LE trap help.

Sisterhood of the Dragon Diva

We are group of women who love slaying dragons! All females that caught 5 or more Dragon Mice are eligible to join.

The Alliance of MouseHunters (TAMH)

A group welcoming all players for events, trading, general help, weaponry setup and configuration, and dedicated area threads.