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Eggs are special loot that can be obtained during the Spring Egg Hunts in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

During the 2014 event, all ten eggs could be found in the Omelette Factory by hunting with Marshmallow Monterey cheese. A Gift Egg was also available via gifting. The Pan Slammer Mouse was unlocked after the first 9 eggs were collected, dropping the tenth egg, the Golden Egg, as loot.

During the 2013 event, all ten eggs could be found in the Chocolate Factory similar to the 2014 event. The Golden Egg was dropped by Egg Scrambler Mouse.

During the 2012 event, all ten eggs could be found in the Chocolate Factory by painting them. A Gift Egg obtained via gifting did not count towards the painted egg count on the hunter's Heads-up Display. The Golden Egg could not be obtained until after the other 9 were complete.

During the 2011 event, Sharing, Friendly and Caring eggs could be found on the profiles of friends in addition to being dropped as loot. The Gift Egg was only available through gifting and was the only egg that hunters could collect more than one of (for the duration of the event). The further five Argyle, Plaid, Scalloped, Stripey and Wavy eggs could only be collected as loot in various locations; each region had these eggs but they were available in different locations or 'phases' (i.e. a different tier in King's Gauntlet or a different wave in the Fiery Warpath). Collecting these 9 eggs unlocked the final Golden egg. On finding all 10 eggs, Hunters were granted access to the Chocolate Factory where the Rocket Rabbit Mallet could be obtained in order to open the eggs and find the items inside. Additional bonus eggs were then released and available to hunters with the Mallet.

The first 10 eggs, except for the Gift egg, can only be collected once per event, although two can be collected in one hunt with the use of an Eggstra Charm. However, multiple bonus eggs can be collected as long as the event remains active.

Basic Eggs

Blue Argyle Egg

2011 Release Date April 16
Description A festively painted egg.
Dropped By Cowardly
Town of Gnawnia
Cavalier (tier 3) King's Gauntlet
Curious Chemist
Eagle Owl
Great Gnarled Tree
Town of Digby
Student of the Cheese Belt
Keeper's Assistant
Whirleygig Seasonal Garden
Alnitak Elub Shore
Flame Archer (wave 2) Fiery Warpath
Contents 1 Chocolate Bunny and
2 SUPER|brie+

Caring Egg

2011 Release Date April 14
Description This egg gives a warm and fuzzy feeling while held.
Obtained By visiting a friend's profile page
As loot from mice in all locations
Contents 15 Luck Charms and
6 SUPER|brie+

Friendly Egg

2011 Release Date April 14
Description A Friendly Spring Egg can turn anyone’s mood to sunny-side up!
Obtained By visiting a friend's profile page
As loot from mice in all locations
Contents 20 Flawless Orb and
6 SUPER|brie+

Gift Egg

2011 Release Date April 14
Description A friend sent you a spring gift egg! These eggs have a variety of items inside you help you in your hunting endeavors. I wonder what's inside this one...
Obtained Through gifting
Contents One of the following:
2 Gnarled Potions
1 Greater Radioactive Blue Potion
2 Meteorite Pieces
2 Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions
1 Runic Potion
3-5 Splintered Wood
1 Wicked Gnarly Potion

Golden Egg

2011 Release Date April 19, upon collecting the other 9 eggs
Description This gold plated egg is sure to contain something valuable...
Dropped By All mice All locations
Contents 10 Ultimate Luck Charm and
20 SUPER|brie+

Green Plaid Egg

2011 Release Date April 14
Description This egg is one of the Chocolate Factory’s most frequently produced egg and a known favourite of Moustachio the Charmer.
Dropped By Field
Escape Artist (tier 2) King's Gauntlet
Shaman Calm Clearing
Mutated White
Training Grounds
Salt Water Snapper
S.S. Huntington II
Shipwrecked Cape Clawed
Vanguard (wave 1) Fiery Warpath
Contents 30 Flawed Orb and
30 Simple Orb and
1 SUPER|brie+

Scalloped Pink Egg

2011 Release Date April 19
Description This egg is known to occasionally twitch and vibrate in a hunter’s inventory.
Dropped By Frozen Mouse
Necromancer (tier 7) King's Gauntlet
Harpy Lagoon
Hapless Pinnacle Chamber
Acolyte Realm
Mystic King Zugzwang's Tower
Chitinous Jungle of Dread
Theurgy Warden (wave 4) Fiery Warpath
Contents 3 Ultimate Power Charm and
4 SUPER|brie+

Sharing Egg

2011 Release Date April 14
Description Holding this egg has been known to make hunters feel more generous.
Obtained By visiting a friend's profile page
As loot from mice in all locations
Contents 20 Scrap Metal and
6 SUPER|brie+

Stripy Red Egg

2011 Release Date April 17
Description A spring egg painted with bright red stripes. You feel slightly luckier while holding this egg.
Dropped By Spud
Dancer (tier 4) King's Gauntlet
Curious Chemist
Great Gnarled Tree
Demolitions Town of Digby
Master of the Cheese Claw Meditation Room
Forbidden Grove
Over-Prepared Seasonal Garden
Alnilam Nerg Plains
Magmarage (wave 3) Fiery Warpath
Contents 10 Lucky Rabbit Charm and
2 SUPER|brie+

Wavy Purple Egg

2011 Release Date April 18
Description Water beads off of this painted spring egg.
Dropped By Fog
Black Mage (tier 5) King's Gauntlet
Goblin Lagoon
Ravenous Zombie
Acolyte Realm
Technic King Zugzwang's Tower
Mintaka Derr Dunes
Flame Ordnance (wave 3) Fiery Warpath
Contents 1 Umbrella and
3 SUPER|brie+

Bonus Eggs

Bonus eggs are available during Spring Egg Hunt events. During the Spring Egg Hunt 2011, they could be found once the Rocket Rabbit Mallet had been obtained. During the Spring Egg Hunt 2012, they could be found once the Eggscavator had been obtained, and Eggstra Charms allowed double egg loot. During the Spring Egg Hunt 2013 and 2014, they could be found after recalibrating the Eggscavator; furthermore, the Low, Medium, and High Charge eggs could only be obtained by using Eggscavator Charge Charms.

Certain eggs contain more than one type of item. This is indicated by the multiple column format; eggs contain one item type from each column.

On finding a Magic or Nibbler Egg, the hunter is presented an opportunity to share either SUPER|brie+ or Magic Essence with friends, by sharing status on Facebook.

Name Description Mice Location Contents
Aether Egg1
Light and aetherial, this egg is carried by a ghostly mouse. Aether Crystal Library Rook Crumble Charm Spellbook Charm Amplifier Charm
Assassin Egg1
A stealthy egg, you may find it hiding in the shadows of Furoma! Assassin Dojo Combat cheese
Token of the Cheese Fang
Glutter cheese
Token of the Cheese Belt
Susheese cheese
Token of the Cheese Claw
Big Bad Burroughs Egg
This egg has the dirt of Digby all over it. Big Bad Burroughs Town of Digby Limelight cheese
Meteorite Piece
Scrap Metal
Living Shard
Black Widow Egg
Hmm, this egg smells faintly of SUPER|brie+... Black Widow Most locations
(see mouse page for details)
Moon cheese
Radioactive Blue cheese
Wicked Gnarly cheese
SUPER|brie+ cheese
Burglar Egg
A sneaky egg that probably comes from a sneaky mouse. Burglar Bazaar
Chocolate Factory
Flawless Orb
Gilded Cheese
Brie cheese
Cherry Egg
A sweet cheese in a calm place could lead you to this egg. Cherry Calm Clearing Brie Potion
Cherry Potion
Flawless Orb
Greater Brie Potion
Chrono Egg2
From seemingly out of time, this egg appears to phase in and out of existence. Chrono Acolyte Realm Ancient Potion Rune Runic Potion
Clean Egg3
Covered in a hazmat-protected layer, these eggs are clean and pristine! Only the cleanest mice could care for this one. Hazmat
Lab Technician
Toxic Spill Soapy Suds
Soap Charm
Cook Egg
This egg rocks back and forth like a ship on the sea. Cook S. S. Huntington II Ionized Salt
SUPER|brie+ cheese
Corrupt Egg2
The egg itself isn't corrupt, but the one who drops it is. Corrupt Cursed City Aleth Essence
Bravery Charm
Clarity Charm
Shine Charm
Cove Egg
The crashing waves on this egg are reminiscent of the ones at Balack's Cove. Derr Lich
Elub Lich
Nerg Lich
Balack's Cove Bottled-Up Rage
Pinch of Annoyance
Raisins of Wrath
Vengeful Vanilla Stilton cheese
Crate Egg3
Cleverly crafted to camouflage amongst crates! Crate Camo
Cute Crate Carrier
Gnawnian Express Station Iron Pellet
Crown Collector Egg1
This royal egg can only be found by hunters who have an affinity for crowns. Crown Collector Bazaar
Crystal Library
S.S. Huntington II
Tournament Hall
King's Credit Ultimate Luck Charm
Crystal Library Egg2
Be careful when smashing this egg - you don't want to get crystals in your loot! Effervescent
Crystal Library Amplifier Charm
Rook Crumble Charm
Spellbook Charm
Cursed Librarian Egg2
No-one would ever think to look /

'twixt the pages of a cursed book!

Cursed Librarian Cursed City Plumepearl Herbs Ber Essence
Cynd Essence
Dol Essence
Deep Egg2
This egg can only be found by quick hunters who brave the very depths of the watery ocean. Deep Iceberg Bottled Cold Fusion Frosty Metal Heating Oil Wire Spool
Derr Egg
One of the Tribes in the Tribal Isles might carry this egg. Derr Chieftain
Derr Dunes Delicious Stone
Red Pepper Seed
Desert Nomad Egg1
This egg bears the dust of the desert on its surface. Desert Nomad Muridae Market Coconut Timber Limestone Brick Shard of Glass
Diamond Egg1
This egg is made from the hardest substance known to mouse! Diamond Chocolate Factory
King's Arms
Tournament Hall
Town of Digby
Town of Gnawnia
Training Grounds
Simple Orb Satchel of Gold (250 gold)
Dojo Student Egg
Students at the Dojo in Furoma might find this egg familiar. Student of the Cheese Belt
Student of the Cheese Claw
Student of the Cheese Fang
Dojo Maki cheese
Token of the Cheese Belt
Token of the Cheese Claw
Token of the Cheese Fang
Dragon Egg
This egg shakes and rumbles and smells of sulphur. Dragon Dracano Divine Orb
Fire Salt
Inferno Pepper
Vanilla Bean
Drheller Egg2
Rumour has it that this egg was once a small, plain, white egg. But with hard work and dedication, it is now the impressive specimen you see before you! General Drheller Iceberg Bottled Cold Fusion Satchel of Gold (50,000 gold)
Eclipse Egg1
Don't shed a tear, eight floors to go before you can get this egg! Eclipse King's Gauntlet
(Tier 8)
Gauntlet Potion Tier 2 Ultimate Luck Charm Ultimate Power Charm
Elub Egg
One of the Tribes in the Tribal Isles might carry this egg. Elub Chieftain
Elub Shore Blue Pepper Seed
Essence Guardian Egg3
With a little colour this egg mimics its owners true face. Essence Guardian Cursed City
Lost City
Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Cynd Essence
Dol Essence
Est Essence
Ethereal Librarian Egg2
Thankfully, this egg is fully corporeal, though the mouse guarding it is not. Ethereal Librarian Lost City Dreamfluff Herbs Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Fog Egg1
These eggs rain like hail during Furricanes! Fog Harbour
SUPER|brie+ cheese Gilded cheese Simple Orb
Furoma Egg2
Contained within this egg is the wisdom of the ages,

Perhaps you'll find it held by the wisest of the sages?

Dojo Sensei
Master of the Cheese Belt
Master of the Cheese Claw
Master of the Cheese Fang
Master of the Dojo
Meditation Room
Pinnacle Chamber
Hunting Research (10,000 bonus points) Master Belt Shard
Master Claw Shard
Master Fang Shard
Onyx Stone
Gargantua Egg3
Furry, frightening and kept on a chain. This egg may bite! Gargantuamouse Fiery Warpath Flameshard
Super Warpath Commander's Charm
Gauntlet Bard Egg
A pleasant tune emanates from this egg. Cowbell
Guqin Player
King's Gauntlet
(Tier 4)
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 4
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 5
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 6
Gauntlet Potion Tier 4
Gauntlet Potion Tier 5
Gauntlet Potion Tier 6
Gauntlet Magic Egg1
Rare and challenging magic swirls around this egg. Aquos
Black Mage
King's Gauntlet
(Tier 5)
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 5
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 6
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 7
Gauntlet Potion Tier 5
Gauntlet Potion Tier 6
Gnawnia Egg2
These eggs are all over the place! At least, all over the place in Gnawnia. Brown
Town of Gnawnia
Brie Cheese Salt Attraction Charm
Luck Charm
Power Charm
Haunted Egg2
This spooky egg can only be found in the scariest regions of Gnawnia! Keeper's Assistant
Ravenous Zombie
Chocolate Factory
Forbidden Grove
Radioactive Sludge Ancient Potion
Radioactive Blue Cheese Potion
Hydra Egg
An exceptionally gnarly egg. Hydra Lagoon
S.S. Huntington II
Scrap Metal
Splintered Wood
Simple Orb
Iceberg Egg2
You can use this egg to chill your drinks, but maybe it would be better to just grab the loot from inside. Iceblock
Polar Bear
Slushy Shoreline
War Scrap Frosty Metal
Heating Oil
Wire Spool
Icewing Egg2
Wear warm gloves while handling this egg, as its sub-zero resting temperature can freeze skin on contact! Icewing Iceberg Bottled Cold Fusion Frosty Metal Heating Oil Wire Spool
Jungle of Dread Egg
Deep in the jungle, powerful mice protect this egg. Chitinous
Fetid Swamp
Magma Carrier
Stonework Warrior
Jungle of Dread Fire Salt
Runic Potion
Lich Egg1
Ancient runes tell of the cheese required to attract the mouse carrying this egg. Lich Acolyte Realm Rune
Runic Potion
Ancient cheese
Living Garden Egg2
Search deep within the Living Garden, Lost City, and Sand Dunes (and their Twisted counterparts) to unearth this many-layered egg. Barkshell
Cursed Thief
Ethereal Engineer
Spiky Devil
Cursed City
Living Garden
Lost City
Sand Crypts
Sand Dunes
Twisted Garden
Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Cynd Essence
Dewthief Petal
Dreamfluff Herbs
Duskshade Petal
Graveblossom Petal
Lunaria Petal
Plumepearl Herbs
Magic Egg
The magic of SUPER|brie+ could lure out a mouse carrying this egg. Magic Harbour
Town of Gnawnia
Magic Essence
SUPER|brie+ cheese
Monster Egg
This monstrous egg has a monstrous protector. Monster Catacombs
Chocolate Factory
Cheddar cheese
Marble cheese
Swiss cheese
Greater Radioactive Blue Potion
Living Shard
Muridae Egg2
This egg isn't for sale, but it is available in a market. Glass Blower
Limestone Miner
Muridae Market Gouda Cheese Coconut Timber
Limestone Brick
Shard of Glass
Nerg Egg
One of the Tribes in the Tribal Isles might carry this egg. Conqueror
Nerg Chieftain
Nerg Plains Savoury Vegetables
Yellow Pepper Seed
Nibbler Egg
Follow the trail of newsprint to find this egg. Nibbler Bazaar
Cape Clawed
Great Gnarled Tree
King's Arms
S.S. Huntington II
Tournament Hall
Town of Gnawnia
Town of Digby
Training Grounds
SUPER|brie+ cheese
Pirate Egg
Yarr, this egg be carried by a real scurvy dog- er... mouse! Pirate Chocolate Factory
S.S. Huntington II
Satchel of Gold (250—5,000 gold)
Pocketwatch Egg1
This egg is made from the same clockworks as the mouse who carries it. Pocketwatch Crystal Library Amplifier Charm Yellow Tome of Wisdom
Pygmy Swarm Egg
This dreadful egg can be found on a whole swarm of mice. Swarm of Pygmy Mice Jungle of Dread Vanilla Bean
Quesodillo Egg2
Make sure to check small piles of sand, you may find one of these eggs inside! Quesodillo Sand Dunes Duskshade Petal Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Realm Ripper Egg
Magic energy threatens to tear this egg apart and send it flying! Realm Ripper Forbidden Grove Divine Orb
Runic Potion
Magic Essence
Stale Cheese
S. S. Huntington III Egg2
Search the high seas for this ship-shape egg! Bottled
S.S. Huntington III Brie Cheese
Splintered Wood
Flawless Orb
Simple Orb
Sarcophamouse Egg2
Thankfully, this egg doesn't contain a wrapped mummy mouse, it contains fantastic treats! Sarcophamouse Sand Crypts
Sand Dunes
Lunaria Petal Aleth Essence
Ber Essence
Cynd Essence
Scavenger Egg1
The mouse that drops this egg is known for picking up all sorts of things. Scavenger Catacombs
Chocolate Factory
Forbidden Grove
Corrupted Radioactive Blue Potion
Ancient cheese Scrap Metal
Seasonal Garden Egg
All four seasons shift rapidly across this egg's surface. Frostbite
Harvest Harrier
Seasonal Garden Attraction Charm
Freshness Charm
Luck Charm
Silth Egg
This egg is wicked gnarly, dude. Silth Lagoon Scrap Metal
Simple Orb
Wicked Gnarly cheese
Divine Orb
Spud Egg1
Potato! Spud Windmill Flawed Orb Marble cheese Brie cheese Gouda cheese
Thistle Egg2
Be careful when handling this egg! Make sure not to poke yourself! Thistle Living Garden
Twisted Garden
Aleth Essence Dewthief Petal
Twisted Lilly Egg2
Though it may look like this egg is covered in soft petals, it's actually quite firm and contains fantastic goodies! Twisted Lilly Living Garden
Twisted Garden
Ber Essence Graveblossom Petal
Valour Egg2
Brave hunters can find this egg by climbing the gauntlet's many floors, browsing the King's Arms, or visiting the illustrious Tournament Hall. Bandit
King's Arms
King's Gauntlet
Tournament Hall
King's Credit Satchel of Gold (2,000 gold)
Warpath Egg
This egg is carried by mice on the march! Crimson Commander
Flame Ordnance
Sand Cavalry
Sandwing Cavalry
Fiery Warpath Warpath Archer Charm
Warpath Scout Charm
Warpath Warrior Charm
Simple Orb
Super Warpath Mage Charm
Super Warpath Cavalry Charm
Whisker Woods Egg
A woodsy theme is painted on this egg. Centaur
Eagle Owl
Elven Princess
Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods
Calm Clearing
Great Gnarled Tree
Gnarled cheese
Simple Orb
Splintered Wood
Wicked Gnarly cheese
Wicked Gnarly Potion
Zugzwang's Egg
Impressive magic was used to forge this egg, and strong protectors guard it. Mystic Rook
Technic Rook
Zugzwang's Tower Curds and Whey
Ionized Salt
Mystic Curd
Technic Cheese Mould
Attraction Charm

1 Eggs released in 2012.
2 Eggs released in 2013.
3 Eggs released in 2014.

Charge Eggs

In 2013, three eggs were introduced that depended not on the mouse or location, but on the use of Eggscavator Charge Charms. Each catch with a charge charmed armed increased the Eggscavator charge level, up to 20; each catch without a charm dropped the level. While the charge was at a certain level, there is a chance of receiving an egg corresponding to that level. In 2014, three new inventory items with slightly different contents replaced the old eggs; the Eggscavator only shows progress towards the current year's eggs.

Name Description Charge Level Contents
Charge your Eggscavator even a little bit for a chance to find this extra-special egg! 1 — 12 3 — 5 Brie cheese 2 — 4 Wealth Charm Satchel of Gold (1,000) Flawed Orb
Simple Orb
An extra-special egg found during the 2013 Spring Egg Hunt! 1 — 12 3 — 5 Gouda cheese 2 — 4 Wealth Charm Satchel of Gold (1,000) Flawed Orb
Simple Orb
Charge your Eggscavator to Medium and you'll have a chance at collecting this really extra-special egg! 13 — 17 1 — 2 Marshmallow Monterey cheese
3 — 5 Gouda cheese
4 — 6 Wealth Charm Satchel of Gold (5,000 gold) Simple Orb
Flawless Orb
A really extra-special egg found during the 2013 Spring Egg Hunt! 13 — 17 3 — 5 Marshmallow Monterey cheese 4 — 6 Wealth Charm Satchel of Gold (5,000) Flawless Orb
Simple Orb
Fully-charge your Eggscavator to get a shot at collecting this super extra-special and super-rare egg! 18 — 20 1 — 3 SUPER|brie+ cheese 6 — 10 Wealth Charm Eggstra Charm Satchel of Gold (10,000 gold) Flawless Orb
Divine Orb
Spring Arcanum Skin
Dimensional Egg Basket Skin
A super extra-special and super-rare egg found during the 2013 Spring Egg Hunt! 18 — 20 1 — 3 SUPER|brie+ cheese 6 — 10 Wealth Charm Eggstra Charm Satchel of Gold (10,000 gold) Flawless Orb
Divine Orb


Aether Egg Assassin Egg Big Bad Burroughs Egg Black Widow Egg Blue Argyle Egg
Burglar Egg Caring Egg Cherry Egg Chrono Egg Cook Egg
Corrupt Egg Cove Egg Crown Collector Egg Crystal Library Egg Cursed Librarian Egg
Deep Egg Derr Egg Desert Nomad Egg Diamond Egg Dojo Student Egg
Dragon Egg Drheller Egg Eclipse Egg Elub Egg Ethereal Librarian Egg
Fog Egg Furoma Egg Friendly Egg Gauntlet Bard Egg Gauntlet Magic Egg
Gift Egg Gnawnia Egg Golden Egg Green Plaid Egg Haunted Egg
High Charge Egg Hydra Egg Iceberg Egg Icewing Egg Jungle of Dread Egg
Lich Egg Living Garden Egg Low Charged Egg Magic Egg Medium Charged Egg
Monster Egg Muridae Egg Nerg Egg Nibbler Egg Pirate Egg
Pocketwatch Egg Pygmy Swarm Egg Quesodillo Egg Realm Ripper Egg S. S. Huntington III Egg
Sarcophamouse Egg Scalloped Pink Egg Scavenger Egg Seasonal Garden Egg Sharing Egg
Silth Egg Spud Egg Stripy Red Egg Thistle Egg Twisted Lilly Egg
Valour Egg Warpath Egg Wavy Purple Egg Whisker Woods Egg Zugzwang's Egg

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