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This theme was cut from one of the massive icebergs sent to destroy Gnawnia and sprinkled with a bunch of lovely decorations from the Great Winter Hunt of 2018!

The Festive Decoration Theme is a Theme that changes a Hunter's journal's appearance on the Camp page to one with elements from the Great Winter Hunt 2018.

To equip this theme, a Hunter needs to have at least 1 Festive Decoration Theme Collectible in their inventory.

Current Way of Unlocking

Festive Decoration Theme
Larry's Loot Lexicon Top Image Bottom Image Thumbnail Image
Theme can be purchased from: See current Great Winter Hunt event
Item Cost (Each)
Festive Decoration Theme 30 Snowflake Sugar Cookies
25 Ornament Sugar Cookies
25 Nutcracker Sugar Cookies
15 Toboggan Sugar Cookies
Total: N/A

Alternate Images

History and Trivia

11 December 2018: The Festive Decoration Theme was introduced as part of the Great Winter Hunt 2018