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'''Gold''' is the micro-currency used within the MouseHunt game. You can earn gold from either catching mice, sounding the horn, receiving a reward from the [[King]], or by catching mice that drop [[loot]]. Gold may be spent to purchase [[traps]], [[cheese]], and buying items from the Market Place.
'''Gold''' is the currency of [[MouseHunt]]. It is earned by catching [[The Mice|mice]] and accepting [[rewards]] from the [[King]]. Gold is exchanged for [[Traps|trap]] components, [[cheese]] and [[Marketplace]] items.
The richest [[hunter]] is currently [http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt/hunterprofile.php?fid=635323015 Lynda MacKenzie] with over 9,000,000 Gold.

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Gold is the currency of MouseHunt. It is earned by catching mice and accepting rewards from the King. Gold is exchanged for trap components, cheese and Marketplace items.

The richest hunter is currently Lynda MacKenzie with over 9,000,000 Gold.