Furoma Rift

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Furoma Rift
Region: Rift Plane
Minimum Rank: Grand Duke/Grand Duchess
Travel Requirement: Rift Detector
Required Power Type: Rift
Required Cheeses: String Cheeses
Master Fusion Cheese
Rift Combat Cheese
Rift Susheese
Rift Glutter Cheese
Rift Rumble Cheese
Null Onyx Gorgonzola
Ascended Cheese
Number of Mice: 17
Shops: Charm Shoppe
Cheese Shoppe
General Store
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 18 May 2016
Cloaked in choking mist, the looming tower of the Furoma Rift beckons hunters to scale it. The mist acts as an environmental defence to keep outsiders away from stealing their precious teachings. Too thick for a hunter to breathe or even see through, this area presents quite a challenge.

The mist will be the least of your problems. It is rumored that the most powerful mice yet to be encountered reside inside and grow stronger every day.

Hunting Tips by Larry

Greetings Hunter! You have traveled quite a ways since first entering the Furoma Training Grounds. It is now time to put that knowledge and skill to the ultimate test! Welcome to the Furoma Rift!

The Furoma Rift consists of two areas: The Grand Pagoda and the Training Grounds that surround it. This is where the mice of the Rift make pilgrimage in order to learn the martial arts and achieve enlightenment.

Inside the Pagoda, the Rift mist is too thick for a hunter to see or breathe but luckily it seems another Rift explorer has left behind a capable-but-damaged remote control Combat Droid! This Droid will take your trap into the Grand Pagoda for you but it looks like it needs some repairs first...

The Droid comes with a damaged battery matrix consisting of a total of 10 batteries. It looks like one battery is still functional but you will need to repair the rest to get the most out of your Droid.

Mice throughout the Furoma Rift drop a mysterious and powerful energy source, known as "Enerchi", that can be harnessed to bring your Combat Droid to life. Once you have collected enough to charge the battery matrix, you can select the number of functional batteries to charge before sending in your Droid.

Guarded by mice inside the Grand Pagoda are Battery Fragments that can be used to repair the batteries on your Combat Droid, allowing it to carry more Enerchi. These fragments are carried by Students, Masters, the Grand Master of the Dojo, and the powerful Supreme Sensei Mouse.

Each active battery in your Droid's battery matrix also provides Power and Luck bonuses to your trap. The more batteries that are active, the stronger your trap will become! However, greater heights of power come with a greater cost: The more active batteries your Droid has, the greater the Enerchi drain. More charged batteries means more Enerchi will be consumed on each hunt.

Keep fighting your way through the Furoma Rift to prove yourself against some of the most powerful mice we've encountered in the Rift thus far and unlock the secrets to a new, more powerful Rift trap!

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