Empyrean Javelineer Mouse

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Empyrean Javelineer Mouse
Mouse Group: Floating Islanders (Palace Protectors)
Mouse Statistics
Points: 215,000 Gold: 22,000
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: DraconicVery Effective Other Requirements: Draconic Hoard vault
Cheese: Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake Charm: None
Locations: Floating Islands Loot: See Loot below
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
This highly decorated Empyrean guard specializes in the javelin. Due to the lack of any intruders, this guard has gradually become more lax in his duties. In recent decades, he has become more of a sportsman than a soldier. More often than not, thieves easily sneak by while he is showing off to his buddies how far he can throw his javelin.
Mouse ID#: 1077


Empyrean Sky Palace Vault Based Loot

When found in an Empyrean Sky Palace Vault, depending on the buffs present, the Empyrean Javelineer Mouse can drop the following loot:

Item Condition
Sky Glass and Sky Ore Always drops
Boosted by Ore and Glass Deposits and Loot Caches
Corsair's Curd Drops when a Pirate Den is present and active
Can be boosted by Loot Caches or additional Pirate Dens
Raw Ancient Jade Drops when an Ancient Jade Stockpile is present and active
Can be boosted by Loot Caches or additional Ancient Jade Stockpiles
Empyrean Seal Drops when an Empyrean Seal Stowage is present and active
Can be boosted by Loot Caches or additional Empyrean Seal Stowages

In addition to these loot, the Empyrean Javelineer Mouse can also drop the following loot:

History and Trivia

  • 10 August 2021: The Empyrean Javelineer Mouse was released as part of the Empyrean Sky Palace expansion in Floating Islands.