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Here is a list of the most freaquently asked questions (hence the name FAQ) ;)


Q. For the last three days or so I haven't had a mouse drop any loot. I have been catching plenty of mice in both the harbour and the mountains but haven't got any loot. A. You still "collect earnings" from the gold that mice drop. Loot is a rare and infrequent thing. I haven't seen loot in several days, either. Not all mice in all areas have loot to drop. Sometimes loot is restricted to a certain type of mouse in a certain environment. That's simply how the system works. It's not about luck. It's the fact that thousands of players join MH every day, adding to the numbers, and the percentage of mice who drop loot stay the same, so over time, thousands of other players are catching the mice that drop loot. Thus, as the number of MH players grows, the number of mice you catch with loot naturally becomes more infrequent.

Q. There are a number of us who have been killing zombies left and right for some time with no luck getting the cloth map, while others have enough for a tent? I understand the need for the luck factor, but it's getting ridiculous! A. Not all zombies carry the cloth and it does come down to luck being the deciding factor in catching one that has a cloth. Hoarding radioactive blue cheese potions while waiting for a tattered cloth will prove to be a worthwhile strategy however.

Market Place/Shops

Q. Why can’t I sell The Mousoleum cloth in the marketplace? A. The Mousoleum cloth has purposely been left out of the marketplace for reasons pertaining to future feature developments.

Q. I bought a burrough map piece and want to sell it, but it says that I do not have this item in stock... what does that mean? I have it in my inventory.. A. You can only sell if you've got 2 or more.

Q. Why is there no SB+ in the market place? A. SB+ is rare in the market place. Keep checking and you might get lucky.

Q. I am hunting in the Laboratory. When I click on the Trapsmith, I see some traps that I don't see when I return to the Town to purchase them, such as the Sinister Portal. I have the total points and gold required to purchase it, but when I return to the town to purchase, it is not on the list of traps. Am I missing something? A. You need to go to Digby to buy these traps, to get to Digby you need to catch a Dwarf mouse with a key in the Lab, or buy one from the market place.


Q. I am in the lab. I have in my log that I travelled to the lab, the hunters horn sounded I caught something in the lab, the very next round I caught a brown mouse in town, without ever leaving the lab... A. Mice can follow you from your previous location - it is not a glitch.

Q. I have a large hunting party - but I only ever get 250 points max when I blow the horn. A. You may only bring up to 25 friends with you who are ready to hunt and in the same area as you, hence why you can never achieve more than 250 bonus points for sounding the horn.

Q. I have not had my hourly trap check - is there a glitch? A. Trap checks are not hourly but are instead random. You should find you average 24 of these random hunts a day however.

Q. I'm getting double hits when I hunt, e.g.: Sun. Aug. 3, 2008 7:07pm: During the last hunt my cheese failed to attract a mouse to my trap, however my cheese is still fresh enough to use it again. Sun. Aug. 3, 2008 7:07pm: The sounding of the Hunter's Horn called the hunters to battle, but my efforts were fruitless. A Gold mouse ate a piece of cheese without setting off my trap. A. Your hunt has coincided with your random 'trap check' - it happens from time to time.

Q. I have been away for the weekend and just got home now. I have checked my hunting log and it seems I’ve not hunted since 9am yesterday. and I’m not talking hunters horn, I mean no hourly checks, so since yesterday at 9am I’ve caught a white mouse and I caught that at 18.35 just as I signed in and sounded the horn. Is there anything you can do about this? I mean it’s more than 24hrs out of action. A. You only get hourly checks for the first 24 hours after your last activity.

Q. I keep getting red boxes in the Mousoleum, it must be a bug, no-one can be this unlucky. A. Welcome to the big boys club ;) The Mousoleum is tough going, you need to be well prepared when you enter, hopefully you will make it back out in one piece!

Q. The times in the log are showing as GMT, it used to be in my time zone, now it's back to GMT, which is a bit frustrating. A. Occasionally Facebook fails to return the correct time zone to the game in order to properly adjust journal times. After logging out and back into Facebook it may take a few hours for your time to update once again. You could also try adjusting your pc clock a few hours in front, then when MH picks up your adjusted time, change it back to normal, this has been known to help.


Q. It seems that searching in the discussion boards always gives no results? A. The search function doesn't work. The forums/message boards are not MouseHunt/HitGrab programs/software, but are in fact Facebook's and are very limited in their capabilities, you can however look at your posts from the drop down menu.

Donations/Offers/Prize Mice

Q. I just made a donation to this game, and didn't receive the cheese. A. Please use the donation support Contact Form.

Q. I've completed offers and haven't received the promised SB+. A. The offers are not run by Mousehunt/HitGrab, and the SB+ doesn't come directly from the game. Anyone having problems with receiving SUPER brie+ should fill out the proper contact form accessible via a link at the bottom of the donate page. Please be sure to follow the correct instructions for what method you used (PayPal, MobillCash, Offer). This form will in capsulate information important to help you get it sorted out. Unfortunately there is nothing the Devs can do to help you get the rewards from offers.

Q. I caught a prize mouse (yeah me) - how do I claim my prize? A. You should get a green banner at the top of your page pretty soon - follow the instructions on there - and Congrats :)


Q. I got my Master title a couple of hours ago and since then I have caught mice, sounded the horn, received king's rewards etc. The graph shows as 0% completed. Are there a certain number of points you need to make the graph move? I know I have at least 3000. A. Each level becomes harder than the last; your bar will begin to move eventually.

Q. So I caught a Bionic Mouse, and when I look at the "Research" window, it now has the picture of the mouse, but when I look at my own research results, it says catch count = 0 A. How long ago was your catch? Depending on what stat area you're looking at it can take 1 - 36 hours for it to update.

Q. I know Facebook won't allow gold for invites, but many other apps are giving gold for friends who actually add applications from your invite. A. This is a violation of the Facebook terms of service; any applications still rewarding players for invites may be subject to removal from FB. Any sort of incentive for inviting your friends is where the violation lies, regardless of when the user receives the incentive.

Q. I am currently listed as "A Shrouded Figure" in the rankings, as are several of my friends. I don't remember doing anything funny to my privacy settings which would have caused this, and neither do my friends, but we must have done something. I'd rather just be listed with my name. Is there a way to fix this? A. Shrouded Figure is usually given to someone with high security settings, if this is not the case it has been known to be a glitch between old/new facebook. Try uninstalling Mouse hunt then re-installing it - you won't lose anything ;)

Q. I was under the impression that super brie had a 99% chance to attract a mouse, regardless of what type of cheese the mouse prefers. If this is the case, the chance of 11 mice not being attracted in a row would be like 1.0 e-22, so I’m starting to think that something is just broken... A. If your trap has a 99% chance to attract a mouse that means that each time you go on a hunt you have a 99% chance to attract on that particular hunt, not that you'll attract mice 99 out of 100 times.

Q. Where can I get a Chrome Deathbot that some people on my hunters list have? A. Chrome Deathbot was a limited edition trap available only available to buy during the reward weekend in August 2008.

If you have a technical/game play issue that has not been covered here please check the Scroll at the top of the Mouse Hunt page to see if the Devs are already aware of it.

Also check the Help and Tech Support pages in the Forumto see if anyone else is having the same issues.

Remember when posting in the Tech Support forum to give your post an appropriate title (things like 'Help', and 'Dev Please Come Here' are not very helpful).

Try to answer the following questions within your post:

    * What happened that was unexpected, 
      and what was your expected result?
   * Where in the game did the bug occur? 
     (Camp, Trapsmith, Cheese Shoppe, etc)
   * When did you experience the anomaly? 
     (please provide your time zone)
   * How can the bug be replicated?