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Events in MouseHunt are special occasions when special event mice are released into the game. Some events have become annual celebrations, others are unique, but a fun time is had by all.


Halloween at the Haunted Terrortories

The Halloween Trick AND Treat 2011 event started 19 October 2011. The Haunted Terrortories location reopened in the standard event space. Trick-or-Treating on friend's profiles came back this year, and three new mice were introduced.

Tribal Bonus Loot Weekend

The Tribal Bonus Loot Weekend started on 29 July 2011 and ended 1 August 2011. During this weekend, the quantity of Seashells, Savoury Vegetables, Delicious Stones and Fire Salt was increased. Additionally the Isles specific Power Charms for Derr, Elub and Nerg were dropped by Renegade, Vanquisher and Conqueror mice respectively. Elub Tribal Kit, Nerg Tribal Kit, Derr Tribal Kit and Mega Tribal Kit were available on the Donation page.

This weekend event was repeated on 30 September 2011 and ended 3 October 2011.

Bonus Luck Weekend

The Bonus Luck Weekend started on 17 June 2011 and ended 20 June 2011. A +5 Luck Bonus was applied to all traps, and would stack with the +7 Luck Bonus offered by the Lucky Golden Shield. The Lucky Hunting Kit was available on the Donation page.

Zombie Invasion Weekend

The Zombie Invasion Weekend started on 27 May 2011 and ended 30 May 2011. During the weekend, Undead Emmental Potions could be found as loot by hunting Zombie and Ravenous Zombie mice within the Mousoleum and Catacombs.

A second Zombie Invasion Weekend, starting on 8 July 2011 and ending 13 July 2011, introduced the Grave Robber Mouse to the Mousoleum and Catacombs. King's Credits were made available once again, by attracting and catching the Grave Robber and Zombot Unipire mice using Undead Emmental cheese.

  • Trivia: Originally scheduled to end on 11 July, the event was extended due to a glitch that prevented Hunters from collecting, and storing in their Inventory, more than one Undead Emmental Potion at a time. The issue was resolved along with an explanation:
Hey Hunters!
It seems that some Zombie mice were guarding their stash of Undead Emmental Potions with more vigour than expected making them rather hard to come by during the first part of this ZOMBIE INVASION!
Not wanting the invading undead mice to gain the upper-hand, the King promptly sent the always resourceful scientists of Digby to investigate. After careful study and experimentation the scientists found a spooky "bug" infestation at the Mousoluem and Catacombs. A generous splash of insect repellant quickly took care of the strange crypt-critters and now Zombie mice have once again started to drop Undead Emmental Potions at a greater frequency!
The King knows hunters need as much practice as possible when it comes to hunting undead mice and is therefore instructing Larry to slow his own hunting efforts in order to allow the invasion to continue slightly longer than anticipated. The ZOMBIE INVASION is now anticipated to last until at least Wednesday, July 13th!
Enjoy an extended opportunity to earn King's Credits!

Spring Egg Hunt 2011

The Spring Egg Hunt 2011 started 14 April 2011 and ended 10 May 2011. It introduced the Chocolate Factory location, which Hunters could travel to once they had collected 10 different eggs, four new mice, two new gifts, 25 bonus eggs, a new cheese, charm and three new collectible items.

MouseHunt's 3rd Birthday Celebration

The Birthday Party started 04 March 2011 to celebrate MouseHunt's third birthday on 7 March, and ended on 24 March 2011. The Terrible Twos Mouse was re-released and the Festive Gift Shoppe reopened. Additionally, it introduced 3 new event mice, a new trap, base, charm, potion and cheese.

Heart of the Rabbit Party

The Heart of the Rabbit Party started 10 February 2011 to celebrate Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, and ended 22 February 2011. Event mice from the previous year's Heart of the Tiger Party were re-released in the Town of Gnawnia and Training Grounds. Additionally, it introduced 2 new event mice and 2 new Charms. The Festive Gift Shoppe also returned.


The Great Winter Hunt 2010

The Great Winter Hunt 2010 began on 24 November 2010 and ended on 6 January 2011. The event brought back the Festive Comet location, Festive Gift Shoppe and event mice from the previous year. Additionally, it introduced 8 new event mice, 2 new cheeses and 2 Limited Edition Hydro traps.

The 12 Mice of Winter

Starting on 29 November 2010 through 23 December 2010 mice and gifts are released every so often per calendar:

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
28 Nov 29 Nov
30 Nov
New gift
Candy Cane
Elf Madness
5 6
Christmas Tree
New gift
Elf Madness
12 13
New gift
Elf Madness
Missile Toe
Mouse of Winter Past
19 20
Wreath Thief
Mouse of Winter Present
New gift
Snow Fort
Mouse of Winter Future
Slay Ride
Squeaker Claws
24 25

After mice invaded the Festive Comet during the Great Winter Star Ceremony, hunters were required to restore Holiday Cheer and retrieve the Winter Star. On catching the 12 Mice of Winter and lighting all 12 Festive lights, hunters could thaw their Frozen Fromage and the final Festi-villain, the Squeaker Claws Mouse, became available to catch.

6 Limited Edition collectibles were dropped as loot by specific event mice. These 6 items could be exchanged, along with 10,000 gold, at the trapsmith for the Explosive Toboggan Ride trap. A further 5 loot drops from 5 different, stronger mice, could be used to upgrade this trap to the Double Diamond Adventure trap.

King's Giveaway

The King's Giveaway event was held 11-17 November 2010. The event introduced 3 new event mice (Treasurer, Snooty, High Roller), three new traps via Trap Skins (Fluffy DeathBot, Grungy DeathBot, Ninja Ambush Trap). It also introduced with Prize Power, Lucky Coins, King's Credits and the King's Royal Prize Shoppe. It also introduced the notion of a Wishing Well at friend's profiles in order to earn more prize power.

Halloween Trick AND Treat

The Halloween Trick AND Treat event was held 20 October 2010 - 2 November 2010. The event introduced the Haunted Terrortories location (in the place of the earlier Festive Comet and Heart of the Tiger Party) and included 4 new event mice and 2 new traps. It also introduced the notion of Trick-or-Treating at friend's profiles in order to earn 2 new cheeses.

MouseHunt Birthday II

Fully named "MouseHunt Birthday II: The Revenge of the Nanny Bot!", this event was held throughout the month of March 2010 to commemorate MouseHunt's second birthday on 7 March. The event included several new mice and new traps. Additionally, a total of 16,800 SUPER|brie+ have been awarded to hunters who could catch the most Dojo Sensei, Silth and Big Bad Burroughs mice!

Heart of the Tiger

The Heart of the Tiger event was held between 9-22 February 2010 for Valentine's Day and Lunar New Years Eve 2010. It introduced the renovated Festive Comet location as the Heart of the Tiger Party and introduced 5 new special event mice breeds. The Festive Gift Shoppe also reopened with new gifts.


The Great Winter Hunt '09

The Great Winter Hunt was held over the Christmas and New Year holidays of 2009. The event included a new area, new mice, shareable gifts and the return of Ronza.

12 Days 'til Christmas

A new loot item was available at the Festive Comet each day between 12-23 December 2009, each dropped by two mice (except the 12th day when four breeds of mice dropped the loot).

Once hunters collected all 12 items from the 12 Days 'til Christmas event, they could exchange them with Larry for the limited edition trap the Christmas Cracker Trap. Alternatively, if they had not collected all 12 items or simply did not want a new trap they could exchange items for 10 SUPER|brie+ each. Twelve Liters of Egg Nog, however, was not able to be traded for SUPER|brie+; instead it remained in hunter's inventory after the hunter exchanged 12 items for the trap.

Date Festive Mouse Regular Mouse Loot
12 December Candy Cane White One Droid Action Figure
13 December Present Dwarf Two Festive Mitts
14 December Christmas Tree Abominable Snow Three Santa Hats
15 December Stocking Troll Four Festive Stockings
16 December Ornament Treant Five Ornaments
17 December Nutcracker Abominable Snow Six Snow Balls
18 December Present Bear Seven Gingerbread Mice
19 December Elf Dwarf Eight Elf Shoes
20 December Present Centaur Nine Reindeer Antlers
21 December Candy Cane Hydra Ten Candy Canes
22 December Christmas Tree Frozen Eleven Coloured Lights
23 December Christmas Tree
Gargoyle Twelve Liters of Egg Nog

May Giveaway

The May Giveaway was held from 19-20 May 2009. $5000 (USD) in cash and $1000 (USD) in SUPER|brie+ cheese was awarded for catching prize mice.

MouseHunt's Birthday Giveaway

The Birthday Giveaway was held from 7-9 March 2009. In celebration of MouseHunt's first ever birthday, $5,000 (CAD) in cash and $10,000 (CAD) in SUPER|brie+ cheese was awarded for catching prize mice. During this time, Birthday mice were first released, only to appear again around MouseHunt's Birthday.

Valentine's Giveaway

The Valentine's Giveaway was held from 14–16 February 2009. $3,000 (CAD) in cash and $7,000 (CAD) in SUPER|brie+ cheese was awarded for catching prize mice. Cupid mice were released for the first time.


New Year's Giveaway

The New Year's Giveaway was held from 31 December 2008 through 1 January 2009. $3,000 (CAD) in cash and $4,500 (CAD) in SUPER|brie+ cheese was awarded for catching prize mice. Along with the $7,500 (CAD) given away, an additional 250 Mobsters worth $10 (CAD) were set loose, bringing up the grand total of prizes awarded to $10,000 (CAD).

Haunted Giveaway

The Haunted Giveaway was held from 30-31 October 2008. In celebration of Halloween, $3,000 (CAD) in cash and $4,500 (CAD) in SUPER|brie+ cheese were the rewards for catching prize mice. Hollowhead mice were released for the first time, only to reappear during and around Halloween (31 October). White, Grey, Dwarf and Mummy mice were humorously costumed to befit the holiday.

$2,500 Tuesday

$2,500 Tuesday was held on 9 September 2008. The King of Gnawnia's crown was stolen by the Master Burglar Mouse, offering $1,000 (CAD) for its retrieval. The Master Burglar Mouse was caught on the following day. Smaller prizes were also available as rewards for catching prize mice.

Hunter's Reward Weekend

The Hunter's Reward Weekend was held from 16-18 August 2008. In commemoration of reaching 50,000 daily players and successful server upgrades, over $3,000 (CAD) in cash and merchandise were the rewards for catching prize mice. Ronza's Traveling Shoppe appeared for the duration of the weekend and stocked the Chrome DeathBot.

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