Elite Scavenger Hunt

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Elite Scavenger Hunt
Category: Adventuring Items
Map Info
Max Number of Hunters: ??
Number of Loot: 40
Rank to Acquire: ??
Rank to Join: Knight
and above
Reward Chest: Elite Treasure Chest
Rare Elite Treasure Chest
Scroll Case Info
Scroll Case: Scavenger Hunt Scroll Case
Scroll Case Source: King's Arms Cartogrpaher
Cost: 1 Relic Hunter Scroll Case
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page
Image: External Link
A scroll case sealed with a royal purple ribbon, a sign of the King. This list contains myriad items that are desired by the crown. Those that find the items will be rewarded handsomely!

Acquiring an Elite Scavenger Hunt

Hunters ranked Grand Duke/Grand Duchess and above can find Elite Scavenger Hunts in Scavenger Hunt Scroll Cases which exchanged for 1 Relic Hunter Scroll Case at the King's Arms Cartogrpaher. Hunters ranked Knight and above can be invited to join Elite Scavenger Hunts.

Hunters may upgrade their Elite Scavenger Hunt to a Rare Elite Scavenger Hunt by using Rare Map Dust. This doubles the guaranteed rewards and increases the chance of receiving rare rewards.

Loot found on an Elite Scavenger Hunt

Elite Scavenger Hunt require Hunters to collect 40 loot from around the Kingdom.

Elite Treasure Chests

Completing a Elite Scavenger Hunt is rewarded by a Treasure Chest whose contents are dependent on the Season of treasure hunting and are labelled with the season in which they were awarded.

Season Seven Rewards

This page contains information about recently released content.
Content on this page may be incomplete or change rapidly as more information becomes available.

Season Seven is currently in progress.

Guaranteed Items

These items are found in each Arduous Treasure Chest.
Rare treasure chests are awarded to Hunters who have used Rare Map Dust on an Arduous Treasure Map.

Gold Points Ancient
Gold Points Ancient
Treasure Chest
Rare Arduous
Treasure Chest
160,000 100,000 50 ?? 320,000 200,000 100 35

Variable Items

Hunters will receive a number of items from the following list.

Baitkeep Charm Charm 1 - 2
Brie Potion Potion 1
Divine Orb Orb 1
Dragonbane Charm Charm 5 - 10
Empowered Brie Cheese Cheese 5 - 20
Enerchi Charm Charm 5 - 10
Extreme Ancient Charm Charm 5
Extreme Attraction Charm Charm 2 - 3
Extreme Luck Charm Charm 2 - 3
Extreme Power Charm Charm 2 - 3
Extreme Wealth Charm Charm 4 - 6
Flawed Orb Orb 5 - 6
Flawless Orb Orb 2 - 3
Forgotten Charm Charm 3 - 5
Hydro Charm Charm 3 - 4
Ionized Salt Crafting 8 - 16
Pollutinum Crafting 5 - 20
Radioactive Curd Crafting 8 - 16
Radioactive Sludge Crafting 8 - 16
Rift Charm Charm 30
Rift Extreme Luck Charm Charm 2-3
Rift Super Luck Charm Charm 2-3
Rift Ultimate Luck Charm Charm 1
Rift Ultimate Lucky Power Charm Charm 1
Rift Ultimate Power Charm Charm 1
Scrap Metal Crafting 8 - 16
Shadow Charm Charm 3 - 5
Shielding Charm Charm 5 - 20
Simple Orb Orb 4 - 5
Stale Cheese Crafting 8 - 16
Stale SUPER|brie+ Crafting 8 - 12
Super Ancient Charm Charm 5
Super Attraction Charm Charm 3
Super Luck Charm Charm 2
Super Power Charm Charm 2 - 3
Super Rift Vacuum Charm Charm 15 - 30
Super Wealth Charm Charm 4 - 6
Ultimate Ancient Charm Charm 3 - 5
Ultimate Attraction Charm Charm 1
Ultimate Charm Charm 1
Ultimate Luck Charm Charm 1
Ultimate Lucky Power Charm Charm 1
Ultimate Power Charm Charm 1
Unstable Charm Charm 2 - 3
Wealth Charm Charm 4 - 6

Rare Items

These items are only rarely found in Elite Treasure Chests. Rare chests are more likely to contain one or more of these items.

  • Bases
The chance of finding these bases increases with each chest opened. There are guaranteed to be found in chest 30.
  • Cheese
  • Collectible
  • Skins
  • Special Items
  • Theme Scraps

Links and Images

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