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Items that may be crafted


Trap components

Other items

Available slots

Crafting slots are what allow you to create certain cheeses and other items. You can use safe slots to attempt to create a new item and even if you get a wrong recipe, you won't lose any ingredients. However, if you use the red slot in the creation of a new item and use a correct recipe, you stand the chance of losing all of your ingredients that you tried to use. You do not lose ingredients when using a non-functioning recipe. As you progress in hunter title you will be less likely to fail when crafting.

Rank Safe Slots Red Slots Total Slots
Apprentice 1 1 2
Journeyman 2 1 3
Master 3 1 4
Grandmaster 4 1 5
Legendary 5 1 6
Hero 6 1 7
Knight 7 1 8
Lord/Lady 8 1 9

Crafting items

General Store items

Item General Store Description Used In
Burroughs Salmon Training Grounds The pollution being pumped into the Burroughs River seems to cause the local salmon to grow to massive proportions. Thinly sliced pieces of this tasty fish make for perfect Susheese. Susheese
Cheesy Fluffs Bazaar A generous-sized bag full of oily morsels of cheese in a wide variety of flavours. This yummy treat is hard for both mouse and hunter to resist! Glutter
Curds and Whey Bazaar
Training Grounds
Curds and whey are a common ingredient in a variety of cheese flavours. Elaborate flavours often require a greater quantity than more basic flavours. White Cheddar
Dehydration Base Blueprints Harbour These blueprints are required to craft the crude, yet effective dehydration base from four splintered wood and over 200 salt. Although the salty base does not have the most power, it is well suited for keeping bait fresh. Dehydration Base
Droid Parts Bazaar These basic parts are capable of assembling a variety of droids all for different purposes. Popular assembly choices include: high speed rotating droids with swords, droids with powerful clamps for hands on the end of arms that rocket eject, and droids that violently shake before self destructing. The sky's the limit! Ambush Trap
Invisi-glu Bazaar This successful brand of glue is colourless, orderless, yet surprisingly toxic! Great for combining ingredients, such as Cheesy Fluffs brand cheese morsels. Glutter
Ionized Salt Bazaar Imported from the Salt Mines, this salt has a high mineral content and is extremely conductive. Little is known about what possible uses this salt could have. Working with this salt carries a high risk of electrocution, extreme dehydration, and destruction on a universal scale. Handle with extreme care! Rumble
Nori Training Grounds Made from fresh seaweed growing along the shores near the base of the Gnawnia Mountains, nori is frequently used for preparing Susheese. Susheese
Paint-brand Paint Bazaar This strange brand of paint is frequently imported by Ronza and seems to almost be alive, able to take on any colour it wishes. Combat
Rice Paper Training Grounds This delicate paper is perfect for making room dividing walls. Ambush Trap
Salt Bazaar
Training Grounds
Gnawnia salt is collected from the seawater around the Harbour where it is known for its magical cleanliness. Salt is a very common ingredient used in a variety of cheese flavours. White Cheddar
Dehydration Base
Splintered Wood Training Grounds This wood is harvested from the northern forests of Furoma, where the trees almost seem to fight back against the hatchets. Perfect for building combat apparatus. Combat
Ambush Trap
Dehydration Base

Dropped crafting items

Item Dropped By Description Used In
Ambush Trap Blueprints Assassin Mouse
Hapless Mouse
Worker Mouse
These blueprints are vital in knowing how to construct the Ambush tactical trap. These prints show how to set up the eight required droids as well as how to construct a wall separator from splintered wood, rice paper and a Furoma Master's Seal. Be warned, Grandmasters have been known to ruin the trap parts during assembly! Ambush Trap
Coal Gifts Several thousand times more dense than your average lump of coal, this carbon borders upon diamond! It's extreme density seems to give it almost... magical properties. Unknown
Master Belt Shard Master of the Cheese Belt Mouse This shard comprises the Cheese Belt portion of a Master's Seal. Master's Seal
Master Claw Shard Master of the Cheese Claw Mouse This shard comprises the Cheese Claw portion of a Master's Seal. Master's Seal
Master Fang Shard Master of the Cheese Fang Mouse This shard comprises the Cheese Fang portion of a Master's Seal. Master's Seal
Onyx Stone Master of the Dojo Mouse Argued to be the source of power for the Masters of the Dojo, this magical stone is extremely rare and valuable. The stone seems to not have a clear use. Perhaps its purpose will be revealed eventually... Unknown
Scrap Metal Scavenger Mouse These jagged shards of scrap metal resemble the result of a steel mouse versus a drillbot. Unknown
Splintered Wood Dwarf Mouse (Mountain only)
Worker Mouse
This wood is harvested from the northern forests of Furoma, where the trees almost seem to fight back against the hatchets. Perfect for building combat apparatus. Ambush Trap
Dehydration Base
Token of the Cheese Belt Student of the Cheese Belt Mouse A Furoma sapphire is regarded as a symbol of tranquil meditation. The School of the Cheese Belt harnesses this magical energy to suppress their once insatiable cravings for cheese. Unleashing the power within the sapphire will materialize all the cravings it has absorbed and is vital in the process of creating Glutter cheese. Glutter
Token of the Cheese Claw Student of the Cheese Claw Mouse Cheese Claw tokens harness magical jade gems to encapsulate the teachings of the Claw School. The magic essence of these tokens is a vital ingredient in creating the sacred Susheese, a preferred meal of the Masters of the Cheese Claw. Susheese
Token of the Cheese Fang Student of the Cheese Fang Mouse The glowing ruby in the center of these tokens symbolizes the power of focused aggression that is the core of the teachings of the Cheese Fang. The magical energy of these tokens must be released to create Combat cheese, a preferred meal of the Masters of the Cheese Fang. Combat

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