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Using a Gnarled Potion converts either Brie or SUPER|brie+ cheese into Gnarled cheese.

Conversion Charts

The hunter's title and the type of cheese used in the conversion both determine the amount of Gnarled cheese generated and the gold required (if any) per piece as listed in the tables below. For example, Heroes will be able to convert 30 SUPER|brie+ cheese into 30 Gnarled cheese at no additional cost. Alternatively, they can convert 8 Brie cheese at 400 gold per piece into 8 Gnarled cheese for a total cost of 3,200 gold.

Gnarled Potion

Using SUPER|brie+ Using Brie
Hunter's Title Gold (ea) #
Gold (ea) #
Master 0 20 400 5
Grandmaster 0 24 400 6
Legendary 0 27 400 7
Hero 0 30 400 8
Knight 0 33 400 9
Lord/Lady 0 40 400 10
Baron/Baroness 0 40 400 10
Count/Countess 0 43 400 11

Gnarled Potions are dropped by Bear, Centaur, Frog and Chameleon mice in the Great Gnarled Tree.

History and Trivia

  • The Gnarled Potion was originally named the Gnarled Cheese Curd Potion. Its name was changed with the release of MouseHunt Version 3.0.


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