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  ! align="left" | Master
  ! align="left" | Master
  | 4
  | 4
  | [[Chrome Nannybot]]<sup>LE</sup><br/>[[Digby DrillBot]] (reconstruction)<br/>[[Gingerbread Base]]<sup>LE</sup><br/>[[Gingerbread House Surprise]]<sup>LE</sup><br/>[[Mutated Venus Mouse Trap]]<br/>[[Venus Mouse Trap]] (reconstruction)
  | [[Chrome Nannybot]]<sup>LE</sup><br/>[[Digby DrillBot]] (reconstruction)<br/>[[Gingerbread Base]]<br/>[[Gingerbread House Surprise]]<br/>[[Mutated Venus Mouse Trap]]<br/>[[Venus Mouse Trap]] (reconstruction)
  | [[Crafted cheese#Limelight|Limelight]]<br/>[[Crafted cheese#Moon|Moon]]
  | [[Crafted cheese#Limelight|Limelight]]<br/>[[Crafted cheese#Moon|Moon]]
  | <br/><br>
  | <br/><br>

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Crafting is an integral part of MouseHunt, especially as players advance along the ranks. Once players advance to Initiate, the crafting tab will be accessible to them. Crafting allows players to put together different items that they have collected throughout the game. The result of crafting can be traps, cheeses, and other crafting items.

Crafting Items

Crafting items are the components or ingredients required in order to successfully create a crafted item. The complete list of all items that can be used in crafting can be found under Crafting Items. Information is given on the source as to where players can acquire individual items, as well as the crafted product(s) it is used in.

Crafting Slots

Crafting slots are what allow you to create certain cheeses and other items. Each ingredient in a recipe requires the use of a slot. As you progress in rank, you will gain more slots for crafting, which allows you to craft items requiring more ingredients.

Before MouseHunt updated to Version 3.0 on 8 June 2010, the last slot of each rank was a Red Slot. If you use the correct recipe, and use the Red Slot, you had chance of losing all of your ingredients that you tried to use and not being successful in creating the new item. Otherwise, crafting works exactly the same now as it did before.

Crafted Items

The table below shows what is available for crafting at each rank. Total Slots is the number of slots for ingredients available at each rank. Trap Recipes lists all the weapons and bases that can be crafted at each rank. Cheese Recipes lists all the types of cheese that can be crafted at each rank. Other Recipes lists all the other recipes that can be crafted at each rank. Note that while some formulas only require 2 or 3 slots to craft, the ingredients are not available for lower ranks. Every rank will always be able to safely craft the items of the lower ranks. Therefore a Master will be able to craft items available to Journeymen, Initiates and Apprentices.

Note that this table only tracks which ranks have the sufficient crafting slots and access to ingredients to complete a given recipe. However, some recipes also have minimum point requirements; as an example, it is often the case that a hunter will have achieved the rank of Hero before having enough points to craft the RhinoBot, even though it is listed in this table under Legendary.

Items with the words (reconstruction) or (reconstitution) imply that players are able to craft the item only if they had previously owned and smashed the item in question. Items marked LE imply that players are able to craft the item only if they obtained limited edition components during the right event. Items marked E imply that players are able to craft the item only if they obtained event specific components during the right event.

Rank Total Slots Trap Recipes Cheese Recipes Other Recipes
Initiate 2 HitGrab Horsey (reconstruction)LE
Fluffy DeathBot
Grungy DeathBot
Mouse DeathBot (reconstruction)
Nannybot (reconstruction)LE
Pumpkin PummelerLE
White Cheddar

Journeyman 3 Dehydration Base SUPER|brie+ (reconstitution)

Master 4 Chrome NannybotLE
Digby DrillBot (reconstruction)
Gingerbread Base
Gingerbread House Surprise
Mutated Venus Mouse Trap
Venus Mouse Trap (reconstruction)

Grandmaster 5 Ambush
HitGrab Rainbow Rockin' HorseLE
Ninja Ambush Trap
Onyx Mallet
Onyx Gorgonzola
Master's Seal
S.S. Huntington II
Unchristened Ship
Unstable Curd
Legendary 6 ACRONYM
Ancient Spear Gun
Clockapult of Time (reconstruction)
Clockapult of Winter PastE
Harpoon Gun (reconstruction)
Horrific Venus Mouse Trap
Icy RhinoBotE
Net Cannon (reconstruction)
Obelisk of Incineration
Obelisk of Slumber (reconstruction)
Thorned Venus Mouse Trap
Creamy Havarti
Crunchy Havarti
Inferno Havarti
Magical Havarti
Pungent Havarti
Spicy Havarti
Sweet Havarti
Ancient Box Trap Blueprints
Pepper Plants
Ocean Navigation Kit
Hero 7 Ancient Box Trap
Ice Maiden
Vanilla Stilton

Knight 8 Cackle Lantern TrapLE
Heat Bath
Molten Shrapnel Base
Vengeful Vanilla Stilton Balack's Lantern
Lord/Lady 9 Blackstone Pass Trap
Obvious Ambush Trap
Spellbook Base
Zugzwang's First Move
Checkmate Zugzwang's Tower Key

Baron/Baroness 10

Count/Countess 11

Duke/Duchess 12

Rank Total Slots Trap Recipes Cheese Recipes Other Recipes

Recipe Book

The recipe book allows a hunter to view all of their previously crafted items. Clicking on a recipe will show the hunter the ingredients needed, and how many of each item they have. Hunters can use this to craft an item again, or multiple times at once.

Unknown Recipes

When a new recipe is introduced and the ingredients are unknown, it is possible to determine the correct ingredients through trial and error. When you use the correct type of materials but in wrong quantities, you get a message saying, "Almost there The right parts are used but the quantities aren't correct," instead of the usual "Huh? Nothing seems to quite fit together."

See also

  • Hunter's Hammer – information on smashing items for use in crafting
  • Respective trap page for detailed formula

External links

Tool to calculate needed ingredients for recipes as well as to show costs at various General Stores for crafting items
Collaborative tool for developing new recipes/formulas
Facebook group dedicated to discovering new recipes/formulas