Heart of the Tiger Party

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The mighty water filed crater that was once the Festive Comet has now become a party venue rented out by the King! Unfortunately the King has never been that great with paper work and accidently double booked both a Valentines Day and Lunar New Year party!

Description and Requirements

The Heart of the Tiger Party is a special location available exclusively during the 2010 Valentine's Day and Chinese New Years event. There are no special requirements for hunters to enter this area. Mice are unable to steal gold, cheese, or points in the Heart of the Tiger.

Catch statistics from the Heart of the Tiger Party are grouped with those from the Festive Comet under the King's Party Zone location name.

If a hunter was still in the Heart of the Tiger Party when the event ended, he was moved back to Town of Gnawnia at no cost with the following message:

"As music at the Heart of the Tiger party was turned off and the house lights came on, I moved to the Town of Gnawnia to continue hunting. The party was a blast!"


There is no Trapsmith, Cheese Shoppe, or Cartographer at the Heart of the Tiger Party. The Gift Shoppe was re-introduced along with the location.

Heart of the Tiger Party Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Archer 4,500 750 Followers of Furoma
Costumed Tiger 1,602 888 Event Mice Tiger Mask
Cupid 875 900 Event Mice DLU+
SUPER|brie+ cheese
Attraction Bonus Candy
Heart Key
Dumpling Chef 2,886 3,000 Followers of Furoma Ox Mask
Dwarf 225 450 Indigenous Mice
Master of the Cheese Claw 7,200 900 Followers of Furoma Rabbit Mask
Red Envelope 888 221 Event Mice Tiger Heart Chest
Satchel of Gold worth 222 gold
Satchel of Gold worth 888 gold
Romeno 0 300 Event Mice DHU-
Cheddar cheese
Marble cheese
Swiss cheese
Romeo 1,000 1,200 Event Mice DLU+
Steel 270 500 Indigenous Mice
Student of the Cheese Belt 6,250 450 Followers of Furoma
Tiger 5,500 935 Forest Guild Tiger Key
White 70 100 Indigenous Mice

Hunting Strategy

There are two power types in this area: physical and tactical. As all traps are of normal effectiveness against physical mice, your strongest or luckiest tactical trap should be used. A hunter can use regular cheese such as Marble or Swiss to attract the mice in this location. Unlike in the Meditation Room –the natural habitat of the Master of the Cheese Claw mouse– Susheese is not needed to attract it in this location though SUPER|brie+ seems to have a particularly higher attraction rate. Same goes for the Cupid, Red Envelope and Tiger mice.

Hunting tips by Larry

Thanks for joining the party MouseHunter!

That clumsy King double booked the place! There is both a Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year party going on. This place is a love filled explosion!

Have fun hunting here!


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