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* [[Trap Setup Options for the Forbidden Grove]]
* [[Trap Setup Options for the Forbidden Grove]]
*[http://tinyurl.com/Grovetimer Forbidden Grove Timer Thread] - Forum thread keeping track of time The Forbidden Grove opens and closes
*[http://pics.livejournal.com/camomiletea/pic/000s8dac.jpg Banner image]
*[http://pics.livejournal.com/camomiletea/pic/000s8dac.jpg Banner image]

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At the end of the Catacombs, beyond heavy stone gates, lies a hidden hunting ground. Etched into the gates is a warning: "Beware young soul, should the stone gates close while within this grove, you will find yourself caught between realms."

Description and Requirements

The Forbidden Grove is a location in the Bristle Woods region requiring a minimum rank of Legendary and the Keeper's Candle to enter. Every so often, the gates to the Forbidden Grove will alternate from open to closed. Hunters in the Forbidden Grove when the gates are closed will be transported to the Acolyte Realm, and must wait some time to reenter. Hunters are unable to enter Forbidden Grove unless the gates are open, but are able to travel to other locations at any time.

The Forbidden Grove gates used to be on a 3-hour cycle, but as rumours of a trap capable of catching an Acolyte spread, the entrance to the Forbidden Grove has become unstable. It is not currently known whether it will remain unstable permanently.

Mice in this location may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.


There are no shops available in the Forbidden Grove. Shops for the Bristle Woods region can be found in the Catacombs.

Forbidden Grove Mice

Mouse Points Gold Power Type Loot
Bat 3,375 3,001 Physical
Black Widow 480 11 Physical SUPER|brie+ cheese
Radioactive Blue cheese
Gargoyle 5,600 2,801 Forgotten Rune
Gate Guardian 2,800 1,401 Forgotten Rune
Ghost 3,590 3,591 Shadow
Golem 7,920 4,501 Forgotten Rune
Gorgon 1,400 2,801 Forgotten
Lycan 9,250 5,501 Shadow
Ravenous Zombie 5,400 5,401 Shadow
Reaper 8,700 1,201 Forgotten
Scavenger 3,375 5,201 Forgotten Ancient Potion
Corrupted Radioactive Blue Potion
Scrap Metal
Sorcerer 6,200 351 Forgotten Rune
Spectre 5,600 5,601 Forgotten
Spider 5,200 3,376 Forgotten Radioactive Blue cheese
Vampire 2,700 901 Shadow
Zombie 2,700 2,701 Physical
  • Highlighted mice are less than 1% of the population and are infrequently encountered in this location.

Hunting Strategy

Hunters planning to hunt in the Forbidden Grove are advised not to do so until they craft the Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery as well as stock an ample supply of Ancient cheese for the hunt. These are necessary in order to attract and catch the more powerful Forgotten type mice in this location.

Hunting tips by Larry

I'm impressed, you have proven yourself as a capable MouseHunter by making it to the Forbidden Grove!

This entire hunting ground is actually a giant trap designed to catch the powerful Acolyte mouse! Every few hours the massive stone gates close, sealing this area off from the Catacombs. When the gates close, a thick fog fills the grove and any who are still inside are transported into the Acolyte Realm.

The mice here are weak to Arcane traps and are highly attracted to Ancient cheese. Ancient cheese is made by combining three Stale cheese with six Ionized Salt. You can also add three Magic Essence to the same recipe to double the amount of cheese produced.

The mice within this grove are trying reverse the effects of the portal to keep a two-way gate open at all times. Should they accomplish this goal, armies of mice will soon invade Gnawnia at the command of the evil Acolyte!

Be on the look out for magical runes dropped by the mice who occupy the Forbidden Grove. Runes are used to craft Runic cheese, which is the only cheese capable of attracting an Acolyte within the Acolyte Realm.

Remember that you can only stay in the grove for so long. When the gates close you will be transported to the Acolyte Realm. Keep this in mind before leaving your trap for long periods of time.


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