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{| border="1" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" style="margin:0 20px; text-align:center; border-collapse:collapse"
{| border="1" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" style="margin:0 20px; text-align:center; border-collapse:collapse"
|- bgcolor="#dddddd"
|- bgcolor="#dddddd"
  ! Gold
  ! [[Gold]]
  ! Cheese
  ! [[Cheese]]
  ! Items
  ! [[Charm]]
! [[Crafting Items]]
! [[Gift Baskets]]
! Others
|- valign="top"
|- valign="top"
  | [[Gold]]*
  | [[Gold]]*
  | [[Maki]]<br/>[[Moon]]<br/>[[SUPER brie+|SUPER|brie+]]<br/>[[Candy Corn]]<br/>[[Ghoulgonzola]]
  | [[Candy Corn]]<br/>[[Ghoulgonzola]]<br/>[[Maki]]<br/>[[Moon]]<br/>[[SUPER brie+|SUPER|brie+]]
| [[Pumpkin Treat Basket]]<br/>[[Warpath Kit]]<br/>[[Tiki Base Blueprints]]<br/>[[Simple Orb]]<br/>[[Flawless Orb]]<br/>[[Flawed Orb]]<br/>[[Divine Orb]]<br/>[[Flameshard]]<br/>[[Desert Horseshoe]]<br/>[[Heatproof Mage Cloth]]<br/>[[Oasis Bead]]<br/>[[Prospector's Charm]]<br/>[[Antiskele Charm]]<br/>[[Rotten Charm]]<br/>[[Super Rotten Charm]]<br/>[[Empowered Anchor Charm]]<br/>[[Scientist's Charm]]<br/>[[Valentine Charm]]<br/>[[Dragonbane Charm]]<br/>[[Warpath Mage Charm]]<br/>[[Warpath Cavalry Charm]]
| [[Antiskele Charm]]<br/>[[Dragonbane Charm]]<br/>[[Empowered Anchor Charm]]<br/>[[Prospector's Charm]]<br/>[[Rotten Charm]]<br/>[[Scientist's Charm]]<br/>[[Super Rotten Charm]]<br/>[[Super Warpath Cavalry Charm]]<br/>[[Super Warpath Mage Charm]]<br/>[[Valentine Charm]]<br/>[[Warpath Cavalry Charm]]<br/>[[Warpath Mage Charm]]
| [[Clockapult of Winter Past Skin]]<br/>[[Desert Horseshoe]]<br/>[[Divine Orb]]<br/>[[Flameshard]]<br/>[[Flawed Orb]]<br/>[[Flawless Orb]]<br/>[[Fluffy Deathbot Skin]]<br/>[[Grungy Deathbot Skin]]<br/>[[Heatproof Mage Cloth]]<br/>[[Icy RhinoBot Skin]]<br/>[[Ninja Ambush Skin]]<br/>[[Oasis Bead]]<br/>[[Sandblasted Metal]]<br/>[[Simple Orb]]<br/>[[Sphynx Crystal]]<br/>[[Tiki Base Blueprints]]
| [[Birthday Gift Basket]]<br/>[[Catacombs Survival Kit]]<br/>[[Cornucopia Gift Basket]]<br/>[[Derr Tribal Kit]]<br/>[[Elub Tribal Kit]]<br/>[[Festive Gift Basket]]<br/>[[Halloween SUPER brie+ Gift Basket|Halloween SUPER|brie+ Gift Basket]]<br/>[[Heart of the Rabbit Gift Basket]]<br/>[[Jumbo Festive Gift Basket]]<br/>[[Library Gift Basket]]<br/>[[Library Supply Kit]]<br/>[[Lucky Hunting Kit]]<br/>[[Massive Festive Gift Basket]]<br/>[[Mega Tribal Kit]]<br/>[[Muridae Gift Basket]]<br/>[[Muridae Mega Supply Kit]]<br/>[[Muridae Supply Kit]]<br/>[[Nerg Tribal Kit]]<br/>[[Spring Gift Basket]]<br/>[[SUPER brie+ Gift Basket|SUPER|brie+ Gift Basket]]<br/>[[Warpath Survival Kit]]<br/>[[Wishing Well Basket]]<br/>[[Zombie Invasion Survival Kit]]
| [[Novice Starter Kit]]<br/>[[Pumpkin Treat Basket]]<br/>[[Zugzwang's Left Sock]]
''NOTE: * A minimum of 100 gold and a maximum of 1,000,000 gold can be transferred at any one time. The [[King]] applies a 10% tax on all gold transfers.''
''NOTE: * A minimum of 100 gold and a maximum of 1,000,000 gold can be transferred at any one time. The [[King]] applies a 10% tax on all gold transfers.''

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Hunters are able to send supplies from their own inventory to friends, not to be confused with daily gifting or gifts from the Festive Gift Shoppe. There is no limit on how many friends a hunter transfers supplies to, nor how frequently these transfers occur. It can be accessed through the 'Friends' tab, or by going to this link.


There is a limited range of supplies that hunters are currently able to transfer:

Gold Cheese Charm Crafting Items Gift Baskets Others
Gold* Candy Corn
Antiskele Charm
Dragonbane Charm
Empowered Anchor Charm
Prospector's Charm
Rotten Charm
Scientist's Charm
Super Rotten Charm
Super Warpath Cavalry Charm
Super Warpath Mage Charm
Valentine Charm
Warpath Cavalry Charm
Warpath Mage Charm
Clockapult of Winter Past Skin
Desert Horseshoe
Divine Orb
Flawed Orb
Flawless Orb
Fluffy Deathbot Skin
Grungy Deathbot Skin
Heatproof Mage Cloth
Icy RhinoBot Skin
Ninja Ambush Skin
Oasis Bead
Sandblasted Metal
Simple Orb
Sphynx Crystal
Tiki Base Blueprints
Birthday Gift Basket
Catacombs Survival Kit
Cornucopia Gift Basket
Derr Tribal Kit
Elub Tribal Kit
Festive Gift Basket
Halloween SUPER|brie+ Gift Basket
Heart of the Rabbit Gift Basket
Jumbo Festive Gift Basket
Library Gift Basket
Library Supply Kit
Lucky Hunting Kit
Massive Festive Gift Basket
Mega Tribal Kit
Muridae Gift Basket
Muridae Mega Supply Kit
Muridae Supply Kit
Nerg Tribal Kit
Spring Gift Basket
SUPER|brie+ Gift Basket
Warpath Survival Kit
Wishing Well Basket
Zombie Invasion Survival Kit
Novice Starter Kit
Pumpkin Treat Basket
Zugzwang's Left Sock

NOTE: * A minimum of 100 gold and a maximum of 1,000,000 gold can be transferred at any one time. The King applies a 10% tax on all gold transfers.

History and Trivia

  • Before the major update to version 3.0 (Longtail) on 8 June 2010, the 10% tax was applied only when a hunter transferred gold to a friend with more hunter points.