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General Stores are located in the Training Grounds, the Bazaar, the Harbour, the Lagoon, the Catacombs, at Cape Clawed and Ronza's Traveling Shoppe. Players may purchase items for crafting there.

Of all the items available for purchase at the various General Stores, only the following can also be obtained as loot:

Splintered Wood is dropped by Dwarf Mice in the Mountain, by Worker Mice in the Training Grounds and the Dojo, by Treant Mice in the Calm Clearing, and by Hydra Mice in the Lagoon. Hydra Mice in the Lagoon may drop the Bolt of Cloth, Rope, and Ship Blueprints.

Prices below are listed in pieces of gold.

Gnawnia Harbour General Store

Item Cost Refund
Curds and Whey 8 1
Dehydration Base Blueprints 22,330 22,330
Salt 2 1

Whisker Woods Lagoon General Store

Item Cost Refund
Rope 600 600
Bolt of Cloth 3,000 3,000
King's Reserve Bubbleh 210,000 210,000

Furoma Training Grounds General Store

Item Cost Refund
Burroughs Salmon 150 50
Curds and Whey 10 1
Nori 5 5
Rice Paper 220 220
Salt 3 1
Splintered Wood 150 1

Burroughs Bazaar General Store

Item Cost Refund
Cheesy Fluffs 80 10
Curds and Whey 10 1
Droid Parts 7,750 7,750
Invisi-glu 50 5
Ionized Salt 450 150
Paint-brand Paint 120 30
Salt 2 1

Bristle Woods Catacombs General Store

Item Cost Refund
Bead of Slumber 2,000 2,000
Curds and Whey 3 1
Mysterious Blueprints 632,700 632,700
Obelisk of Incineration Blueprints 45,079 45,079
Salt 10 1
Ship Blueprints 750,000 3,000

Tribal Isles Cape Clawed General Store

Item Cost Refund
Salt 8
Curds and Whey 10
Coconut Milk 800
Plant Pot 900
Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece 158,175 158,175
Ancient Spear Launcher Blueprints 160,000
Thorned Mouse Trap Plans 550,000
RhinoBot Blueprints 940,000