Great Gnarled Tree

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At the edge of Whisker Woods lies a tree older than Gnawnia itself. Its magic roots stretch far underground and deep into the woods, giving life to the other trees. The shadow it casts is so massive that it began to affect the surrounding area through time, blocking necessary light from other trees. As as result, the other trees seem almost alive as they bend back and forth, seeking out the light.

Description and Requirements

The Great Gnarled Tree (commonly known as the GGT) is a location in the Whisker Woods region requiring a minimum rank of Master and the Gnarled Tree Map Piece to enter. Mice in this location may steal multiple pieces of cheese (but not points or gold) if not captured.


These are the shops that can be found in the Great Gnarled Tree:

Great Gnarled Tree Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Bat 3,375 3,000 The Shadow Clan
Bear 310 575 Forest Guild Gnarled Potion
Black Widow 480 10 Indigenous Mice Ancient Relic
SUPER|brie+ cheese
Centaur 3,800 960 Forest Guild Desert Travel Almanac
Gnarled Potion
Chameleon 250 550 Forest Guild Gnarled Potion
Curious Chemist 2,400 400 Forest Guild Wicked Gnarly Potion
Dwarf 225 450 Indigenous Mice
Eagle Owl 5,300 2,250 Forest Guild
Elven Princess 2,700 400 Forest Guild
Fairy 5,775 930 Forest Guild Map of the Lagoon
Foxy 1,650 1,500 Forest Guild Swiss cheese
Frog 325 400 Forest Guild Gnarled Potion
Moosker 80 125 Forest Guild
Nibbler 1,100 900 Indigenous Mice Ancient Relic
Nomad 3,400 5,000 Forest Guild
Shaman 600 1,300 Forest Guild Splintered Wood
Sylvan 275 425 Forest Guild
Tiger 5,500 935 Forest Guild
Treant 1,300 600 Forest Guild Splintered Wood
Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods 400 2,700 Forest Guild
Wiggler 100 150 Forest Guild
  • Highlighted mice are less than 1% of the population and are infrequently encountered in this location.

Hunting Strategy

Hunters have several Trap Setup Options for the Great Gnarled Tree. Hunters in the Great Gnarled Tree are advised to use a trap comparable to or greater than the Swiss Army Mouse Trap to hunt successfully. Using a lesser trap could result in a net loss due to the thieving mice. Hunters trying to catch the rare tactical mice in this area should use a tactical trap such as the Venus Mouse Trap for more effectiveness against the mice, although powerful physical weapons will also work without a penalty.

Cheese Usage

Mouse Cheese
Store Bought Cheese SUPER|brie+ Gnarled
Bat X X X
Bear X X
Black Widow X
Centaur X X X
Chameleon X X
Curious Chemist X
Dwarf X X
Eagle Owl X X X
Elven Princess X X X
Fairy X X X
Foxy X X X
Frog X X
Moosker X X
Nibbler X
Nomad X
Shaman X X X
Sylvan X X
Tiger X
Treant X X X
Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods X X X
Wiggler X X

All standard cheese types can be used in this location. Hunters who wish to maximize their profits should use either Swiss or Brie. Mice in this area have a lower attraction to Marble cheese here compared to the Calm Clearing.

Curious Chemist mice are only attracted to Gnarled cheese. While Gnarled also attracts most of the same mice as the standard cheeses, there are some exceptions shown in the table to the left. Black Widow, Nibbler, Nomad, and Tiger mice have a strong preference for SUPER|brie+ cheese.

Hunting tips by Larry

Welcome to the Great Gnarled Tree. Watch your step, it's a long way down!

A Trapsmith has set up shop upon the highest branch of the tree and has a unique Tactical trap for sale. You'll find this trap more effective against some of the mice that dwell in and around the Great Gnarled Tree.

The magic of the Great Gnarled Tree has led to the discovery of potions. These potions are used to create Gnarled cheese which is sure to come in handy as you move deeper into the woods.

Keep your eyes open for a magical Fairy mouse that may hold clues regarding what lies in the woods beyond the Great Gnarled Tree.


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