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The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is not known to drop loot in the [[Town of Gnawnia]], [[Harbour]], [[Mountain]], or [[Bazaar]] locations.
The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is not known to drop loot in the [[Town of Gnawnia]], [[Harbour]], [[Mountain]], or [[Bazaar]] locations.
==Event Participation==
Attraction info and special event loot drops for the '''{{PAGENAME}}''' can be found at the individual event location pages.
===[[Spring Egg Hunt]]===
*The '''Granite Mouse''', when caught in the [[Gnawnia]] region, drops the [[Gnawnia Egg]] during the annual '''Spring Egg Hunt'''.
*[[Royal Challenge]]
*[[Great Winter Hunt 2015]]
*[[Halloween 2014]]
*[[Spring Egg Hunt 2014]]
*[[MouseHunt's Sixth Birthday]]
*[[Halloween 2013]]
*[[Spring Egg Hunt 2013]]
*[[Year of the Snake Festival]]
*[[Halloween 2012]]
*[[Great Gnawnian Games]]
*[[Spring Egg Hunt 2012]]
*[[Halloween at the Haunted Terrortories]]
*[[Spring Egg Hunt 2011]]
*[[Halloween Trick AND Treat]]
*[[Ronza's Traveling Shoppe|Ronza's Rockin' Return]]
== History and Trivia ==
== History and Trivia ==

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Granite Mouse
Mouse Group: Mountain Mice
Mouse Statistics
Points: 285 Gold: 525
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Physical, Shadow, Tactical,
Arcane, Forgotten, Hydro or Law
Other Requirements: None
Cheese: Standard Cheese Charm: None
Locations: Bazaar
Town of Digby
Town of Gnawnia
Loot: Marble Cheese
Meteorite Piece
Satchel of Gold (500)
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
Made from solid granite, the gaze of this mouse is said to strike fear into even the most cunning of mouse hunters.
Mouse ID#: 91

Cheese and Charm Preference


The Granite Mouse is attracted mainly to Standard Cheese.

In the Mountain location, the Granite Mouse is not attracted to Chedd-Ore Cheese or Abominable Asiago Cheese.


No Charms are required to attract the Granite Mouse.

Power Type Weaknesses



None All
Draconic, Parental and Rift


Hunters can encounter the Granite Mouse in the following locations:


The Granite Mouse drops loot in the following locations:

The Granite Mouse is not known to drop loot in the Town of Gnawnia, Harbour, Mountain, or Bazaar locations.

History and Trivia