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The railroad's come to town! Board the Gnawnian Express and get set for high adventure in the Old West! Guard the supplies and protect the train to ensure its safe arrival on its perilous journey across Gnawnia!

Description and Requirements

The Gnawnian Express Station is a location in the Varmint Valley region requiring a minimum rank of Lord/Lady and the Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece to enter. Mice are unable to steal a hunters' supplies in the Gnawnian Express Station.

In this location, the Heads-up Display initially shows a timetable of trains about to depart. Trains have mechanics similar to a Tournament, where members of the same tournament team can ride together on the train and receive a reward for completing the journey. Train names are chosen randomly, with the first word from the list:

First Name
Blind Brittle Bronze Charred Coal Copper Dawn Desert Dusk Dusty English Fast
Fiery Fiesty Funky Garden Gnawnian Gold Grand Great Iron Mean Mountain Pony
Quirky Royal Scorched Silver Soaring Speedy Steel Super Tiny Turbo Twilight Valley

and the second word from the list:

Second Name
Ace Albatross Bullet Cascade Cavalier Continental Dancer Deluxe Diamond Eagle Evangeline Emperor
Express Guardian Golem Hawk Heart Hudson Intercity Jack King Landracer Lightning Limited
Line Monarch Queen Sparrow Storm Thunder Zephyr

Once the time arrives for the train to depart, the mouse population changes through three phases of equal duration, where each phase has an associated Weapon with extra effectiveness during that phase. As the train passes through the Supply Depot (Supply Grabber trap), Raider River (Bandit Deflector trap), and Daredevil Canyon (Engine Doubler trap) phases, the Heads-up Display changes according to each phase to track the progress of the train and give hints on which Charms to use for attracting the mice that will award the most points. Any Law trap will do (especially when the hunter has not collected enough resources to purchase the phase-specific trap). Note that a hunter must generally click on the Heads-up Display to claim points; merely earning Royal Supply Crates, Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent, and Fuel Nuggets as loot does not aid the team's score.


These are the shops that can be found in the Claw Shot City:

Gnawnian Express Station Mice


The following mice can be attracted at any time.

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Angry Train Staff 3,500 2,500 Train Robbers (Passenger)
Bartender 4,750 5,000 Wild Bunch (Crew)
Farrier 5,000 7,000 Wild Bunch (Crew)
Mysterious Traveller 4,250 5,000 Train Robbers (Passenger)
Parlour Player 5,500 4,500 Wild Bunch (Crew)
Passenger 4,000 6,000 Train Robbers (Passenger)
Photographer 5,000 7,000 Train Robbers (Passenger) Minuscule Photo Album
Stowaway 4,000 2,000 Train Robbers (Passenger) Fool's Gold
Stuffy Banker 8,000 11,500 Wild Bunch (Crew)
Tonic Salesman 3,000 8,750 Wild Bunch (Crew)
Train Conductor 6,000 3,500 Train Robbers (Passenger)
Travelling Barber 5,500 3,000 Train Robbers (Passenger)
Upper Class Lady 4,500 8,000 Wild Bunch (Crew)

Supply Depot

The following mice can only be attracted during the Supply Depot phase.

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Crate Camo 5,000 7,000 Train Robbers (Depot Worker) Royal Supply Crate
Iron Pellet
Cute Crate Carrier 4,000 6,000 Train Robbers (Depot Worker) Royal Supply Crate
Iron Pellet
Supply Hoarder 8,000 12,000 Train Robbers (Depot Worker) Royal Supply Crate
Iron Pellet
Warehouse Manager 7,500 14,000 Train Robbers (Depot Worker) Royal Supply Crate
Iron Pellet

Raider River

The following mice can only be attracted during the Raider River phase. The Automice are the only possible attraction on a Trap Check, and the Raiders are more likely to appear with the correct charm armed (Roof Rack, Door Guard, or Greasy Glob); but with the exception of the Dangerous Duo, both subgroups of mice are possible on any other hunt, regardless of charm.

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Automorat 6,000 8,000 Train Robbers (Automice) Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent
Copper Bead
Cannonball 5,000 7,500 Train Robbers (Automice) Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent
Copper Bead
Dangerous Duo 11,000 14,000 Train Robbers (Raider) Copper Bead
Hookshot 8,000 9,000 Train Robbers (Automice) Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent
Copper Bead
Mouse With No Name 8,500 11,500 Train Robbers (Raider) Copper Bead
Sharpshooter 15,000 16,000 Train Robbers (Raider) Copper Bead
Steel Horse Rider 9,000 12,000 Train Robbers (Raider) Copper Bead
Stoutgear 7,000 8,500 Train Robbers (Automice) Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent
Copper Bead

Daredevil Canyon

The following mice can only be attracted during the Daredevil Canyon phase, although some of the mice are only attracted when the correct charm is armed (Dusty Coal, Black Powder, or Magmatic Crystal).

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Black Powder Thief 9,000 8,000 Train Robbers (Fueler) Fuel Nugget
Magmatic Crystal Charm
Tin Scrap
Coal Shoveller 6,000 3,500 Wild Bunch (Crew) Black Powder Charm
Fuel Nugget
Tin Scrap
Fuel 5,000 4,000 Train Robbers (Fueler) Fuel Nugget
Tin Scrap
Magmatic Crystal Thief 13,000 11,000 Train Robbers (Fueler) Fuel Nugget
Tin Scrap
Magmatic Golem 18,000 17,000 Train Robbers (Fueler) Fuel Nugget
Tin Scrap
Train Engineer 8,000 4,500 Train Robbers (Fueler) Dusty Coal Charm
Fuel Nugget
Tin Scrap

Hunting Strategy

While hunting in the Gnawnian Express Station, a hunter may board a train, if the hunter is a member of a Hunting Team. Trains run according to a schedule, and each train has its own name, duration and maximum capacity. A team can have up to 5 members aboard a single train.

Hunting on a train is similar to doing a tournament, apart from the fact that it is collaborative rather than competitive, and the fact that there is no tournament horn, so that a hunter can be brought along for a friend's hunt even if the friend is not on the train. The goal is to collect a target amount of Train Points throughout the journey, and hunters will be awarded loot according to both their own team's performance as well as the performances of all the teams combined. The community goal is determined by the rate of 2 points per hour per registered hunter (so a train holding 75 hunters for 24 hours has a target of 3600 points). There is a limit of 100 teams participating on a train (for example, if a 24 hour train holds 150 passengers, but filled up to 100 teams with only 135 players, the goal is 6480, not 7200). Once the community goal is set, then each team goal is determined by the number of teams registered (if the community goal is 3600 and there are 50 teams registered, then each team is responsible for 72 points towards the community goal, regardless of whether there is 1 or 5 players from the team riding the train).

There is an interesting effect from how the points are assigned - if every team participating has a full component of 5 players, then fewer teams can register for the train, and the team's goal will be higher than if only one or two hunters per team register but get more teams involved. On the other hand, meeting the team goal requires less effort from each team member if multiple teammates are on the same train, in part because the progress towards higher-point accomplishments are shared across the team.

Hunting on a Train

A train journey has three phases, namely the Supply Depot, the Raider River and the Daredevil Canyon. Each phase requires a unique hunting strategy, and has different mice.

Supply Depot

When the journey begins, the following message will appear on the journal.

The journey begins!
The Train has embarked on its epic journey along the Gnawnian Express Railway! We must work together as MouseHunters to protect it until it reaches its destination!
First stop is the Supply Depot to gather supplies for the train that are to be delivered to parts of Gnawnia!
If I smuggled any items with me from the last train, I will be able to use them now!

The following hint is displayed when hovering over the Heads-up Display:

Catch mice carrying Royal Supply Crates and load them onto the train!
For even more supplies, equip Supply Schedule Charms and hunt for Warehouse Manager mice to a trigger a Supply Rush, releasing Supply Hoarder mice!

Hunting with Supply Schedule Charms armed will allow a hunter to attract a Warehouse Manager Mouse. Upon capturing it, the following message is displayed, and for the next five hunts, every hunter in the team will be able to attract Supply Hoarders (if more than one teammate is on the same train, then every team member gets the five hunts, and not just the one that triggered the rush).

Caught a big one!
Hunter caught a Warehouse Manager Mouse! Supply Hoarder mice will be scrambling out in the open for 5 turns! Supply Hoarder mice carry up to twice as many supplies as the Warehouse Manager Mouse, so I should catch them while I can!

When the Supply Rush ends, the following message appears in the journal:

Time's up!
The Supply Hoarder mice have crawled back into hiding. My team and I should try to catch another Warehouse Manager Mouse to flush them out again!

Mice in this phase drop Royal Supply Crates. While tournaments normally ignore mice caught on trap checks, the points in this phase come from loading crates rather than catching mice, so it is beneficial to hunt during trap checks. Loading these crates onto the train (by clicking a button on the Heads-up Display) will give the team Train Points, and display the following message on the journal.

I wish I had a forklift!
I loaded X Royal Supply Crates onto the train, earning X Train Points!

Hunters also collect Iron Pellets during this phase. Up to 10 Royal Supply Crates not loaded onto the train at the end of this stage can be smuggled onto the next train, as long as the hunter rides this train to completion; any crates beyond 10 that were not loaded will be lost.

Raider River

Upon entering the Raider River, the following message is displayed on the journal (the last line appearing only if something was actually smuggled):

The train picks up some speed and starts to chug along!
Laden down with supplies, the Train is a tempting target for raiding mice! A wave of 10 Raiders are swarming the train, trying to smash their way inside! My team and I should equip the right charm to attract and capture these raiders!
There is an endless number of waves and defeating a wave will earn my team and the train extra points. We should try to defeat as many waves as possible!
The mice are also launching automated attacks during our hourly trap checks. Special robotic mice will always take the place of normal mice during trap checks, but they can also be encountered during normal hunts. They drop special mouse repellent that can aid us in depleting the raiding mice waves faster!
I was able to smuggle X Royal Supply Crates with me.

The following hint is displayed when hovering over the Heads-up Display:

Defeat the waves of raiders!
Earn Train Points for catch raiding mice and bonus points for defeating a wave! Raider waves are endless, so try to push back as many as you can!
Some mice drop Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent, which helps scare mice away faster!

In this phase, hunters need to defeat waves of Raider mice. During a Trap Check, any mouse encountered is guaranteed to be one of the Automice, for all other hunts, a Raider or Automice encounter is possible regardless of charms, although the right charm increases the chance of a Raider and is required to attract the Dangerous Duo worth 2 points instead of 1. Raiders only attack one part of the train, the roof, door, or wheels, at a time, and the part being attacked will be indicated on the HUD. The part being attacked changes every hour, on the hour. To attract more Raider mice, hunters will need to arm Roof Rack Charms, Door Guard Charms, or Greasy Glob Charms, depending on the part being attacked.

Upon collecting 10 points to defeat a wave, the team will be awarded an extra 10 Train Points, and the following message will be displayed.

My team broke through the wave!
Our victory earned the train an additional 10 Train Points! But there's no time to celebrate, as another wave of 10 Raiders is already clambering onto the train!

Automice have a chance of dropping Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent. While tournaments normally ignore mice caught on trap checks, the fact that no Raider mice will be attracted on a trap check, and that Repellent is worth a point when the hunter uses it (by clicking a button in the Heads-up Display), means that hunting during trap checks is beneficial. Each Repellent used will decrease the wave count by 1, and is accompanied by the following message.

The piercing blast of the Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent scared away X Raiders, earning X Train Points!

Actions worth more points than mice remaining in the current wave are not wasted (catching a Dangerous Duo or using multiple Repellent in one click); the next wave just starts with the appropriate number of mice already defeated. Hunters also collect Copper Beads during this phase. Up to 10 unused Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellents can be smuggled onto the next train, as long as the hunter rides this train to completion; any repellent beyond 10 that were not used will be lost.

Daredevil Canyon

Upon entering the Daredevil Canyon, the following message is displayed on the journal (the last line appearing only if something was actually smuggled):

The train leaves the last of the raiders behind!
But it looks like those bitter mice have smashed down the Daredevil Canyon bridge! The Train should clear the gap just fine, but let's build up as much speed as possible to guarantee our landing.
The faster we go, the greater our reward!
I was able to smuggle X Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent with me.

The following hint is displayed when hovering over the Heads-up Display:

Use Fuel Nuggets to speed up the train!
The bridge is out! The train will safely clear the gap, but better build up some speed to be certain!
Collect Fuel Nuggets and toss them into the train engine to build up speed. The more nuggets you toss in at once, the bigger the speed boost and points will be!
There is no speed limit! The only limit is your mind.

In this phase, the goal is to collect Fuel Nuggets and stoke the train's engine (by pushing a button in the Heads-up Display). While tournaments normally ignore mice caught on trap checks, the points in this phase come from stoking the fire rather than catching mice, so it is beneficial to hunt during trap checks. A hunter can obtain up to 20 nuggets; stoking with 1-10 nuggets is worth 1 point each; stoking with 11-19 is worth an additional point for every nugget beyond 10, and stoking with a full 20 nuggets includes an additional bonus of 7 points, for a maximum of 35 points per stoke. Each time the engine is stoked, a message is left in the journal:

Thanks to my furnace stoking, I have increased the train speed by X gnawts per hour, earning X Train Points!

In this phase, Train Engineer Mice drop Dusty Coal Charms (or a hunter can purchase them at the Charm Shoppe). Hunting with Dusty Coal Charms allows a chance to attract the Coal Shoveller Mouse who drops Black Powder Charms and more Fuel Nuggets. Hunting with Black Powder Charms allows a chance to attract the Black Powder Thief Mouse who drops Magmatic Crystal Charms and even more Fuel Nuggets. And hunting with Magmatic Crystal Charms allows a chance to attract Magmatic Crystal Thief and Magmatic Golem mice for the largest amount of nuggets. If a mouse drops more nuggets as loot than the hunter's cap of 20 would support, the extra nuggets are not wasted; once the hunter stokes the fire, the next round of collection will start with the remaining nuggets already counted.

Hunters also collect Tin Scraps as loot during this phase. Up to 10 Fuel Nuggets not used for stoking the fire can be smuggled onto the next train, as long as the hunter rides this train to completion; any nuggets beyond 10 that were not used will be lost.

Train Station

At the end of the train ride, the following message is left in the Hunter's Journal (the last line appearing only if something was actually smuggled):

The train launches through the air!
Launching itself off the end of the tracks at X gnawts per hour the Train soared through the air majestically. At the peak of our jump, the hunters onboard the train released the payload of supplies, making it rain onto the kingdom below. The King's Royal Supply Gatherers will be out in force to collect them soon.
During my brief weightlessness, I reflected upon what odds and hardships we fought against and am proud of my fellow hunters for successfully protecting and helping deliver the needed supplies!
The train safely crash-landed in the cushioned train yard below. I have disembarked and should now claim my reward!
A big cheer to the hunters of the Train!
I was able to smuggle X Fuel Nuggets with me.

Once the hunter claims their prize, this message is left in the Hunter's Journal:

I helped the train Train safely reach its destination on the Gnawnian Express!
My team reached the rank of X, scoring X Train Points toward the team goal of X.
The train as a whole reached the rank of X, scoring X Train Points toward the train goal of X.
In total, I claimed the following as a reward for protecting the train:
X Iron Pellets,
X Copper Beads,
X Tin Scraps,
X Train Badges,
X Fool's Gold,
X Gold,
X Points.

The base awards are determined by what percentage of points the team achieved towards the team goal, as follows:

Reward item Duration Goal achieved
Sleeper (1%) Passenger (50%) Engineer (75%) Conductor (90%) Tycoon (100%)
Iron Pellet 6 hours 1 1 1 1 2
12 hours 1 2 2 2 3
24 hours 1 3 4 4 6
Copper Bead 6 hours 1 1 1 1 2
12 hours 1 2 2 2 3
24 hours 1 3 4 4 6
Tin Scrap 6 hours 1 1 1 1 2
12 hours 1 2 2 2 3
24 hours 1 3 4 4 6
Train Badge 6 hours 1 3 3 3 5
12 hours 1 5 6 6 9
24 hours 2 9 11 12 18
Fool's Gold 6 hours 2 6 6 6 10
12 hours 2 10 12 12 18
24 hours 4 18 22 24 36
Gold 6 hours 1,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 5,000
12 hours 1,000 5,000 6,000 6,000 9,000
24 hours 2,000 9,000 11,000 12,000 18,000
Points 6 hours 3,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 20,000
12 hours 4,000 20,000 24,000 24,000 36,000
24 hours 8,000 36,000 44,000 48,000 72,000

Additionally, depending on how well the community did, a community bonus of up to 30% is added to the trap crafting supplies (Iron Pellet, Copper Bead, and Tin Scrap) reward, with the result being rounded up to the next integer. A Tycoon team can get a larger bonus than a Passenger team, and all teams get a bigger bonus if the community reached the Tycoon level, but even for a team that ranked only Sleeper on a 6 hour train where the community ranked Sleeper, the bonus is still rounded up to 1. The maximum community bonus is 1 for a 6-hour or 12-hour train, and 2 for a 24-hour train (possible via either team at Tycoon and community at Engineer or better, or by team at Engineer or better and community at Tycoon). A team that scores 0 team points is designated Super Snoozer and will not get any reward (even the community bonus is 0); at least 1% of the team goal is required to reach Sleeper level. Even with a minimum of 1 hour downtime between trains, it is faster to earn rewards from sequential 6-hour trains (9 of each metal every 21 hours for a team that hits Tycoon even if all three trains only rank Sleeper) than from longer trains (12-hour and 24-hour trains cannot earn more than 8 of each metal in 25 hours, even with the community hitting Tycoon); however, the longer trains provide more time actually hunting in the areas where the metals are available as loot from mice.

Hunting Tips by Larry

YEEHAW! All aboard the Gnawnian Express!

The construction of the first trans-Gnawnian railroad is complete! Hunters are coming from all around to board the Gnawnian Express and journey across the land!

The King has tasked MouseHunters with the duty of securing a train filled with supplies bound for different parts of Gnawnia, ensuring its safe arrival!

Our goal as a collective group of several hunting teams is to collect supplies in the Supply Depot, defend the train from raiding mice when passing through Raider River, and then make the jump across the downed bridge over Daredevil Canyon!

The trains will be challenging at first, but hunters are rewarded for their efforts, so the better you do, the more you receive! The main goal is to work together with other hunters and any aid we provide is welcomed!

It's one big effort and teams will work together with other teams aboard their train to complete the journey successfully, so just do your best and enjoy the ride!

Location-Specific Effects


Supply Depot

Raider River

Daredevil Canyon


Supply Depot

Raider River

Daredevil Canyon

History and Trivia

  • Gnawnian Express Station was released on 26 September 2013.


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