Empyrean Treasure Trove

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This exquisite and enchanting trove is loaded with valuable loot liberated from an exhausted Empyrean Palace Vault. These coveted treasures can be discovered by the most thorough Empyrean Vault raiders.

A Empyrean Treasure Trove is dropped by the Fortuitous Fool in the Floating Islands. It can also be obtained by fully exploring a vault in the Empyrean Sky Palace or bought with 3,000 Empyrean Seals in the Floating Islands General Store. It is placed in the Special inventory tab, under Treasure Chests.


Each Empyrean Treasure Trove contains:

History and Trivia

  • The Empyrean Treasure Trove was released on 10 August 2021, as part of the Empyrean Sky Palace expansion.