Fort Rox

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Fort Rox
Region: Varmint Valley
Minimum Rank: Baron/Baroness
Travel Requirement: Fort Rox Battle Summons
Recommended Power Types: Arcane
Recommended Cheese: Crescent Cheese
Moon Cheese
Number of Mice: 24
Shops: Charm Shoppe
Cheese Shoppe
General Store
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 3 November 2016
A strange meteor has landed near Claw Show City, leaving a huge impact crater near the Gnawnian Express rails! This mysterious meteor brings with it a mysterious new breed of mice and their presence threatens the lives of the citizens of Varmint Valley. Around the crater, an encampment of hunters has surrounded these dangerous mice and are setting up a fort to hold them back!


Hunting tips by Larry

Hello there, hunter!

Welcome to Fort Rox, recently under siege thanks to the commotion caused by the fallen meteor, the citizens here need your help to fight off the mice that have begun to overrun the area.

During the day, things are a lot calmer and the mice will listen to reason, making them vulnerable to Law traps. You will also be able to use this time to build up your resources and defenses in preparation for the attack. You will need to build the Basic Wall before you will be ready to defend your fort.

The day might feel like a walk in the park, however, don't get too comfortable. At night, things start to get a little... "hairier"...

You are gonna have to do your best to hold off the assault on Varmint Valley throughout the night. The night lasts 130 hunts. As you hunt through the night, different types of mice will begin to appear. Make sure you pay attention to the time of night and adjust your trap setup accordingly.

Mice will damage your wall if you fail to capture them and some even if you do capture them! If your wall gets destroyed, you will be forced to retreat until day, where you can rebuild and try again.

Survive the night and make it to dawn where the toughest mice lie in wait!


These are the shops that can be found in Fort Rox.

Charm Shoppe

Per Piece
Per Piece
Charmbit 25 20
Power Charm 200 60
Attraction Charm 300 90
Luck Charm 400 120

Cheese Shoppe

Per Piece
Per Piece
Cheddar 10 10
Marble 50 50
Gouda 600 600
Crescent 3 Meteorite Pieces N/A
Moon 1 Meteorite Piece
2 Magic Essence

General Store

Per Piece
Per Piece
Curds and Whey 12 3 N/A
Two Meteorite Pieces 1 Howlite N/A N/A
Three Meteorite Pieces 1 Howlite N/A 1 Train Badge
Tower Mana 1 Howlite
2 Bloodstone
Two Tower Mana 3 Bloodstone N/A 3 Train Badge
Silver Bolt 50 Dawn Dust N/A N/A
Animatronic Bird 500 Dawn Dust N/A N/A


Droid Archmagus Trap 4,700,000
1 Animatronic Bird
50 Howlite
50 Bloodstone
N/A 50,000,000
Interdimensional Crossbow Trap 5,360,000
10 Silver Bolt
100 Howlite
25 Bloodstone
N/A 50,000,000

History and Trivia

  • 3 November 2016: Fort Rox was released as the third location in Varmint Valley.


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