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Direct donations for SUPER|brie+ can be made via the MouseHunt donation page. On the Facebook platform, only Facebook credits can be used as payment, while the off-site Facebook platform offers a greater variety of payment methods, including PayPal, Cherry Credits, Paymo and PaymentWall.[1] The following methods also used to exist, but are not available at this time: Boku, Rixty, SocialGold, Offerwall and Offerpal Media. On the Hi-5 platform, only Hi5 Coins can be used for donation.

For hunters spending real money, the per-piece cost using the options on the Donation page is far better than that on the Offers page (see the Sponsored offers section below).

Lucky Golden Shield

For most donations, hunters are also rewarded with a Lucky Golden Shield bonus that adds +7 Luck to their trap combination for a period of time. It is also possible to obtain the Lucky Golden Shield for 3 days by opening a SUPER|brie+ Supply Pack, which can only be purchased at the Prize Shoppe for 30 King's Credits. A golden shield replaces the standard silver MouseHunt logo in the top-left of the game. A faded golden shield will also appear on the Hunter's Profile page, indicating that the additional luck benefit is active. A message is logged in the Hunter's Journal:

Your donation has been processed. SUPER|brie+ has been added to your inventory.
Thanks for your support and happy hunting!

The duration of the shield is not cumulative. Starting from the time of donation, the golden shield will be active for a period of time as detailed below or for the amount of time remaining prior to the donation, whichever is longer. In other words, two consecutive donations of $1.00 will not yield two months' use of the golden shield. The remaining shield duration can be seen at the Traps Inventory page.

Upon expiry of the golden shield, hunters will receive the following message in their Hunter's Journal:

Your Lucky Golden Shield has expired!
The Lucky Golden Shield adds +7 Luck and is included with every purchase of SUPER|brie+
Higher luck helps you catch more mice and boosts the chance of mice dropping loot!


The duration, as well as the amount of SUPER|brie+ received for each donation, is shown below (all prices in U.S. dollars).

Supply Kits and Gift Baskets are added to the special section of the donator's inventory. You must open them to receive items. They can be sent to friends via the Give To Friends function. The Lucky Golden Shield will be applied to the hunter who opened the gift basket.

Donation Amount SUPER|Brie+ received SUPER|Brie+ per dollar Shield Duration
$1.00 15 pieces 15 pieces 1 Month
$3.00 75 pieces 25 pieces 1 Month
$7.50 325 pieces 43.33 pieces 1 Month
$10.00 500 pieces 50 pieces 1 Month
$25.00 1,600 pieces 64 pieces 2 Months
$50.00 3,500 pieces 70 pieces 4 Months
$1.00 Muridae Basket
15 pieces
15 pieces 1 Month
$3.00 SB+ Gift Basket
75 pieces
25 pieces 1 Month
$5.00 Warpath Kit
100 pieces
20 pieces 1 Month
$5.00 Catacombs Kit
150 pieces
30 pieces 1 Month
$5.00 Library Gift Basket
200 pieces
40 pieces 1 Month
$5.00 Muridae Supply Kit
200 pieces
40 pieces 1 Month
$10.00 Muridae Mega Supply Kit
400 pieces
40 pieces 1 Month
$1.00 Shrink Ray Trap None None
$3.00 Extremely Enraged Rhinobot Skin None None
$3.00 Jet-Black ACRONYM Skin None None
$3.00 Larry's First Move Skin None None

Event Donations

Donation Amount Item received Event Shield Duration
$3.00 Icy RhinoBot Skin Great Winter Hunt 2010 None
$3.00 Clockapult of Winter Past Skin Great Winter Hunt 2010 None
$3.50 Pumpkin Gift Basket Halloween Trick AND Treat 1 Month
$3.50 Halloween Basket Halloween at the Haunted Terrortories 1 Month
$4.00 Wishing Well Basket King's Giveaway 1 Month
$4.00 Cornucopia Basket Thanksgiving 1 Month
$4.00 Festive Gift Basket Great Winter Hunt 2010 1 Month
$5.00 Birthday Gift Basket MouseHunt's 3rd Birthday Celebration 1 Month
$5.00 Jumbo Festive Gift Basket Great Winter Hunt 2010 1 Month
$5.00 Heart of Rabbit Gift Basket Heart of the Rabbit Party 1 Month
$5.00 Lucky Hunting Kit Bonus Luck Weekend 1 Month
$5.00 Spring Gift Basket Spring Egg Hunt 2011 1 Month
$5.00 Zombie Kit Zombie Invasion Weekend 1 Month
$5.00 Derr Tribal Kit Tribal Bonus Loot Weekend 1 Month
$5.00 Elub Tribal Kit Tribal Bonus Loot Weekend 1 Month
$5.00 Nerg Tribal Kit Tribal Bonus Loot Weekend 1 Month
$10.00 Jumbo Halloween Goodie Bag Halloween at the Haunted Terrortories 1 Month
$20.00 Mega Tribal Kit Tribal Bonus Loot Weekend 1 Month
$25.00 Massive Festive Gift Basket Great Winter Hunt 2010 2 Months

SUPER|brie+ can also be obtained by completing a sponsored offer or by purchasing it with real money through the sponsored offers page via PaymentWall. Players who successfully complete an offer will receive a Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month.


Sponsored offers may nominally be free or may require the purchase of goods or services. Offers range from completing surveys to applying for credit cards to purchasing subscriptions and more. All such offers, of course, come at a price regardless of whether they are "free" or not.

Increased commercial email

Hunters completing sponsored offers, particularly the "free" offers, are almost always required to submit personal information including name, address, phone and email address, often along with other demographic information, to complete the offer. Doing so subjects the hunter to an immediate increase in commercial email and almost certainly results in the user's email address being given, traded or sold to countless direct marketing (i.e. "spam") companies. This is noted within the offer terms, but many users fail to read and/or understand the "fine print".
At the very least, hunters may be well advised to create a separate email address to be used for such offers and to never use their day-to-day address for such offers as the amount of additional email generated is significant, to say the least.

Time investment

Hunters completing sponsored offers can expect to spend anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour or more completing the terms of a single "free" offer in return for half a dozen to a few dozen SUPER|brie+. Generally speaking the more time an offer takes or the more personal information is required, the greater the reward. Hunters can do their own cost/benefit analysis to decide if it is worth spending time on a survey and irreversibly revealing personal information to marketing companies instead of making an actual cash donation.

Per-piece cost and other considerations

Hunters should also be aware that real-money purchases made through the links on the sponsored offers page have a considerably higher per-piece cost compared with using the direct donation options described in the Donations section above. In addition, it is likely that far less of the money spent in this manner reaches the MouseHunt developers, which in turn means less money for game development, prizes, promotions, and so on. For these reasons, hunters are advised against using these purchase options unless absolutely necessary.

Having said all of this, the "free" sponsored offers provide an opportunity to get SUPER|brie+ with no out-of-pocket expense and may be a useful alternative for hunters who know what they're getting into.


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